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  1. Oks added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    No.. Everyone has deaths because there were times we were full offensive. 
    62 people, total
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  2. Oks added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    62 people with deaths on our log. (2 of those showed up late)
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  3. Oks added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Sorry we can't..
    Whane promised we won't go to Valencia this week on the podcast
    EDIT: any guild that was here from the start of the game must have had multiple groups of people from a certain guild join them.
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  4. Oks added a post in a topic pvp problems: Grab engaging - the worst mechanic post-awakening   

    What about Seishuku?
    Does he do that too?
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  5. Oks added a post in a topic Kutum or Nouver? (PvP)   

    No love for Saiyer
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  6. Oks added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    If people could just worry a bit less about what other guilds do.. that'd be great
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  7. Oks added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I agree with Ancient. 
    We were simply right in the middle of 2 other guilds. Their actions made perfect sense. It would be really weird to just ignore us and attack each other, as we would have wrecked the offensive guild if they did that.
    Was a very fun evening, but in the end the pressure was too much and our death timers too long to sustain.
    GG Revolt and Byfrost
    starting numbers: 65, peaked at 70-72
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  8. Oks added a post in a topic [Alustin] Siege and Node Wars   

    I don't know if you don't want to understand my point of view, or if you simply can't, but replies like that are pretty meaningless when reading back through the comments.
    Either way, i posted our point of view of yesterday in this topic, people can do with it what they want. 
    Great evening, good pvp, found stuff to improve on... I'm satisfied.
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  9. Oks added a post in a topic [Alustin] Siege and Node Wars   

    In the last few weeks we pulled 60+, today we pulled 45. Yes i very much wanted a 1v1 with Sovereign, which is exactly why we waited last week in Serendia, so we could have that 1v1.
    Exactly my point. I don't think we were in the position yesterday to make that move.
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  10. Oks added a post in a topic [Alustin] Siege and Node Wars   

    About our decision making last night, which shouldn't sound too surprising to people who've known us for a while. We usually tend to go for the most enjoyable fights and/or the "best" pvp.
    We didn't have the greatest signups of all yesterday and were expecting around 45-50 people. 
    If we'd go Mediah, we would probably sit in our castle for the full duration (or for however long we'd last), which arguably has its charm sure.
    The alternative would be going Calpheon where we would be in a 1 v 1 v 2 vs guilds that are weaker than Sovereign, resulting in our opinion in a more interesting and enjoyable pvp experience overall, and i still think we made the correct call.
    As soon as the siege started we focused our eyes on Fanatics. We didn't get much interference from Revolt of Vikings so i'm pretty sure they were fighting each other at Vikings base. It was a great experience, and fanatics held up pretty well for a while. We tried some different tactics, and i think after an hour? (don't quote me on this) we had our strategical flaws ironed out and had a grip on fanatics.
    As soon as they dropped, looking at the cards on the table, the next logical opponent was Revolt. At that point in time they had Vikings to about 50%, and there was no way that with our 45-50 people we would kick Revolt out of their castle. I do want to clarify: we did not have any communication with guilds during the siege (so not with Revolt at the start, nor with Vikings at the end). 
    We got through the first gate relatively easy, but probably because Revolt still had a force on Vikings base at the time. We never got through the second gate. Even though we got in numerous times, overall Revolt proved too strong to beat that evening.
    I want to thank all guilds involved for a great evening.
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  11. Oks added a post in a topic [Alustin] Siege and Node Wars   

    Just to clarify, We did have a defense team in Serendia 100% of the time, right from the start of the siege war.
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  12. Oks added a post in a topic [Alustin] Siege and Node Wars   

    Today we had castles built in 3 regions.
    Our main focus was Mediah and Serendia, but we did build in Valencia as well just to open up our options.
    When we saw 7 castles built in Serendia and 3 in Mediah, we ditched the idea of going to Valencia, sending 3 people to go there to see what was happening.
    In Mediah we took out Schattenlegion first and ThelynEnnor afterwards. When we were moving to Heidel we saw Confusion get killed, and Pantsu/Fruitsalad/Chaosunited/Dogma on Sovereigns base, which was around 45-50% at the time.
    We decided to not interfere and mess up what was going on, and that we would fight against whatever side would win. We stood in Heidel for a while and just let the guilds brawl it out for a bit, Sovereigns base was going down (i think to about 20-25%? at one point), but they were also playing offensive, and once they took Fruitsalad's base we knew it would be a matter of time before they would beat them.
    We decided to take out the allied guilds first, and then fight Sovereign 1on1. When we were clearing chaos united and dogma, Sovereign took out Pantsu and from that moment on we had each other to focus on. (Important to note that we didn't make agreements with either side, we let things go "naturally".)
    The fight against Sovereign:
    It became quite a struggle for us at the start. We gave Sovereign the opportunity to get some strength back, and even with us attacking their base they were getting healthier.
    Shortly after they had cannons on our base and made an offensive push. We cleared it out and went back to the offensive, and it stayed offensive for the remainder of the fight. This is definitely (partially) because we had pressure on them and also because their base wasn't far from Heidel.
    Later Sovereign tried to make another offensive push, at which we brought the base down to around 10%, but once they started to defend again they healed up the base to above 50% i think? and it became impossible for us to penetrate their defenses.
    Overall i'm happy we didn't take the easy way out, and i hope all the guilds involved had a good time in what turned out to be an interesting evening.
    Props to Sovereign for showing what you're capable of. 
    Props to the Pantsu, Fruitsalad, Chaos united, Dogma, Confusion alliance for stepping it up in siege wars.
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  13. Oks added a post in a topic [Alustin] Siege and Node Wars   

