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  1. Xenon added a post in a topic How do you deal with a dark knight?   

    The range is good, but it isn't nuts. You still need to be in within crosshair targetting range, or slightly within it, for it to work at max rank. The CD reduction is the big thing.
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  2. Xenon added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    I think it's a tie for whiniest posts between irrelevant and firefrost.
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  3. Xenon added a post in a topic What happened to Witchzards again ?   

    Are you a Ranger? You seem like a really salty Ranger. Maybe a Tamer. Everybody else can't be cc'd mid-grab, and I'm hearing reports that Rangers are immune while grabbing.
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  4. Xenon added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    Hi, Ninja would like to have a word with you.
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  5. Xenon added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    There's videos on youtube proving that they're better experience than everything but Pirate Jungle. Pila Ku Jail, on the other hand, is worse exp than Sausans.
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  6. Xenon added a post in a topic How do you deal with a dark knight?   

    Shattering Darkness, Spirit Legacy, Bombardment, and Trap of Vedir are all frontal guards. Force them to use them, then log jump them and follow up with serpent/grab. Proceed to wreck them. Keep your guard up and try to stay as mobile as you can. Other than that, there's not much else you can do against them.
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  7. Xenon added a post in a topic What happened to Witchzards again ?   

    All grab class grabs have super armor when in the enemy grappled animation. Problem is a couple don't have a means of maintaining super armor going into grab, so they get ccd before they can grab you.
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  8. Xenon added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    Pirate Jungle > Bashim Plateau > Gahaz Cliff side in terms of exp, iirc. I don't know how the jail compares yet.
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  9. Xenon added a post in a topic Sieges went from sheild wall+ranged support+initiators to wizards+fodder   

    Nah, bud, Sorcs. I didn't ever see any Rangers taking on multiple people at once and winning. Once they got grabbed by Warriors, they were gone. Sorcs on the other hand couldn't be caught in the first couple months of the game, and regularly took on 5 people or so, and could win. Rangers were really strong, though.
    If you read the context at the bottom of the post, the op explicitly states, he's not sure if it's a skill nerf or because of the DP change. Also the way it's written is really inconsistent and you need a translator to figure out what he's actually comparing here, because the numbers themselves don't add up. Also, it's not how much each skill got nerfed. All of the listings are averages of how much hp is left after using the skills listed in the post. 
    유산 750
     비산 1000
     재앙 850
    유산 650
     비산 500
     재앙 650
    If we compare those sets of numbers, the first is only a hundred damage loss. The second is the most significant, being 500 damage less or a straight 50% nerf, and the last is only a 200 damage loss. 13.3%, 50%, and 23.53% respectively. But this isn't the case. It's 
    3월 31일 기준 61레벨 3개 코어 스킬 썼을 때 남은 평균 피 (둘다 3별채 없음)
     유산 750
     비산 1000
     재앙 850
    4월 18일 기준 61레벨 3개 코어 스킬 썼을 때 남은 평균 피 (둘다 3별채 있음)
     유산 1600
     비산 1700
     재앙 1700
    Those two sets of numbers against each other. But if you look at the last text, it doesn't add up.
    남은 피로 평균 딜 감소량을 보면
     유산 650
     비산 500
     재앙 650
    1600 - 750 isn't 650. It's 850. It should be 700 for the second, and 850 for the last. So I'm all sorts of confused as to this post and might have to ask an actual translator, but just comparing the actual text makes me a bit skeptical.
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  10. Xenon added a post in a topic Shakatu seals   

    No, it's Duo on KR as well, not Tri. This is a mistranslation that made it's way onto the DB.
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  11. Xenon added a post in a topic Black Desert comes out on Steam!   

    Maybe this will get the game the exposure it needs for people to complain about the real issues.. Nah, I'm just kidding. A lot of those guys won't even leave Olvia and won't see the issues.
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  12. Xenon added a post in a topic Sieges went from sheild wall+ranged support+initiators to wizards+fodder   

    There were like two people in the recent tourney that had 260+ ap. One guy and Bong. The rest were 240 or less from what I recall. A lot of them didn't even have 240 ap.
    Hi, most people here have average gear compared to the top end of KR. Most people are dunked on by DKs, even though those DKs have average gear. You're just trash at this game and just need to give up, or git gud. Also, are you related to irrelevant? You guys whine way too much.
    As for the original topic:
    The balance wasn't really that much better before. Sorcs, Tamers, and Rangers used to be incredibly broken. Tanky classes were very tanky, Zerker didn't do much damage but still sucked to fight cuz 3x grabs, Valk was borderline OP if not OP. Sorcs absolutely dominated the meta until their eventual nerf. So on and so forth. We didn't receive sieges until well into Mediah, and I think even after Valencia, so most of the early game pvp was gvg or ow flagging. 
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  13. Xenon added a post in a topic Shakatu seals   

    I'm at odds with the thing. I love the idea that it means free stuff, but I also hate the idea that it's free stuff. 10 months down the line, everybody who saves their seals will have the exact same necklace as I do. But then again, it means I can get a t8 horse without the cancer of breeding, a backup necklace so I can safely go for tri or for tet, or even more gear to sell. Things are going to be interesting, especially if they find more events to give the seals out.
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  14. Xenon added a post in a topic Do you think there will ever be an MMO that looks as good as Black Desert in the near future?   

    What are you talking about? For a large portion of CBT, they didn't even have their cash shop plans out. I believe the second or third one was where they gave out info on their cash shop plans. They didn't make any promises as to not include them. There was talks of a new karma system and shit, but all that got thrown out the window. If you're talking about the changes they said they weren't including like the value packs, there was a note saying that things could change in the future. Don't believe me? Go to my profile. Look at my join date. I've been here a very long time, bud.
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  15. Xenon added a post in a topic Ninja: Bugs, Class Issues, and Suggestions   

    Our new contest costume looks like complete crap. Considering adding that to the list.
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