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  1. GrumpyMonk added a post in a topic Yet another person shares his very own opinions about the game   

    But having one without the other makes it completely pointless. If there's no fixed prices in the market house while trade is limited to stop goldsellers then it's all for nothing as the goldsellers would just use the market to do their business. 
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  2. GrumpyMonk added a post in a topic Yet another person shares his very own opinions about the game   

    Thanks for the tip, will definitely try it out later.
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  3. GrumpyMonk added a topic in General   

    Yet another person shares his very own opinions about the game
    Hello everyone, 
    Before I start this post, which I assume will be quite long, I would like to remind you all that what I am going to write here is purely my own opinions about the game and it's current state. Some of you might agree/disagree to certain extent, but no matter how much opinions differ please try to keep any discussion about it civil.
    Sometime around the last quarter of 2015 a friend of mine made me aware of this game and BnS, as he doesn't always have the best taste in games I decided to check out the games and see if I liked what I found. While I didn't expect anything special from either game I quickly started taking a liking to Black Desert and the way the world seemed to work. The combat looked amazing, the PvP part looked interesting as I usually only PvP,  crafting and trading (not player to player, but the horse/carriage kind), weather system, parkour like system, difference in day/night, mounted combat, character customisation, and not to mention the beautiful world among other things all had me pretty excited about the game. But what completely had me sold on it was my experience with trying to play the Japanese version of the game. 
    I have to admit that it wasn't superb, or especially good in any way. I had lots of issues downloading the game, making the VPN work properly, the translation patch thingy was horrible at best, and I could barely understand anything I was doing. But I still had a ton of fun playing a retarded looking wizard just running around killing anything I could set my eyes on. And that made me so much more excited about the NA/European launch of the game when I could maybe actually understand what I was doing. Needless to say I quickly bought the game when pre-orders were up. (I just want to make it clear here that I don't care about the money wasted on the game, as I have spent money on things a lot worse than this)
    As the launch was getting closer I was unfortunately unable to to participate in the CBT2 as it was a bit badly timed with a short vacation I had out of the country, but I didn't let that get to me as the launch was right around the corner and lots of good times were to be had. Since I'm almost up to the point where the game was released I think it's fair to mention that I had been looking forward a lot to be playing this game with my girlfriend and a couple of friends I learned got the game too.
    A few days after the game was released me and my gf were both ready to go and start our adventure together, as a witch/valkyrie combo, only to find that what we had planned together would come to a grinding halt.
    At this point I'm sure most of you were expecting to hear this, but the first and largest negative experience was the limited trading system. For a long time we had been planning on farming/gathering different materials and share them with each other depending on who needed what for crafting something. We spent some time gathering stuff, I especially farmed a ton of Rough Stones as I heard that she needed lots of it. After a while the night approached and I went to bed to prepare for work the day after while my gf had time off school, so she'd spend the night investing in various houses/buildings to get us what we needed to start crafting various things like equpment for horses, gathering tools and such. 
    As I made it home the following day and we started playing, we first set out to share what we had gathered the day before only to quickly realise it wouldn't be that easy as we couldn't actually trade useful/meaningful items with each other. I quickly made my way to google to find out more about this, if we couldn't trade directly then surely there would be another way. Those hopes were quickly crushed as I learned it was put in place as something to stop or limit the amount of goldsellers in the game. At this point we were a bit bummed out over this, but it wasn't really a reason enough to give up on the game yet. 
    Then we started noticing other annoying sides to this limitation. If we're farming mobs together by quickly killing them and looting at the same pace, then eventually one of us will pick up a weapon, armor, trinket of some sort, a black stone, or pretty much anything that the other player needs. But as there is literally no way to trade or give it to the other person, even within a limited time period if the person was there when it dropped, all you can do is feel bad for not slowing down to a retarded pace so you wouldn't have made the mistake to start with. 
    While this is something we both find very unconvenient, it's something we could both live with. But that's not all, there's also the fixed marketplace prices and chat limitations. (Note that I don't really care about the chat and I pretty much never use it)
    To go a bit more into the marketplace limits I have read a lot differing opinions as to why it is that way, and some of them amuse me slightly. A person were defending Daum for their trading limits to stop goldsellers, but also wrote how the marketplace fixed prices were there not because of goldsellers but to control the economy from going crazy and having a few individuals from controlling the prices of everything. But please consider this, if the marketplace wasn't controlled then all the limits on trading would be for nothing as anyone could buy silver, put a piece of shit on the market for how much silver he bought (calculated to make up for the taxes/fees) and it would be a done deal. So the whole marketplace has nothing to do with goldsellers don't really sound too logical for me as it is. Besides, if I wanted such a controlled market I'd just turn off my PC and go outside as I live in Norway. jk
    The feeling I am left with taking everything into consideration is like being shafted by excessive DRM made to stop pirates, when you legitimately buy a game to play it only to face a lot of hurdles to be able to enjoy it as intended while any pirate who it is supposed to stop goes unaffected. With a dash of the iron hand of communism trying to keep everything controlled and in order. 
    What saddens me the most about this is that no matter how much this bothers me, I can also somewhat understand how goldsellers would be a lot more devastating to the powerbalance in the game compared to others, due to the way the game works with loot/items and them not being "bound" and all of that. The reason that this saddens me so much is because I absolutely love the actual gameplay and the world it's set it, but I still can't bring myself to like the game despite that. 
    So as it currently is I have given up on farming the exact same materials as my gf, to create the exact same item, separately, and resorted to just following her around as moral support when she's farming whatever she needs before she gives up too. This is because as it stands now it feels like the only interation we have together is farming materials and killing mobs side by side, but there would be no difference at all if either of us was switched out with a NPC.
    And please, before anyone starts blaming me for not researching enough about the game to find out about how limited certain parts of the game was going to be, please consider this. When I read about the game on different forums/news sites I never read anything about how it would be this way, and I have never had any experience with what is supposed to be an MMORPG being limited in this way, so I had no idea I was supposed to type "Black desert player trading limits", "Black desert controlled market prices", "Black desert facebookesque energy limits on chat" and so on, I'm sure you get the point. While I will also admit I could probably have looked a bit more, I would never even have considered looking for anything even remotely like this.
    Also as I earlier mentioned, this is purely my opinions, which definitely could be better formulated as I feel like everything I was thinking about turned into a mess when my fingers hit the keyboard. Like I also said, I love the actual gameplay, questing, killing/farming mobs, but once it comes to the limits of everything that has to do with interacting and cooperating with my gf to make the most of our time together it just drains my soul of energy. And to mention one last thing one last time, I also understand why some of the stuff is the way it is, and that's because of the particular way this game is made to work, and because of that goldsellers make it pretty easy for people with open wallets to go balls to the wall in this game. With that said I will probably make myself play it a bit longer before giving up completely, but I don't think I'll last long. 
    Before I start repeating myself again, thanks for taking the time to read this. (Unless you just skipped to the bottom, cheater)
    TL;DR: Just another person unhappy to find out about limited trade and other stuff related to stopping goldsellers to keep the game the way it's meant to be played while slightly limiting some stuff, due to how the game is made to work.
    I was hoping to play and interact with people in a different way, not just being beside someone doing the exact same thing at the same time, separately. Thanks Komplete for helping me word it slightly better.
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