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  1. Genoxide added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Need help with witch build
    I'm a returning player that have not played in ages so I forgot everything in regards to skills and builds so I'm wondering what I should skill up for PvE? My witch is level 50. 
    And what is this awakening skill tree?
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  2. Genoxide added a post in a topic CM Q/A Video link @CM_Jouska Good job   

    What did they say about the ghillie suit? Is it getting balanced (nerfed) or made avaliable from crafting/drop?
    This is my main concern (and only) when it comes to this game. I believe it should show nameplate when in combat and hidden when out of combat
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  3. Genoxide added a post in a topic CM Q/A Video link @CM_Jouska Good job   

    Where can I read about this Q/A session?
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  4. Genoxide added a post in a topic Pay2Win Ghil-- er Fish Costume!!!!   

    Costumes bought for real cash should not have any stats at all. 
    Only items dropped ingame or made by crafting should have stats, that's the only fair and reasonable way to go.
    Other games make tons of cash off selling pure cosmetics (at reasonable prices on top of that) so I'm sure daum could go that path if they wish to aswell, but I doubt it.
    Greed is good, I guess.
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  5. Genoxide added a post in a topic Easy fix for the gillie suit.   

    An advantage is an advantage even if it is outrageous, big, medium or small.
    What the ghillie suit offers is in the medium range, it isnt gamebreaking and automatically give you the win in 1vs1. However, it's perks is unvaluable in mass pvp and also while hunting. 
    In mass pvp if I'm the only one in my 30 man team without a ghillie suit the it will be easy for the enemy to coordinate an attack on me as a wizard. When I'm hunting in hotspots other guilds can declare on my guild and get them dragged into war when they want to pk me so I leave "their area".
    With a ghillie suit they have noone to declare on and have to lose karma to push me out. 
    Also if I've been pked by a player with ghillie suit it would be impossible for me to get revenge since I wouldnt be able to find the player agian since everyone uses ghillie suit so who would I attack?
    With a ghillie suit if I'm being hunted by a pack of people I can easily get away, without a ghillie suit - not so much. Take for example the BDO streamer "Kungen", I watched one day where he was being stream sniped then chased by a guild of 60 people, thankfully for him he got away because he was too hard to track because of the ghillie suit. The enemy guild even watched his stream to find his locations but it didnt help. 
    After he made his great get away he said "the only reason i got away was because the ghillie suit is so damn good".
    And the ghillie suit really is good, it's not a minor advantage. Tons of people are buying it because it's damn good for alot of different reasons. If it wasnt good noone would buy it because it looks ugly AF. That alone speaks in volumes. Everyone that argues that ghillie suit gives no bonuses is just people fooling themself to protect their pay4advantage investement. If it had no good uses like I said : noone would buy it.
    What you mean with "literal child" I dont know. I'm an old man and I have my own children. I'm probably alot older than the average BDO gamer, not that I see what my age his to do in a debate on ghillie suit imbalance.
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  6. Genoxide added a post in a topic PSA: Use Marker system, Game Mechanics, Ghillie suit p2w?   

    You havent played this game much I take it. All the big guilds declare on people in "their" hunting zones to avoid pk penalty when they want to push you out. 
    Those who dont have ghillie suit will be declared on
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  7. Genoxide added a post in a topic PSA: Use Marker system, Game Mechanics, Ghillie suit p2w?   

    You say bush suit has an "advantage" is if it dont. Yea right every serious pvp guild and pvper has a ghillie suit because of the looks and not the "non-existant advantages". 
    Gimme a break. If you think so many people buy that suit for its looks and not its feature which makes it great in pvp then you are delusional beyond hope and recover.
    If it dont give any "advantages" like you say why not just remove the hidden nameplate from combat? If it doesnt matter either ways why do you care if the bush suit would become just be a cosmetic item?
    But you do care, you do care for your 25-30 euro investement on gear with a feature that is great both for defense and offense in pvp. If you wear one you can also hunt in peace without dragging your guild into war declares. 
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  8. Genoxide added a post in a topic Easy fix for the gillie suit.   

    So if daum starts selling +100 weapons for 500 euro we will be carebears if we complain? Riiiight. 
    Durrrrr durrrr durrrr the plot thickens. Atleast something or someone is thick.
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  9. Genoxide added a post in a topic Easy fix for the gillie suit.   

    Yea so everyone in game looks like nameless ugly bushes.
    Sounds very immersive and diverse. 
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  10. Genoxide added a post in a topic PSA: Use Marker system, Game Mechanics, Ghillie suit p2w?   

