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  1. Alexiel added a post in a topic Are ogre rings worth farming   

    cant answer the question without knowing how much you earn compared to some other place but in this case, it IS worth farming.
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  2. Alexiel added a post in a topic Are ogre rings worth farming   

    awesome. question is though, how long did you grind per day and how much silver would you have earned grinding somewhere like pirates where you also gain a lot of xp
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  3. Alexiel added a post in a topic Paladin Class   

    Sorcerer is often used as a synonym for wizard but BDO's interpretation and playstyle of both classes is very different.
    The word paladin has a different meaning than valkyrie, but BDO's interpretation and playstyle of a valkyrie is similar to that of a paladin in other games...
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  4. Alexiel added a post in a topic Trade Crates?   

    you need master 2 trader and do trent -> valencia with desert trade buff. 50 crates will sell for 10m (with calpheon timber crates or crates of similar value).
    also you should be able to get the mats for way more than 50 crates after 7 hours of processing. If your wood work benches are limiting your production then you need the worker skills which allow you to produce 2 or more crates at once. At lvl 30 and at least 50% xp you can reset one of your worker's skills to hopefully learn a better one.
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  5. Alexiel added a post in a topic PvP Class for Skill-less player   

    So what exactly makes sorc easy to master and ninja extremely difficult to master? i can understand sorc being easy to learn and ninja difficult to learn because sorc has strong spammable skills which are enough to play on a low-mid level, while ninja has to press a lot more keys to get anything done, but this alone cant seriously be the reason for ninja being (one of) the most difficult class(es) to master?
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  6. Alexiel added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    oh nice, i missed the part where this is only for green gear. ill take back my previous post then XD.
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  7. Alexiel added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    nvm, should read more carefully.
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  8. Alexiel added a post in a topic Striker PvP   

    huh... almost every class can open with standing CCs, usually even with SA / Forward Guard. Awakened Sorc and Pre-awakened DK were my only classes that couldnt open with standing CCs that easily, cause they have no protection on them. If DK has OP standing CCs then its now with awakening...
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  9. Alexiel added a post in a topic Level 10 node problem.   

    The problem is we are talking about very low drop chances and probably a very low increase of them by node levels. Its normal that some days/weeks/months you will get less drops than some other time. When someone makes a thread like this there will always be a lot of people who currently experience the same and jump on the train, but thats normal. There might be just as many people who are getting a lot of drops lately but they dont get attracted by such threads as much.
    Of course its possible that there is a bug with node levels, but its hard to convince others just because some people "feel" like there is something wrong.
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  10. Alexiel added a post in a topic No beer on eu   

    yea, i just realized it
    but seriously, ive been selling my special barley for quite a while and bought the beer instead. I guess if you use white worker gathered mats then its cheaper to craft it yourself, but my workers have more important things to do :P. If its sold out ill simply craft it myself again, at some loss. Maybe they will raise beer prices and things will be balanced again. If they simply allowed players to set prices, or at least raised the price cap automatically when things get bought a lot, then the market would fix itself... someone at PA should take an economics course.
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  11. Alexiel added a post in a topic Time changes, question remains: Nouver or Kutum?   

    Jubre has +1 to Special Attack dmg, which can make quite a difference. Ive noticed myself during some damage tests that Jubre can outdamage Nouver , but this was vs weaker mobs using high AP. I dont know if its true in any realistic PvP scenario. We also have to consider that Nouver has a 2nd crystal slot which could be used for +1 crit damage or something similar, if this would be really be stronger than the 5 extra AP of a black spirit crystal.
    Thinking about it, the higher damage with Jubre vs mobs could also have been because of capped AP vs weaker mobs, if this was active before the DK awakening patch already... with all those hidden mechanics they make it really hard to test such things...
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  12. Alexiel added a post in a topic Mana management for DK?   

    are there any pre-awakened skill-addons that refill a lot of mana? something like sorc's DoD?
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  13. Alexiel added a post in a topic How to farm skill points   

    places with many mobs. tbh sausans and pirates are probably the best places overall, whether its XP, SP or silver... for SP you want to grind solo though, which is not always that easy at such contested spots.
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  14. Alexiel added a post in a topic The psychology of RNG, and why it is doing more harm to the game than the devs realize..   

    you could argue that BDO is a good lesson when it comes to gambling, cause a lot of those people who go YOLO on accessoire enchants end up with all their stuff broken.
    While you cannot avoid RNG, you can fully avoid negative progression by simply making backups before enchanting. Afraid of losing your TRI Ogre Ring going to TET? get a second TRI ogre ring before trying... if you cannot afford a second TRI Ogre then you shouldnt try TET anyway... its really simple actually. People know the risk very well when they press enchant, yet they freak out when a 20% chance enchant doesnt succeed.
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  15. Alexiel added a post in a topic Cadry Ring Evasion?   

    i bought some just to test DR, but that was before the patch.
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