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  1. Garuda added a post in a topic How are those activity numbers now?   

    After gathering for 5 hours today i didnt got any shard. it was so incredibly boring that i listened to my friends advise: Play overwatch. Tadaaaa. I have fun at gaming agai... its that easy guys
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  2. Garuda added a post in a topic Gear Difference-Daum how will people ever catch up?   

    you just gotta git gud its easy. I work 9 hours a day and come home just for nodewars. i wish i would achieve more for playing daylie and spend all evening in bdo.
    I am playing since release and wish there would be a way i can also participate in guild stuff and pvp except meatshield.
    So much time spent and still so far away from being equal... i guess i should play something else
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  3. Garuda added a post in a topic the first OP weapon in the game on jordine   

    Soon Nodewars with players with that kind of gear. People tore me already with my 114/150 but now it will be just a boooring game
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  4. Garuda added a post in a topic Endgame Content   

    yeah you got me  i played a bunch of mmo's and the Trading, Hunting and Thiefs of SIlkroad was one of the coolest experience i ever had in a game. But again the grind made me quit pretty quick. 
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  5. Garuda added a post in a topic Endgame Content   

    NO ! TELL ME! just that they add more grind content as the nightelves and new horses and such?
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  6. Garuda added a topic in General   

    Endgame Content
    We know the endgame is endless grinding and hoping for luck at RNG but why? It could be so easy to make actuall good content
    Defend the Trade Wagon: A guild must defend an Elefant convoy from Altinova to Heidel and another Guild must must kill the convoy to get loot.  The Guild defends and all participants get a sallary and an reward.
    Wave fight : You and your friends or guild must hold of Waves of mobs sieging a castle and get a reward. You must team up and plan strategic Weaponry on the fortress towers as cannons.
    Ships and pirates : Basically same as Defend the Trade Wagon but with ships and cannons, arrrr.
    Thief and Hunter: Player must Hunt down criminal Players wich try to get to a location and you gotta stop them. 
    I am not very creative maybe but i also dont get payed for that as Pearl Abbys gets.
    i dont care for valencia it just adds more grinding content and more hours of boredom. but for what? so i can grind faster and faster.
    Imagine the world without Valencia but with lots of activities and nice missions you can participate and play alltogether, its a MMO !!! Where are all the Players ! We should have all fun together and not grind emotionless in groups or alone.
    You think so too? Then the develpoers need to see it
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  7. Garuda added a post in a topic Why you probably don't like this game, but you want to.   

    They should really focus on endgame actvities like koop stuff, having arenas with announcements and world posts.
    I wish to see something like Defend the Trade Wagen : you and your friends have to guard an elefant convoy and the location is shown on the worldmap.
    You know some fun and exciting stuff would be awesome instead of new grinding content
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  8. Garuda added a post in a topic Lost point of this game.   

    There is lots of lifeskills to do like producing crates and trading. I did that for a while too with worker empire of named workers and also 8 characters for processing cooking and alchemy.
    You can grind 20 minutes at Helms and make more i make with my maxed out business in a day. It costed me so miuch effort to find out about all the ressources i need and lvling my alternative characters to professional and 250 contribution points and more energy.
    At the end it gave me a very dissapointment feeling that i just raged and didnt started this game from then. 
    This game is much to offer but in the end you are supposed to grind 24/7 the same mops wich killed this beautiful game.
    If you grind, ask yourself how much you could accomplish somewhere else and how fun life could be ;))
    PS: If this game feels like a chore, stop immediatly. Better make chores in RL and bring yourself forward and not your online character.
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  9. Garuda added a post in a topic Contesting for Grind Spots after Patch   

    you guys sure looking for some singleplayer game
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  10. Garuda added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    i like the changes  
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  11. Garuda added a post in a topic Hacking / Botting   

    Since easy minded people in this thread seem to dont understand the subject and give short fused senseless comments i keep on playing my lvl 53 Wizard on my own.
    Please stop being hateful and try to imagine the reason from my perspective to publish such a post. Trust me, i am a smart guy   jump over your shadow and be smart too.
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  12. Garuda added a post in a topic Hacking / Botting   

    Yes, you get 100 points   I guess its okay if its unpunished ;))) aslong no reaction form dev it must be fine 
    ALso: Most forum Users here have complexes, just ignore them
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  13. Garuda added a post in a topic Hacking / Botting   

    i knew it. i havent thought its just that easy to get. and its just a type of bot there are also marketplace or fishing bots.
    This game seems now even less appealing to me. I see why other people get so much its really easy

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  14. Garuda added a topic in General   

    Hacking / Botting
    and a forum where you can see about the updates they do on the bots and suggestions how to improve botting to not get caught.
    I am not Advertising or using them, but just in case you see players acting like this you can report them.  Its good if you saw some videos now.
    Also look what a big problem it actually is and how many are using it in the forums.
    [Video removed, this is advertising and will be dealth with as such]
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  15. Garuda added a post in a topic Life of The Melee - The Reality(Opinions Wanted)(Awakening in Sept??)   

    I rerolled form Warrior to Wizard after i did some damage tests in the Arena with my GF. Just forget melee classes dont even start wanting one!
    The game fun doubled now with my Wizard. If you fight 2 seconds on  group of mobs with wizard, you need 10 seconds with warrior.
    It summs up and at the end you spend days of additional grinding for same result as wizard. Mass Pvp = wizard OP anyway. just dont do melee
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