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  1. Genjimaru added a post in a topic Wagons   

    Yes they do have a life span, at least in the RU version, and will eventually go poof. The same was true of rafts and ferries. 
    This was separate from their actual HP bar. You can go to the stable master and have them heal a cart's HP, but not their lifespan.
    And yes, when they are stored at a stable, the will take up one slot.
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  2. Genjimaru added a post in a topic Energy/Vigor   

    Quick question. We have all heard about how the energy system in KR differs from RU and EU/NA. Does anyone have any info on how JP implemented their energy system? Just looking for comparison. 
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  3. Genjimaru added a post in a topic Energy/Vigor   

    As someone who currently plays the RU version that has the Energy system as described above I don't mind it too much.
    Converting corn or potatoes into flour is little bit of drag.
    I guess if you solely played one charterer I can kinda see how the argument applies, But once you roll that second character I kinda feel the point is mute. Your maximum energy is family wide and each character maintains there own pool.
    I just plan ahead and have one character do the processing and another actually cook.
    I often times just plan to go fishing or mob grinding while I wait for the energy recharge.
    As many people have already pointed out, the system is not nearly as bad as AAs was.
    Oh on a sidenote:
    Do you think that maybe Pearl Abyss is testing out this alternative system in RU and here in EU/NA for player response and analysis before deploying in KR? 
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  4. Genjimaru added a post in a topic Best use of Energy for solo players?   

    For me the most important thing is to make sure I never hit the energy cap.
    Another activity that require energy outside of gathering and processing are the amity games you play with NPCs. Raise your amity with a certain NPCs high enough and they can unlock quests, knowledge, buffs, and even stores. 
    I know a lot of people see the energy system as solely a mechanic to limit what free to play  players can do. But how you use, grow, and mange your energy is a key part of the game. I really don't see them changing it for the west.
    The best advise I can give is to never hit the cap.
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  5. Genjimaru added a post in a topic Top 3 biggest fears for NA/EU release   

    1) Shop (P2W)
    2) Publisher (How long will NA/EU have to wait for content updates)
    3) Karma System
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  6. Genjimaru added a post in a topic So what character will you be making on NA and why?   

    Valkyrie will be my number 1 and Archer will be my number 2.
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  7. Genjimaru added a post in a topic BDO vs BnS difference / discussion   

    Nice round up Maywind I agree with pretty much everything you posted.
    I too have played both BnS (Bootleg RU and NA Betas) and (BD RU). As someone who also has eagerly waited the release of BnS for 4 years I was happy to finally be able to play the game in the west. However, I can see how the end game PvE could get stale after a while. The arena end game in BnS was super fun for me, especially if you have a fondness for fighting games like Dead or Alive or Tekken. However, ping/latency times hugely impact how successful you can PvP in BnS. So the farther you are from the server the more of a disadvantage I feel you will have.  
    When I first fired up BD RU I was astounded with the sheer quantity of PVE content. There is a ridiculous amount of things to do in the game. This might actually deter and intimidate some players since there can be lengthy learning curve. I am only level 38 in BD RU so I can't really attest to their PvP content yet. Not to mention the terrible ping I have to RU puts me in no rush to experience it. But seeing a guild's emblem splayed all over Calpheon was pretty cool and I can totally see people fighting over them.
    I do like how both games have done away with tab targeting and you are free to attack and group mobs at will. An earlier poster made the comment that they usually hate grinding but found the combat in BD so enjoyable that they did not mind it. I feel the same way completely, the fact that mobs re-spawn fairly quickly also helps. Looting the mobs is where the game falls a little short, pets do help and they look phenomenal.   
    One thing I don't think has been brought up too much has been the story for either game. BnS has placed a big emphasis how your character progresses though the story and does have content updates that expand on this. I wont deny that I am interested to see how the story plays out in that world.
    BD I kinda see falling into the old concept of story does not really matter. Content up dates will be sparse on the narrative side of things.
    I will be playing both, but see myself putting more time into BD.
    Actually there is a bit of history here. Both Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar delayed the NA/EU release of BnS. Now I don't want to go to far off topic, but NCSoft  basically prioritized these western developed titles for NA/EU release.
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  8. Genjimaru added a post in a topic [POLL] Official Game Release   

    I agree that late March early April could be plausible. 
    Still hoping we could get that data center moved.
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  9. Genjimaru added a post in a topic Great Job Daum   

    Well it is the holidays mate. Can't really fault them too much for the lack of communication around this time of year.
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  10. Genjimaru added a post in a topic Closed Beta 2 Start Date!   

    Well it it nice to see everyone is hungry to play. Still poor word choice there CM.
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  11. Genjimaru added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character Name: Genjimaru
    Family Name: AmberCrown
    Screenshot: http://imgur.com/d9M66Hb

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  12. Genjimaru added a post in a topic How old are you and what is your favorite game?   

    30 and Star Wars Galaxies Pre-NGE. May it forever rest in peace. 
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  13. Genjimaru added a post in a topic CBT1 Patch Notes   

    Quick question.
    The patch notes state that the tutorials have been disabled.
    Which tutorials are they referring to?
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  14. Genjimaru added a post in a topic CBT1 Valkyrie   

    Yeah I too was hoping to roll a Valk in the CBT. Hopefully it will be in for CBT 2.
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  15. Genjimaru added a post in a topic Battle Ping or WTFast   

    As of writing Battle Ping is still testing whether they will support the game or not.
    They have released a test client for the CBT though.
    Plan on trying it out after work.
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