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  1. Rikate added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    "Players with a Magnate buff will get the same special price without having to play the Bargain Game with traders."

    You guys removed this part from the patch notes but this is in the game currently.
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  2. Rikate added a post in a topic Best Melee Class with Self Healing?   

    Extra detail on the Maehwa healing ability:
    (Main Weapon) Ultimate nemesis slash heals on hit too, more targets more hp back (does have a longer CD).
    (Awakening Weapon) The follow up skill from Moonrise > Flow: Cloud Stab heals 100 HP per hit (long CD + only does 4 hits)
    If you make a add-on for the Divider skill with WP restore on hit its almost a free healing skill with doing dmg.
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  3. Rikate added a post in a topic Waterspouts ? Since when ?   

    They have been in the game for a long while now.
    In magoria ocean its even possible to encounter 2x of em at the same time.
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  4. Rikate added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Magoria Ghost ship bug.
    Happend today 2x while trying to reach port ratt.
    When the skeleton spawns on the epheria ship his focus shifts to the boat and totally ignore the player and you cant kill skeleton anymore. this happend to me twice and forces you to shoot the ghost ship which waste time and cannon balls for something else to shoot down (considering i was on the ocean to kill ocean creatures other then the ghost ship)

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  5. Rikate added a post in a topic Making a party for an Epheria ship   

    Only the owner can drive the epheria boat.
    The loot is based on how you set your party looting rules.
    And loot doesnt change when you are on the epheria boat, is all the same.

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  6. Rikate added a post in a topic Margoria Release Events   

    Asking again, can you find other ship wrecks for this event to complete the event?
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  7. Rikate added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 25th   

    Imperial Trade limit has been added.
    Can we remove this already?
    isnt helping any trader with this limit.
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  8. Rikate added a post in a topic Margoria Release Events   

    There are more ship wrecks then these listed? and if so would they count?
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  9. Rikate added a post in a topic Arena beta test   

    Running away... Nerf such usage of skills after a few seconds cuz for sure in timed pvp matched its bullsh*t.
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  10. Rikate added a post in a topic which class is this?   

    Maehwa fits this perfectly.
    Block on awk. restores WP.
    Divider/ulti nemesis pre-awake and cloud stab on awk for heals.
    High mobility with chase and sleet steps.
    Can grind 4-5 hours straight without using a pot at all.
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  11. Rikate added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    -ugh f*ck this-
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  12. Rikate added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Why not use the highest play time server and bring that one over to the new all in one server?
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  13. Rikate added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Dont merge the items with this server merge idea, it will make a unfair advantage for the people that havent picked up the items on the other channels.
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  14. Rikate added a post in a topic Most +Combat EXP buffs that stack   

    Not from AH but gaining more titles would increase the title stat bonus which includes a exp % aswell
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  15. Rikate added a post in a topic (Alustin) <Uncharted>   

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