    Or they can stop selling costumese with pvp and pve bonuses that you cant obtain from ingame content such as drop loot or crafting. 
    I mean , both WoW, CSGO, CoD, and LoL sells cosmetics/skins without bonuses and stats. They are making profit from it so I believe daum can aswell.
    However I doubt anyone would buy the bush tho if it werent for the fact that it gives you advantages in pvp. Those that argue with "i bought it for the looks" is just fooling themself.
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  11. Genoxide added a post in a topic PSA: Use Marker system, Game Mechanics, Ghillie suit p2w?   

    One is allowed to dream, but it isnt going to happen. Removing stealth from the ghillie would cause a shitstorm from the wallet-boy-bush-heroes because they know very well they have bought an advantage even tho they claim otherwise in every thread where they defend the bush with "durr durr just l2p noob scrub, l2track, l2flare, it glowz red bro, it helps nothing in mass pvp".
    No matter what stance daum takes now people will leave the game. If they remove the pvp bonus the bush boys will cry and leave the game threatening to call their lawyer (their oms), if they dont change the bush pvp bonus the people not interesting in buying pvp advantages will leave the game. 
    If you think the complaints is bad now wait till all the casuals get to level 50 and realize everyone is nameless clones looking like bushes, bushes that is wrecking them before they can even see them.
    Most likely what will happen is : The pvp bonuses will stay and daum will keep on releasing costumes with pvp bonuses. Such as the desert camo costume, then snow camo and so on. 
    Everytime a new biome opens up the wallet-hero-bush-boys will have to open their wallets once agian  
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  12. Genoxide added a post in a topic PSA: Use Marker system, Game Mechanics, Ghillie suit p2w?   

    Ok lets say the wallet-boy-bush-heroes are right and that the costume with hidden nameplate gives no clear advantage : 
    Why not just remove and strip the costume from any features that current ingame content do not have? Why would the wallet-boy-bush-heroes care if a feature on the costume which gives them no advantage in pvp get removed? I mean, if the hidden nameplate gives you no advantage why fight so fiercely to keep it?
    I mean, it would be a win win for everyone. The bush heroes can carry on being bushes with nameplates, and we that complain about bought advantages can stop complaining.
    I have no problem with people buying cosmetics or skins, so if being a bush is your thing I dont care, good for you : as long as it dont give any form for advantage its cool.. There is nothing wrong with that. But bought items should not have stealth or 10% exp bonus unless said stats where also avaliable from drops/crafting.
    Just remove the hidden nameplate and everyone will be happy. The hidden nameplate dont even matter anyways, just read the OP. So there is no need to keep it since it just creates a frustrating and toxic atmosphere. 
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  13. Genoxide added a post in a topic PSA: Use Marker system, Game Mechanics, Ghillie suit p2w?   

    Since you have to put more effort into targetting and tracking ghillie suits wearers in combat then you would agianst a non-ghillie suit wearer it basically means the costume for pay give an advantage over others. 
    If it's so easy to counter it in mass pvp why does everyone wear it everywhere all the time? Why does all the biggest guilds have ghillie suit as requirment to join?
    Does everyone have a fetish to look like a bush? Is it the looks that attract everyone to buy it and not the stats?
    If that is so, what's so wrong with removing the hidden nameplate option of the costume? I mean, you argue that a hidden nameplate dont matter so why not just remove it and everyone and happy and you can enjoy looking like a bush that dont have an advantage over others.
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  14. Genoxide added a post in a topic How happy are you with BDO overall?   

    I really loved it and I think it's one of the best mmo's I've played however the ghillie suit bullshit has killed the passion I had for the game and I dont see myself playing this game much. 
    It's getting too expensive. I bought the 50 euro pack and one costume for 25 euro so I didnt look like a hobo, then I realized it had a 10% exp bonus, like what the hell? I didnt like the fact that you pay for advantages that others dont get unless they dish out real cash.
    Then I realized that in order to do group pvp at lategame you need a ghillie suit, specially seeing as I'm a wizard. Not only that, but most big guilds has a ghillie suit as a requirment for joining so other guilds cant declare war on your guild when you are hunting. 
    So basically I have to pay another 25 euro to play this game unless I wanna casual it out, but I dont want to do that. Then I rather dedicate my town and money on another game that dont sell pve and pvp advantages for real cash.
    Not to mention the lack of diversity ghillie suit has lead to. Everyone looking like bushes, this isnt player vs player , its bush vs bush. 
    Those bushes also suck out the game immersion since you dont actually see other players or their names. A player in a ghillie suit is just another AI/npc for me. It dont feel like a multiplayer game when everyone is hidden.
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  15. Genoxide added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    Funny how you are calling the people that argue agianst bought advantages as unskilled.
    Do you not see the irony in that? I mean, you literally open your wallet to gain a pvp and pve advantage over those who do not pay real cash.
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