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  1. chromaticwyrm added a post in a topic ⍟⍟ Baka ⍟⍟ <RP/PVP>   

  2. chromaticwyrm added a post in a topic ⍟⍟ Baka ⍟⍟ <RP/PVP>   

  3. chromaticwyrm added a post in a topic ⍟⍟ Baka ⍟⍟ <RP/PVP>   

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  4. chromaticwyrm added a post in a topic Hey, I'm GM Horizon!   

    Welcome and don't mind the salt! Glad to see more added to the team!
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  5. chromaticwyrm added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    World full of dark knights! LOL
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  6. chromaticwyrm added a post in a topic [Forum Game] @InsertNameHere BE MY VALENTINE   

    Awh I just saw this (shows how ooften I look at the forums :P) Of course Raoul is your Valentine!

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  7. chromaticwyrm added a topic in Suggestions   

    Let people turn in event items for a week past end
    Just as the title says. I have warranty cards I saved till event end and now I can't trade them in
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  8. chromaticwyrm added a post in a topic Changes to Declaring war and/or pvp death   

    I am sorry some of that sounds very much like "The loser should win" in what was advertised as a open world pvp game. I personally have never gone in and tried to push someone out of a rotation and if I am on a guild mission I tell people so they know I can't change channels and will be gone as soon as it's done. I am not asking for a free lincense to be a jerk. I am asking for little more fairness at the moment guilds are punished for participating in node wars because holding a node makes it so you can't declare on certain guilds. This guilds may or may not be geared some of them are pvp guilds not life skillers who chose to abuse the current system.  Yes going red karma is a choice but so is constantly trying to take mobs from someone. Both choice ought to have consequences and right now only 1 does.
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  9. chromaticwyrm added a topic in Suggestions   

    Changes to Declaring war and/or pvp death
    Several times a player has harassed, mob stole, and else wise interrupted our guild or me. When we go to declare war so we're not losing karma protecting our rotation or grind we get "This guild is not ready for war." Now we're a small guild not some xlarge guild looking to pick on people we just want to be able to defend ourselves without Karma loss. It's like a free ticket to bomb away!
    My suggestion is to change the system to a limited time declaration if the guild is smaller or has no node. Like a 60 min dec with a 60min cool down.
    And/Or change pvp death so it's more like node wars where the person who died has a longer and longer timer till they can respawn.
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  10. chromaticwyrm added a post in a topic Black Desert and Overwolf   

    So do we have a decision if it's ok to use on BDO?
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  11. chromaticwyrm added a post in a topic I just Had a Magical Experience... (Is it love?)   

    "Got tah keep them fellas off the misses!"
    But I in all seriousness thank you and the rest of the crew for all you do. And Aster is the best!
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  12. chromaticwyrm added a post in a topic I just Had a Magical Experience... (Is it love?)   

    *Is not amused* ((in all seriousness Aster is a fab dresser! Glad a GM noticed))

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  13. chromaticwyrm added a post in a topic I just Had a Magical Experience... (Is it love?)   

    This is what Raoul thinks of that date! He's gone GM hunting!

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  14. chromaticwyrm added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    Thank you for investigating this quickly *throws slugs on all the salt*
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  15. chromaticwyrm added a post in a topic Welp, Jail makes me not want to PvP   

    1. If one player can grief steal all your guild quests mobs..advice find another guild.
    2. I just love people who claim to own a route. I know a particular guild that hogs pirate island *cough* Flex. I like the harsher rules. Guess what, they don't effect me at all. Why? Cause I don't flip out and flag bcs someone killed a few mobs the time it takes to kill them I could have all those mobs back plus some.
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