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  1. Efitall added a topic in Maehwa   

    In case your quest is broken, too:

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  2. Efitall added a post in a topic Musa/Mae awakening quest bugged?   


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  3. Efitall added a topic in General   

    Hawol location
    Hope this makes it easier.

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  4. Efitall added a post in a topic PSA: Maehwa Hawol quest line   

    This is where Hawol is

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  5. Efitall added a post in a topic Guild House Tutorials   

    It's based on when the guild house was last purchased.  Our server seems to be on Sundays, as that was the first day they were available.  Sorry I can't be more specific!
    Updated with video 3.1: Catching and raising baby elephants
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  6. Efitall added a post in a topic <Xen of Onslaught> Will be riding the storm! Come join in today! We do just about everything.   

    Xen of Onslaught smells like cookies.  It sounds like music, and tastes like ice cream and rainbows.
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  7. Efitall added a post in a topic Original Cash Shop post changed   

    Can't disagree with you there, man.  Integrity isn't always the fastest way to make cash.
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  8. Efitall added a topic in Guides   

    Guild House Tutorials
    Videos related to using a guild house.
    Part 1: Guild House 101 - general info for guild members on how to get to the guild house, what you'll find inside, and how to do your part to help your guild build things like Elephants and Trade Packs
    Part 2: Guild Clearance Permits - step-by-step guide for where to get the mats and how to make them
    Part 3.1: Catching and Raising Elephants
    Part 3.2: Elephant Armor (coming soon)
    Part 4: (coming soon) Guild Trade Packs
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  9. Efitall added a post in a topic Original Cash Shop post changed   

    In a normal business model I would agree with you, but it's a bit different with video games.  CMs and GMs (and in this case, PMs) are the customer-facing piece of the MMO pie.  They manage the communities, but they also manage communication between the player-base and the company.  Whether it's in his official job description or not, the player base views his word as the company's word.  Perception is everything.
    Oh, I doubt the changes were his idea.  Speculation on my part, obviously, but generally things like that come from some one else directing the change.
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  10. Efitall added a post in a topic Original Cash Shop post changed   

    Yeah, I think that's probably the case (at least partially).  Unfortunately, he's the representative we have of their company; what he says is what Daum/Kakao says.  It doesn't matter if the information is coming from Jouska (doubtful) or if he's being told to convey the information in a certain way (including edits), the result is the same.
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  11. Efitall added a post in a topic Original Cash Shop post changed   

    Yeah ofc!  People can disagree.  I just found the difference between the two strange and interesting.  
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  12. Efitall added a post in a topic Original Cash Shop post changed   

    Depends on how their contract is negotiated, I would assume.  Haven't been in game development, but have definitely been involved in software development and licensing.
    That's the problem - even if I do feel like the publisher is being dishonest with their recent behavior, I still really love the game.  I'm not sure how much more BDO content I'll make - probably until the population goes upside down.  Definitely looking into other games now, where I wasn't before.
    He was pretty clear that he was talking about a Premium Sub when used the term "Premium Sub" and then went further to describe it as "extra benefits".  
    That's what's funny: I just happened to have the screenshot because of the announcement video I made.  I would never have even noticed it changed if it hadn't been pointed out to me by my husband.  I wasn't trying to watch and measure and make sure they were being up-front and honest in their communication.  It just sort of happened that there was a disparity, and that it's a pretty big one, and I still had the screenshot in a folder, and I hadn't deleted it after publishing (I usually do).  
    I bet people start screen-capping GM posts going forward, though.
    I certainly hope I don't get banned.  It would be an interesting turn of events, that's for sure.  
    Like I said, I can't imagine a scenario where the GM of an MMO in 2016 doesn't know the difference between a "Subscription" (required to log in) and a "Premium Subscription" (not required to log in, but gives vast in-game benefits).  That's just not possible.  He knew when he responded to that post that he wasn't answering the question that was asked.  
    And you're right - he didn't say they won't offer any type of sub.  It's well within their rights as business owners to change their cash shop model in any way they see fit, for any reason, at any time.  I don't take issues with them doing whatever they need to in order to manage their business.  I do take issue with the way they're handling it.
    I've heard people say they never know what's coming in the patches until they get them, then they have to rush to translate them before they install.  Seems like an awfully strange way to do business to me.  Hi Devo  
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