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  1. Kentigem added a post in a topic Surging tide is broken   

    It is bugged. Heilang can interrupt the command which won't happen for any other combo on shortsword or rod. 
    If you need 100% responsiveness use it in follow mode. 
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  2. Kentigem added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    Well that isn't exactly fair. Wiz/Witch summons do plenty of damage through flow combos, its just their ai abilities are much weaker.
    And I on that note I think only Heilangs combos were buffed. His attack AI was much weaker than when I q-canceled rod combos, But I need to do more testing.
    If you are looking to mass engage you are on the wrong class. We are assassins. They will buff our dps until we can quickly eliminate protected targets. We are for small-scale skirmishes inside bigscale fights, not for 1vXing in a blob. If you want that toolset go on zerker/wiz/dk/sorc. 
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  3. Kentigem added a post in a topic Legendary Beast Dance   

    I think neutering & punishment were the wrong words.
    I've been talking in the context of chaining stiffness.
    Moon and echo each gives a second of stiffness, but when you combine them together you still only get a second.
    Neutering was describing echo's cc, not it's damage.Punishment was describing losing out on total cc.Neither of these are bad things if you don't need to chain stiffness. You can cram damage into the 1 second stiffness from the first skill.All that matters is pacing. What is protecting the next skill after the overlap? 
    * moon > echo > dragon is fine
    * moon > full moon > echo> echo is fine 
    * moon > full moon > white tiger is fine 
    * moon > echo > echo is risky 
    * moon > white tiger > bj is risky
    (I know I said moon > white tiger was about hitboxes but that was before I timed the skills)
    As for combos I firmly believe this is the best tamer guide in existence. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z3remd4H1wXkh3Ys3dX4Lo0Hnr2wWaq4VPYwplLjBCI/edit?usp=sharing 
    I don't know how up to date it is but it should give you some ideas. 
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  4. Kentigem added a post in a topic Legendary Beast Dance   

    You could come up with safe combos using the chart. And not all the information is wrong. But I'll try to give a better explanation.
    The cc timer is 5 seconds of immunity (not 4 seconds like I said earlier) from the start of the cc. It prevents you from chaining ccs. A cc lasts until the character can move again, i.e when they are in neutral position.  Because all ccs last 5 seconds or less, you can only chain grab or stiffness (because those two have no timer).Grabs skills will refresh the immunity of any secondary cc component.e.g if we use a float skill then grab 2 seconds later, the cc timer for floats will go from 3 back to 5.Overlap has to do with processing animations. It prevents you from combining ccsYou cannot only be in one cc at timeAs long as you are being cced. the game will eitherreplace a cc with an incoming ccor ignore incoming ccs.The situation is resolved according to the following rulesSkills that create down status cannot overwrite air status. A bound will not work on a floatSkills that create air status cannot overwrite down status. A float will not work on a boundStiffness will not overwrite stiffness.Grab will overwrite grab.resistancedepending on gear you have between a 10%-60% chance to resist a cc. but you probably already know that 
    Stiffness last a second. The cc portion of moonlight lasts ~.5 of a second. That means there is usually like .5 overlap after the skill.
    Debates about how long the new echo is aside, if you are overlapping the first .5 seconds you have neutered the skill. Someone would barely need one resist to avoid any stiffness from the skill.
    If you want to chain stiffness do
    long skill > long skillshort skill > long skilldo not do
    long skill > short skillshort skill > short skill 
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  5. Kentigem added a post in a topic Surging tide is broken   

    A long time ago it was much much better. You didn't have to aim. You could use it from farther. Spam it better. They are reminiscing. 
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  6. Kentigem added a post in a topic Legendary Beast Dance   

