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  1. undertaker610 added a post in a topic Sell TRI weapon for money?   

    If you are bored of grinding you can start crafting or trading crates or a node empire + processing rare mats. Value pack helps a crafting and node empire.Grinding will always be the best silver/hour still though but those other things can boost your income fairly good. If you are bored of all these things then sell it haha  good luck
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  2. undertaker610 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance October 19th   

    Will the forced enchanting for pri, duo, tri green base weaps/armors be fixed or was intended to work like this now?
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  3. undertaker610 added a post in a topic So what killed this game?   

    Not 100% true xD. You can always find the 1-3 players ridiculously geared ,in an entire server getting those Crescent Rings.
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  4. undertaker610 added a post in a topic So what killed this game?   

    Could not be expressed more accurately!
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  5. undertaker610 added a post in a topic Least Repetitive Class   

    Ninja/Kuno, Musa/Maehwa and Sorceress are all combo based high skill ceiling classes. I suggest to watch some youtube vids about their skillset(including awakening ofc) to help you make a choice. I would go with either musa or kuno personally, but that's just my preference. I main a musa.
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  6. undertaker610 added a post in a topic Musa vs Wizard - PvE/PvP   

    Thanks for your input guys. I lean towards musa too Jagari he is 54 now, my wiz is 56. The reason is I like his mobility in pvp, I had an encounter with an awakened warrior and went pretty well. I feel like that with wiz I would be dead for sure. I watched some videos on his awakening which I find really cool and powerful too. I also like the dash to the sunset haha 
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  7. undertaker610 added a topic in General   

    Musa vs Wizard - PvE/PvP
    Musa vs Wizard 
    Which class is in your opinion the faster mob cleaner?
    Which is more proficient in 1vs1 and group pvp?
    Which is better at world bosses?
    And finally is musa's awakening worth it? (We don't know Wizard's skillset)
    I can't decide which to main.
    Thanks in advance!
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  8. undertaker610 added a post in a topic where to get green Iron Busters?   

    Thanks for the answer mate. So a general good idea would be to go for green awakening till dandelion drops right? I find having to enhance a blue one then a dandelion too of a waste of resources and millions for the blue.
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  9. undertaker610 added a post in a topic where to get green Iron Busters?   

    Noob question alert: Does having kzarka or liverto as main weapon instead of yuria, increases the power of awakening even if a green awakening?
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  10. undertaker610 added a post in a topic You want a smart business model Duam? Here   

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  11. undertaker610 added a post in a topic Diminishing Returns for Loot?   

    math.rng( ); in whatever programming language uses a normal distribution function right? That means if our probabilities are between 0 and 1 , 0.5 is more probable than 0 and 1. Even then in a normal distribution there isn't pure rng afaik. Maybe the pro programmers/mathematicians in PA have used a built in class/function, or maybe not...I think that is true rng  PA
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  12. undertaker610 added a post in a topic Remove RNG, GRIND, P2W= Become WoW Killer!!!   

    Bdo - grind/rng/ap+dp/paytowhatever + instanced dungeons = WoW - an old ass game
    so go back to that old ass game  problem solved
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  13. undertaker610 added a post in a topic Amongst all this negativity, what are your favorite things about BDO?   

    I love combat, graphics, complexity of certain mechanics, crafting, alchemy, node wars, economy of the game(although i would still like players trading), the classes, gathering and much much more
    I have a love and hate relationship with RNG though :P
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  14. undertaker610 added a post in a topic What's the most underrated thing in this game? (✿◡‿◡)   

    overrated; grinding
    underrated; alchemy, crafting, trading crates, rare mat nodes, processing rare mats
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  15. undertaker610 added a post in a topic Best city/town for farming/cooking?   

    I just say it as a mean to spend less time on travelling actually, i don't disagree with what you pointed
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