    Time to shed some light on the situation from my perspective, which i think is pretty relevant since i've actually been present in conversations with all the guilds (over time that is) mentioned in this topic.
    Our guild has seen some big changes, especially recently with a few guilds closing their doors and us getting a big portion of their members, but our values have never changed:
    -Quality over quantity, respect friend and foe, go for pvp instead of taking free regions, be independent (a.k.a. don't join an alliance).
    This does NOT mean we're a perfect guild where all these are things happen 100% of the time, but these are things that we value high, and me personally as leader will do everything i can to keep these values in mind while making decisions for the guild.
    Sometimes we get someone in who isn't the greatest player, sometimes one of guildies steps out of line and insults you, sometimes money does affect our decision on what region we go to, and on a regular base we talk with other guilds.
    This was, and will be the direction that Oldskool is going in, no matter who joins our guild, and i'll do everything in my power to make that happen.
    That being said, i understand why some of my members post here.
    History being one of them.. It's not like we only get fresh members who are new to the game.. no.. we're getting people that have history in BDO by being in different guilds.
    Stuff from the past hunts people around and is being used to fall back on often.
    Another things are rumours and "lies". I put lies in quotation marks there because it's all a matter of perspective. What someone believes to be true may very well have happened in a different way. That doesn't mean that people can just spread whatever crap they want though, because one thing that i'm not a fan about, and i see this topic filled with, is ignorant people making statements they don't have the information about, claiming it as truth...While in fact it's their perspective, as well as people saying stuff to bait the other party to say something. (from both sides, don’t get me wrong)
    yes we talk to guilds, but we don't want allies. I’m not saying we'll never have an ally because who knows what the future brings us, but we are trying hard to be independent.
    Whatever people think happened last week in a plot against Sovereign, is none of our business. Yeah we got some information left and right like i'm sure every guild has every week, but most of the time it's guessing what region to go for only to find out it's going to turn out different than expected, and last week no exception there.
    Someone mentioned that i spoke with Nyn yesterday, which is correct.
    I heard rumours there were supposedly screenshots of me being part of a plot that turns multiple guilds against sovereign so i wanted to hear what was up.
    I’m sure Nyn can back me up on this.
    We share the opinion that it’s a cool idea if our guilds fight sometime soon, and who knows, maybe we’ll set it up, maybe we’ll let it happen naturally.
    Personally i wish any medium or larger guild (e.g. vikings, toxic, sovereign, revolt, RLXT) would cancel their alliances because i think it would improve the mediocre pvp scene that this game currently has, but that decision is not mine to make.
    What decision IS mine to make is what alliances Oldskool is or is not part of, and i can tell you we have none.
    We are Oldskool.
    If you see one of my members out of line feel free to approach me and i’ll make it my problem.
    Don’t spread rumours or bullshit about my guild that you have no idea about.
    EDIT: Personally i'm a fan of allowing smaller guilds to have a good time in a specific region and i'm willing to put that up for discussion.
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  14. Oks added a post in a topic [Alustin] Siege and Node Wars   

    I don't want to see any Oldskool member post here anymore after this point.
    Just drop the discussion, there is nothing to gain here.
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  15. Oks added a post in a topic Alustin and Croxus Node War Tales.   

    I never thought that going in on the side was an exploit, i genuinely thought it was an intended backdoor into the castle.
    As soon as i got in there i got stuck between invisible walls and swimming through the air.
    I never managed to get through inside the castle though, and died somewhere in a glitchy basement below the ground.
    I hope they fix this bug, but to be honest i don't think it changed anything at all. (at least i didn't hear anyone actually getting inside the castle)
    It was an amazing experience and i'm happy to have been a part of this. Thanks to all guilds involved for giving clean and respectful fights.
    edit: typo
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