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  1. n1ghty added a post in a topic xcoronahost.xem, CPU usage after 5/3 maintenance.   

    well i do have the issue and im on win7 aswell so you might be on to something
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  2. n1ghty added a post in a topic xcoronahost.xem, CPU usage after 5/3 maintenance.   

    same here, please fix
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  3. n1ghty added a post in a topic XIGNCODE3 Cpu usage   

    yup can confirm. xigncode is launching the 32bit again and causing massive cpu usage. pls fix
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  4. n1ghty added a post in a topic Skill guides?   

    dark flame for front block and it still does decent damage in pvp. Plus imo the ultimate is nice, it'll ocassionally land a cc for you. Shadow Eruption the same thing really. It can be animation canceled from nightcrow so it's a very useful floating cc skill. Leveling it up increases the aoe so that's why we do it ^^
    as for claws of darkness, well mainly just for dark flame, but claws III is nice because it generates more shards of darkness than claws II or I. I'd say that it's more of a convenience pick so staying with claws II to unlock dark flame is perfectly reasonable.
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  5. n1ghty added a post in a topic Sorc fall behind in pvp after all awakenings revivals.   

    i don't think the damage is necessarily the op part. Imo it's more about the safety they have which allows them to push through with their damage and come out on top. Range + AoE + super armors. Also front blocks are much more useful on range classes since they don't have to be in the face of their enemies, thus probably not getting hit in the back that frequently. Also nerfing teleport imo wouldn't help much either. That being said, i don't know how to adjust this properly. We sorcs know how easy it is to completely break a class with  a few bad changes.
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  6. n1ghty added a post in a topic Sorceress buffs on kr   

    shadow leap change is good for sure, hate getting caught when i try to jump into/behind people
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  7. n1ghty added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

    pve is more like a hack n slay game and there is nothing wrong with that. Even if you don't like it there are obviously plenty other players that enjoy hack n slay, even in this game.
    Could it use some tweaking? Of course but pretty much every game can improve some way or another.
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  8. n1ghty added a post in a topic How heavy on mana are sorc's   

    once you get your first skill addon, use mana-reg add-on for dream of doom and you're good
    before that, 'Q' early, 'Q' often to keep up mana
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  9. n1ghty added a post in a topic The top 2% has more wealth in BDO than the bottom 98%   

    wealth is a meaningless measure imo. just shows how many people hoard their silver instead of spending it
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  10. n1ghty added a post in a topic [Important] New Forums are coming   

    please improve account security
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  11. n1ghty added a post in a topic Skills Evolution - Am i close?   

    infinity + 1 confirmed you saw it here first
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  12. n1ghty added a post in a topic MISSING Valentines Rewards!!!   

    same here, missing the crystal shard rewards
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  13. n1ghty added a post in a topic Any way to unbind regular pre-awakening combos from Awakening ones?   

    if you unlearn flow: rushing crow, you can still use rushing crow normally and at the end press c to pull out the scythe if you want to. Not exactly the same, but should work
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  14. n1ghty added a post in a topic Bad localization or are these 2 diff. things.   

    i recall there was a gm response in some topic stating attack and ap are supposed to be the same. then again are we sure they know?:p
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  15. n1ghty added a post in a topic Alchemy change NEED reverting   

    the worst thing is the craft doesn't even proc additional elixirs so you always get a 3 to 1 conversion  -.-
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