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  1. Drakedge added a post in a topic Just make PVP optional.   

    Yes I have spent plenty of time at the Sausans, and aside from one guild on my server have never run into a problem there that was not easily resolved by inviting the person into the group, or asking them to move to another spawn area. Or use the excuse most PKers use against the PVE / RP crowd "dur switch channels"
    People supposedly enjoy pvp in the game, so people will flag because of that. Just look around heidel and see all the people with white or lower karma for an example of this. 
    Besides I imagine that the karma protected individual would have a special color to their name to indicate so, maybe Green again or some other color to denote the status, maybe even have their name bracketed or some sort of indication so that people wouldn't waste their time against the individual.
    There's lots to gain from the system i proposed, and it adds a lot more options to the field for multiple play styles than the current game offers. If people enjoy their pvp, they can do so, if people enjoy their pve, they can do so. If there's people "kill stealing you" as you are worried about, there's still guild wars options.
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  2. Drakedge added a post in a topic Just make PVP optional.   

    There's really plenty of mobs to go around. Like literally tons of them there's alternate spawns too for most of the popular mobs anyway so there really shouldn't be much of a concern for this. Besides if theres as large of a player base that likes pvp as people seem to think there is, there will be plenty of people who do not have the max karma for the proper length of time to become imune to pvp. The rest i answered in the quote.
    Also if the max karma player held it for long enough to gain the buff, but then flagged against someone for the same reasons you are stating above, then they are in the karma debuff which is 48 hours + the time after that it takes to get back up to max karma + another 48 hours of holding the max karma again. Basically they would be targetable for a week, if you consider one day to get up to max karma from where ever they dropped down to.
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  3. Drakedge added a post in a topic Just make PVP optional.   

    Yes please.
    I proposed a system before that I think would satiate both sides:
    #1 Bring back the PVP enabling quest at level 49, so that people can stay at level 49 and not worry about PVP ever.
    #2. Incorporate a new pvp system:
    2a - System #1 - max karma = no penalty for pvp death. IE no crystals or exp loss.
    or better
    2b - Player with max Karma holds said karma for 48 hours. They are then imune to random PK flaggers. 
           - Player with Max Karma has the OPTION to flag for pvp, if they do so they break their Karma buff, and will be "blue" targetable again for 48 hours.
           - Player flags and kills, or damages non flagged player - they lose karma as normal, and gain a karma debuff for 48 hours where they can not regain karma during this time.
    What this does is enables pvp for those that want it, adds conditions to the pvp that benefits both sides, and allows those that want to avoid pvp to do so outside of GVG.
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  4. Drakedge added a post in a topic Possible to enchant green gear to +20?   

    not yet NA / EU.
    Hopefully not ever.
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  5. Drakedge added a post in a topic Thank you horse-breeders   

    Presently as of the date of this post, T7 pure breds are the max tier horse
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  6. Drakedge added a post in a topic Max Karma for 48 hours = pvp Toggle   

    Yeah, but if you flagged once, or traded black market goods once you're now on a 48 hour cooldown. Meaning that you can not regain karma for those 48 hours, and thus open to pvp by anyone the way the current system works. It's a two way street with my proposal.
    Either this or bring back the level 49 pvp enabling quest.
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  7. Drakedge added a post in a topic Max Karma for 48 hours = pvp Toggle   

    You clearly didn't read the system i proposed. I said that if you have max karma for 48 hours you had the option to toggle pvp. Thus meaning you could toggle it off, and that you wouldn't be enabled for pvp again until you lost karma. Reading comprehension.
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  8. Drakedge added a topic in Suggestions   

    Max Karma for 48 hours = pvp Toggle
    How about implementing a system where if you hold max karma for 48 hours you can toggle pvp off. The downside to this would be that if you lose karma after toggling it off through PVP, or black market trading, or what have you, that you do not regain karma again for the next 48 hours after that. Meaning that once you lost some karma you would be available for the present system that is currently in the game, till the debuff wore off. 
    Then you would be able to regain karma again, and if you held it again at max for 48 hours you would again be disabled from pvp with an optional toggle switch.
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  9. Drakedge added a post in a topic Fieldbosses are NOT fun   

    Yeah, I mean I have 110 ap on a ranger, and due to the body blocking, i just get one shotted, or the examples you gave, just one shotted. It's not fun, it's frustrating. The best I ever got was 3 gold bars, 2 weapon stones. While losing 2 mil in crystals and 5% exp at level 53
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  10. Drakedge added a post in a topic Alts and offline characters Regain Energy faster   

    Maybe, but I would still rather have the energy situation sorted out. We are the only region with it in place. It among the other changes they have made for us, have all been for the negative. 
    There's no reason that alts should regain energy as slow as they do. On the other regions, sure it makes sense, because the only thing they spend energy on is things like amity, and gathering, and node upgrades. So ... since we have to also spend it on processing, why not let the alts regain their energy more quickly. 1 for 6 is my proposal, hell I would even take 1 for 8, or 1 for 12. But as it is now, with 185 energy it takes 3 days to fill up their energy at the current rate.
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  11. Drakedge added a post in a topic Guild Marketplace   

    They could do that in the normal market anyway - you could also gate it so that you have to have been in said guild for a week before you can use the market.
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  12. Drakedge added a post in a topic Alts and offline characters Regain Energy faster   

    Cause we're special i guess, i don't know, a lot of the changes were for the negative so im not sure why they did it.
    Offline you gain 1 for 30 minutes at the moment, i was suggesting to increase that to 1 for 6 minutes instead - thus doubling the regen rate of an online character.
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  13. Drakedge added a topic in Suggestions   

    Alts and offline characters Regain Energy faster
    Since the NA/EU servers are the only ones that use energy for processing, can we please have a faster regain rate for offline alts, and offline characters in general?
    1 energy every 6 minutes instead of three, or something. 
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  14. Drakedge added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild Marketplace
    Why not have an option where the guild can have its own market place, this would allow you to put items up for sale for your guild members only, and would then allow you to buy and sell items between each other more easily and avoid the bots that are sniping the normal market.
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  15. Drakedge added a post in a topic Scarecrow and waterways necessary for Sunflower?   

    I disagree.
    I grow special sun flowers, and i did one crop rotation with out the water way and scare crow and on plant breeding most of the plants at 110% only returned one seed, this was due to the other seeds being eaten by birds.
    Now that I do have the scare crow though I get 2 - 4 seeds on a plant breed.
    I would say it's up to you to decide what's valuable.
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