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  1. Geron added a post in a topic PvE needs a do over   

    BDO with a Ff14 or gw2 quest and event system would be amazing. Will never happen though I don't think the devs are skilled enough to pull that off.
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  2. Geron added a post in a topic Casual player returning after months. How screwed am I?   

    The game is absolutely fun for a casual player. Just as long as you know that you aren't going to be that top pvper. Life skills are well done in this game and can make tons of money. Questing isn't amazing but still can be enjoyable. There's lots to do. Build a trade empire, explore, quest, life skill, play the market. Just do what you like and don't worry about other players.
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  3. Geron added a post in a topic New to BDO, Looking for Guild or friends   

    Don't try to be top pvper. Play at your own pace and you will enjoy the game. This game is a marathon not a sprint.
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  4. Geron added a post in a topic Let's talk about money   

    Welcome to BDO! Hopefully you can find part of the game you really enjoy and flourish. That's what this game is all about. If you don't want to grind all the time you don't have to. There are many other ways to progress. The crafting and profession system in this game is amazing. I recommend find one or three you enjoy and focus on that. Crafting can be VERY lucrative. 
    The story itself is rather bland mainly due to translation I think. Questing is pretty generic but there are some neat quest lines in the game. I really enjoyed a certain quest line about a large monster living under a town. (Hint: Calpheon area) 
    If you don't want to PvP then most of the time it can be avoided. I started out playing the game purely for it's open world pvp. Was in the 2nd ranked guild on the server and doing node wars when I came to the conclusion pvp in this game is a bit shallow. Thankfully there is so much to do that it didn't matter.
    I will recommend if you're going to spend any money at all get a couple pets leveled up. The free ones are pretty convenient. Also buy some inventory space on what will be your main character and some weight limit increase. This will make the game much more enjoyable no matter what your focus is.
    Good luck!
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  5. Geron added a post in a topic Let's talk about money   

    Ok to everyone asking about how to fish for profit..
    For AFK I use a +10 balenos rod. That's 100 durability. I have an item brand on it so in reality it's more like 200 durability. 188 inventory slots. Master 16 fishing reduces the amount of durability used. After being at work 12 hours I come home to all 188 slots filled with fish. No junk also usually with about 30 durability left on the rod. That's a decent profit. Now go turn those imperial seals in to extra money as well.
    Active fishing again the 188 slots helps extend fishing trips. All I'm gonna say is triple float in a hotspot. I pull up close to 100 yellow fish an hour. Those sell for near 100k each at imperial vendor. Do the math.
    Edit: Profits from fishing last night AFK 8 hours: 7.6m silver + 5 relics and 40 imperial fishing by seals which equal close to 2m profit just in seals. Total is 13.6m profit if I sold the relics for 800k each. Pretty average AFK session.
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  6. Geron added a post in a topic Let's talk about money   

    You can check right now if you like. Char name Sinlai NA_Bal 1 currently. Rank 2 fisher rank 4 wealth. AFKing for the night. GL.
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  7. Geron added a post in a topic Let's talk about money   

    Fishing gets me about 7-8m per hour if active fishing. Usually AFK fishing overnight and while at work will get me about 8-10m silver not including relics. Normally about 10-15 relics a day from afk fishing. So maybe 15-20m afk profit per day and 15-30m active profit per day. Total 30-50m per day just fishing and only active for a couple hours. Easiest profession for lazy ppl. Master 16 fishing with 188 inv slots and a +10 balenos rod for AFK.
    EDIT: About 1.2b silver sitting in heidel and 2.5b assets in heidel. Not the most but enough to get by.
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  8. Geron added a post in a topic Been waiting on physical reward. Since 4th of April.   

    This is a little disappointing. I'm sure devs has seen this thread and have said nothing? GL trying to get your stuff, hopefully they send you. Or at least reply.
    BUMP for you.
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  9. Geron added a post in a topic Why is the 10 minute trading wait time so important?   

    I really dont see why they dont just put a personal limit on fishing vendor instead of competing with other players. 
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  10. Geron added a post in a topic Epheria Sail Boat   

    Thanks for the graphic. I had a spreadsheet made up but this is better.
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  11. Geron added a post in a topic Random island / Arsha's Spear   

    We are getting arena matches. Could be for that.
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  12. Geron added a post in a topic SomethingLovely Interactive Map update: Fishing hotspots, meat/blood/hide filters...   

    This is amazing I use it all the time. Thank you.
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  13. Geron added a post in a topic Orwen server gone   

    There was definitely something  wrong with Orwen.  I was booted about 6 times from the game as well as 4 others I was in TS with.  Several channels were closed. Not sure if it's still happening I quit trying. 
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  14. Geron added a post in a topic "Small" nerf on DF   

    I see many people saying sorcs are still destroying others and that everyone just needs to git gud. That there are skills to use that deal good damage still.  They never elaborate or explain though it's always just the same thing.  What else besides dream of doom,  shard explosion and shadow eruption do decent damage? I've done testing and can't find anything else to use. Even shadow eruption doesn't do that much damage.  Just the knockdown is nice.  
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  15. Geron added a post in a topic Extremely Satisfied with this game   

    No one has gender anymore. This is 2016. You are what you want to be.
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