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  1. Cryptid added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    Been there, done that. Life skill for a week or so & play something else. Every time I feel the same way as the OP, I just play the bare minimum for a bit and then I'm ready to go for another few weeks. 
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  2. Cryptid added a post in a topic Will movementspeed affect my chase?   

    Nope, I have the same -

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  3. Cryptid added a post in a topic Will movementspeed affect my chase?   

    How the ----- do you have  50 more stamina than me? we have identical breath stats and stamina gear.
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  4. Cryptid added a post in a topic reduce castle money cus this is ridiculous   

    T1 to T4 in this situation relates to guild pay outs. 
    Owning a castle without tax can net the guild about 15bil a week.  A castle has to be held for over 4 weeks for the tax to drop to zero. 
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  5. Cryptid added a post in a topic Will movementspeed affect my chase?   

    ah, I didnt pick up blader until a couple of months after release, so I never needed that.
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  6. Cryptid added a post in a topic Will movementspeed affect my chase?   

    I have never heard of that cancel. Just get ultimate chase, bind WW to capslock or some shit, and then hold that key and left click.
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  7. Cryptid added a post in a topic My advice   

    Mae is not the same at all, Mae is in a fantastic  spot at the moment. Your damage is insane, you have better movement, a better ultimate, better scaling, hell even desync favours you more as sleet steps screws our servers up. Mae got the buffs it needed and then more. Significantly more. 
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  8. Cryptid added a post in a topic Will movementspeed affect my chase?   

    Swiftness elixirs are another alternative, they are pretty cheap and they give you more options in terms of food rotations. (having said that most builds require the extra crit that saints foods offer, but everyone likes options there you go) 
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  9. Cryptid added a post in a topic Musa PVP discussion   

    Their combos are limited, each Dk has their own flare, but it tends to be SA skills from mid range and the long range disengage front guard skill after to get distance. Baiting out the disengage front guard skill gets easier with time
    I honestly expected them to do alot more from the class. It looks super boring to play as, but its fun to play against.
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  10. Cryptid added a post in a topic China will force games with loot boxes to publicly expose their drop rates and probabilities   

    I don't see if making a huge difference for the reasons stated above, but I am curios to know the chances of getting an ogre ring from the mysterious necklace etc 
    So maybe those details will be made public? 
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  11. Cryptid added a post in a topic I may be the worst wiz in the entire history   

    With that gear you should just life skill until you have 150 ap (minimum) 
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  12. Cryptid added a post in a topic Musa PVP discussion   

    I dont find DK that cancer in 1v1, like at all....they have a fair few opening, most heavy hitting skills are front guard and they dont have the damage to wreck our front blocks. (this is from fighting a 233/263 59 dk over the past few days)
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  13. Cryptid added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Currently playing on my friends account, 61 musa, similar gear to mine (same accuracy gear though) but a bit more ap. His toon misses significantly more than mine. (Personally think toons made after the "random stat balance" have generally better hidden stats. Only explanation I can come up with.)
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  14. Cryptid added a post in a topic Is Musa really that bad?   

    Unless we can fuse chase and rising storm, the second awakening wont mean jack shit to us. Our unawakened kit is complete crap, unless you are doing very small scale fights. The current idea of fusing skills for the "2nd awakening" doesnt fix the inherent problems with our unawakened kit. 
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  15. Cryptid added a post in a topic Is Musa really that bad?   

    I love our translations...GG Kashkow GG
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