    You can't break a stiffness chain. I think you are conflating cc-timers and overlap. When some ccs are applied there is a 4 second lock on repeat applications. And certain animations can't be applied simultaneously.
    All ccs, except for stiffness and grapple, have cc timers.
    Overlap is more of a logical limitation.
    you can only force someone into the air or ground if they are standing unfrozen. Float, knockdown, bound can only happen after stiffness/stun/knockback/grapplethis is also why air and down smash exist.grabbing people in the air is too hard on the game, so you only grab people who are standing unfrozen or on the ground.you can only stiffen someone who is not stiffened because someone can't be "twice as stiff" when the game already has the stunned cc.you can't cc someone who is frozen because that would require breaking the ice, and then they wouldn't be frozen anywayYou aren't being punished for stiff>stiff. Nothing is being locked out. You are being punished for overlapping. 
    Telling him not to moon into echo was fine. But saying he "cant" do something is ridiculous. Moon in to Spinner works just fine.
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  7. Kentigem added a post in a topic Ultimate Echo Pierce   

    Is it slower, or have you always been cancelling the second hit of the normal version?
    I've only tested it on 5 attack speed
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  8. Kentigem added a post in a topic Legendary Beast Dance   

    There is no can of worms, you are just misunderstood. Stiffness cannot be immuned, but it can be resisted.
    Stiffness is a quick cc. Sorc's Cartian Nightmare, and Tamer's Void Lightning have somewhere between 12-16 hits to compensate for that. Moon only has 3 hits.
    White Tiger has the smallest hitbox of LBD. You are being punished because they resisted the last 1-2 hits of moon and moved out of range of White Tiger.
    Grab cannot be immuned but it can be resisted. Your resistance to grapple raises after you have been grabbed three times, but we still don't know by how much.
    Heilangs innate ccs will defy the chart occasionally, most likely because he is not a player. This is already well known by people who play the game. Hiding it from new people is useless.
    However if you are insisting that stiffness>stiffness is impossible, many moves will defy your chart. Like All Around Spinner which would fail constantly if the first hit of stiffness immuned the other 5.
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  9. Kentigem added a post in a topic Ultimate Echo Pierce   

    It flows the exact same. The only thing that has changed was the location and size of the second hit. Looks can be deceiving.
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  10. Kentigem added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    if you lock the ultimate you will use the old version.
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  11. Kentigem added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    Your mind is playing tricks on you, the skill is not slower than it was before. The back damage has always lagged behind, and this is more apparent when it is concentrated in the front.
    Stand between two training dummies and use the old version. The time it takes to strike the one behind you is the same as the full length of ultimate echo.
    The only thing that changed was the damage of each strike, and the back damage's hitbox position/size, ie front>back became front>front. Both forms have the spacing of a 2 hit attack.
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  12. Kentigem added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    I think the reason it REALLY sucks is because you think ultimate echo can only be canceled midway.
    The hotkey can be be instantly canceled, and switching is not any slower, or faster, than before.
    You might be pressing the keys too slow. Here is how I do it. Echo is bound to 2, but you can bind it to whatever key your middle finger can reach.From preawakened stance:
    press 2, shift, and space simultaneously but put more pressure into the finger on 2. Instant swap to LBPpress 2, and q simultaneously but put more pressure into the finger on 2. Instant swap to guard.You can do the same to instantly go from awakening to preawakening by using the first method but with a trample quickslot. Or after leaves dropping pressing shift+space simultaneously but with more pressure on space.
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  13. Kentigem added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    The hit box is only larger on the second half of the skill. Still good though.
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  14. Kentigem added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    Oops I meant off cd. Still relevant.
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  15. Kentigem added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    You cancel roaring with S. But it is slow, and you are unprotected. VL comes with guard on  off cd, a nd can be canceled with tremble or jolt.Tremble has SA.. Jolt is unprotected but much faster than roaring's S-Cancel. 
    This disparity is because VL makes the pet cc at your location, while Roaring makes the pet cc at its location. The former gets melee defenses, and the latter is treated as ranged freecasting. You can use Roaring like a melee skill by standing next to your pet, but you aren't going to be protected.
    The extra SA time is about Echo.
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