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  1. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

    Canada might care, jury is still out for deliberation on that
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  2. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

    I'm okay with this. Can we get someone in here to give him mod powers?
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  3. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

    I know I was, it's alright.
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  4. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

    It's alright, you can deny it all you want, I forgive you
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  5. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

    You said you were married. How are you still this hung up on me? Get over it, what's done is done. Maybe one day when you've had a chance to grow up I'll provide the screenshots of our conversation so that you can hold onto it for nostalgia sake, but until then, grab a tissue and go dry your eyes.
    I've always liked Asus, will I get sent to hell by the pope for that?
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  6. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

    Do you think the pope would answer? Oh god, my hopes and dreams that he would be so kind as to grace my return thread with his presence. Can I tag you as well? You've been such a good friend I wouldn't want to leave you out.
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  7. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

    Already said I may be back in the future when all the content is out, I just don't feel like wasting time testing each expansion and waiting for the next. Valencia is a 3 part expansion and I'm not interesting in trying part 1, possibly not enjoying it, waiting for part 2, testing etc. etc. etc.
    Feel free. It's a gaming forum that I'm leaving soon anyways
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  8. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

    and have you break down into tears again. No, I don't think my heart could take it. You're already so close to getting pity from me that I think that'd finally push me over the edge and you'd finally be worthy enough.
    So no, you don't get shit. You lost any respect from me coming into my thread and acting like an idiot troll in a sad attempt to ruin someone's day to make yours better
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  9. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

    Yup, feel your pain. RNG was definitely on the list of things I wasn't enjoying about the game. I was nearly full +15, and the grind was just becoming repetitive in attempts to get +15 while others could get it with a single blackstone. I get that's the definition of RNG though, just frustrating.
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  10. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

    Unplug their router idiot.
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  11. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

    Could your posts sound anymore like some junior high bully? I don't think there's been a person who comes close to obtaining pity from me, but your attitude on these forums comes very close. Your attempt to upset people and act like some kid is just sad, but I applaud you not breaking character. I'll make sure to tell whoever is in charge of the 1990's troll committee you're doing your job well. 
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  12. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

    Classify it as you will. You're welcome to your opinion, your trolling doesn't bother me in the slightest
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  13. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

    Troll Harder? You sling the term White Knight around like it's a weapon and hurts people... If you're truly married, maybe grow up a bit and stop acting like such an idiot on gaming forums.
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  14. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

  15. Moira added a post in a topic Leaving Game   

    Thanks ‌@Harbinger  , take care, I'm sure there'll be plenty of fake feet and redheads out there to fill the void
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