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  1. Lyea added a post in a topic Halloween box BROKEN   

    I got Giath's Helmet in the first and only box I've opened in the event C:
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  2. Lyea added a post in a topic Reminder.   

    I just thought they forgot it.
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  3. Lyea added a topic in General   

    We paid to play the game.
    You're welcome.
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  4. Lyea added a post in a topic WTF is this game?   

  5. Lyea added a post in a topic We need skillpoint event!   

    Just don't lvl with xp boost so you don't miss skill points.
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  6. Lyea added a post in a topic Drop rate for Ogre Ring/Whale Molar?   

    You've spent all your luck already. Some ppl have been grinding ogres for months and got nothing. But who knows. RNGesus is RNGesus.
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  7. Lyea added a post in a topic Golden Desert Coin   

    Got my first coin right here. I dug once more in the same place and nothing. I moved 3 steps forward and got 1 more, repeat and got another. My guildmate did same as me and got them aswell. Maybe there's some kind of way or something ?
    Got another one here, 

    My friend got 3 almost in a row digging in the same place. We have finished already, Good luck.
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  8. Lyea added a topic in General   

    Females are favored even in quests.
    Funny thing.
    I was doing new Valencia Part II quests with a guildmate and we realized same NPC gave us different quests:
    Mine, as a Maehwa: "Since you're pretty, maybe I should let it slip". 
    My friend, as a Musa got: "I can NEVER let it slip!"
    I lol'ed so hard when we saw that he needed 5 items from fogans while I needed only 2 (yep, those quests you need to kill 99999 mobs to get one item)
    Every day I loved this game even more.
    Git gud males. 
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  9. Lyea added a post in a topic When you wake up 1 hour early for patch...   

    That's my face when I don't remember there is maintenance today and download takes me 2 hours.
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  10. Lyea added a post in a topic Why do people complain about Awakening not* coming out at the same time?   

    "We are constantly looking for ways to improve the game, your feedback and suggestions are key part of this process."
    10/10 joke.
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  11. Lyea added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    So witch/wizards can handle the same damage as a warrior/valk. Sure.
    I have seen warrior/valks handling 5+ ppl. They're not like tanks from other games for sure, but don't tell me their survival is the same than other classes. 
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  12. Lyea added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    No. You are just being egoist. No one forced you to play warrior if you think it's useless or it's broken or whatever (I even think it's pretty balanced).
    You will enjoy your awakening the same if you are the only one or all have their own awakenings. I think it's just stupid to believe you will have fun or you are good when your class is the only one awakened and it's only because of that you are better in pvp/pve or whatever.
    Don't complain about grinding, your class isn't a dps class, it's a tank. Do you want a defensive class with good grinding really? That's what is called broken and overpowered. If you choose defense, then deal with it and look for a friend to grind with.
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  13. Lyea added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/65157-interview-with-daumgames-eu/
    Could we have all the Awakening weapons released at the same time and not drawn out into monthly releases ?
    Luckily we have the luxury to be able to consider releasing all awakenings at once. At least the ones available at that time.  One of the main reasons why we are "pro all at once" is that it would avoid possible balance issues between classes with/without awakening being activated.
    Supposedly awakenings were made to balance classes, why would they not release all awakenings at the same time if they can do it? They will unbalance the game even more making awakened classes stronger, it's like they want to do their job more difficult or something, I don't know.
    Korea had to release awakenings 1 by 1 because they were developing them, we should have all awakenings available at the same time.
    I hope they listen to the community and they don't make it like this.
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  14. Lyea added a post in a topic [ Jordine ] Top 10 PvP Guilds   

    What is this based on? gear? zergs?
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