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  1. Oblit added a post in a topic Fan Art Friday!   


    My Tamer
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  2. Oblit added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    I loaded up my horse with 7150 crates and just auto-path + charge(hold Q with paperweight) to the furthest point it lets me auto-path.
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  3. Oblit added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    I traded around 15k ore crates yesterday from Calpheon to Arehaza went from Pro8 35% to Artisan6 87%. Had to stop because the Perfume buff ran out.
    I have 5.4k more crates and 5k+ Pirate coins to trade today. 
    Edit: Over 60m silver from the crates.
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  4. Oblit added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    So do we know how many more cheap crates we need to turn in from Calpheon to Valencia if you need about 25k to reach Master before patch?
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  5. Oblit added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    Thanks jarvs, I am looking forward to your reply.
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  6. Oblit added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    Possibly, I was thinking it's the distance.
    Just wanted to try it before I trade 20k+ crates.
    Do you have data pre and post patch around Pro level?
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  7. Oblit added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    I did some testing this morning:
    1. From Calpheon to Arehaza, Prof8 31% to 35%, 77 iron crates (Trading outfit+2/Elixir of flowing time/Sute tea)
    2. From Calpheon to Calpheon, Prof8 35% to 35%, 77 iron crates (Trading outfit+2/Elixir of flowing time/Sute tea)
    Distance is definitely a factor now, the question is how does it compare to the old XP? Does anyone have data similar to my testing pre-patch?
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  8. Oblit added a post in a topic Your T8 Horses Stats at lv 30   

    T8E, Learned all skills except Caution.

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  9. Oblit added a post in a topic Your T7 lvl 30 stats   

    First time breeding anything over T2 and I got this T7B.

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  10. Oblit added a post in a topic Accuracy Explained - UPDATED 04/06/2016 - Read the first post - Third Document released!   

    How much accuracy does Bheg's Gloves +15 have? I have 2x TRI Ring of Good Deeds and working on replacing them with PRI/DUO MoS.
    Should I hold on to the TRI RoGDs?
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  11. Oblit added a post in a topic Bopae / Oblit's art page.   

    Thanks Maelvogar! Hehe, well I figured I should keep it BDO so we're in topic!
    Thanks Naruto!
    Like most artist say, "You are your worst critic". I notice the flaws on my art, but instead of getting discouraged, they motivate me to make more art to fix the issues or learn how to fix them.
    Look at my work from 2013, I had big issue with values, color with everything really. I like looking at them and realize how much I improved. And it motivates me to get better.
    I had the same experience with drawing over and over until I was satisfied but that was before I had good understanding of fundamemtals. I used to have difficulties with extreme perspective because of poor planning. That most recent BDO drawing didn't take while because drew(and fix) the perspective lines during the sketching phase. Check my FB if you want to see the sketch.
    Back to making a living from art, the extra income from selling prints is nice but I really didn't think about making money from art until recently. My focus was to get better while having fun.
    If I really want to make money, I would take the furry and anthro commission offers. They pay good money for those.
    I encourage you to start drawing again without the "I gotta make a living from this" pressure. The longest hours spent on a painting from 2 years ago was over 40 hours. But now I can finish the same painting within 5 to 8 hours.
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  12. Oblit added a post in a topic Bopae / Oblit's art page.   

    I think the reason I have followers that support me is not because of my drawing/copy skills(though it helps). 
    They pay for the style, creativity, ideas that that artist can be presented visually. If the artist is going to make fan-art, they will have to put their own flair/style into it. Can't just copy the original OP. Copying/study is a process of learning though, it trains your eye and hand coordination.
    And I am a firm beleiver that it can be thought, I've seen it done several times. What can't be thought isn't he creativity and the visual library. It's from exposure(watching movies and playing video games that is influenced by cool designs.) and how you see the world.
    The artists that makes money from copying are portrait artist, "draw/paint an exact copy if my wedding picture." for example. 
    But even then, it will be hard to get work because of competition. There are too many people that does this already. That is why it's more profitable to be a caricature artist.
    I just started drawing again back in 2013, I didn't know the fundamentals back then but I'm always design concious, i'm always observant when watching movies and playing video games. I always criticize design even though I didnt really draw for 15 years.
    In 2013, I can draw and present my ideas but was lacking the fundamentals skills. Proportions and perspective were bad, lightning were off, awkward anatomy, values were off, colors didn't unify etc.
    I am still learning fundamentals now but the only that were going for me back then were the creativity and the drawing/copying skills. Was also using pencil and paper until I bought a drawing tablet because it was on sale.
    As far a time goes, well the better you become the faster you will get. This is where milage come into play, digital or traditional. I can pick up a pencil right now and draw the same thing I drew 2 years ago and I may finish it in minutes instead of a few hours.
    Art is my passion and I will draw regardless if money can be made or not. My advice for you is to draw what you enjoy and find the target audience for it, then market yourself towards that direction.
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  13. Oblit added a post in a topic Bopae / Oblit's art page.   

    Finished the drawing. Check out my art pages for higher res/quality.
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  14. Oblit added a post in a topic Bopae / Oblit's art page.   

    Thanks Sidhe! I'm First Class at the moment, where were you stationed? Rate/rank?
    I'm currently not taking commissions at the moment. Art is just my hobby, I have a full time job.
    I make money from selling the prints, i'm too lazy to put up prints but I put them up when I get demands or when I asked. It takes a few minutes to put up the high res and set the pricing per size etc. 
    I'm not trying to make money from them but I want to give my followers what they want. The art is already finished anyways, why not spend a few minutes making a high res print copy.
    I can make a living if I take the commissions but that will take the fun out of it. Although sometimes I considered because of the generous offers. At the end of the day, I really don't need the money and would rather draw what I want.
    Edit: I don't know if you are still passionate about art, but if you want to make a living from it. Patreon is hot right now, one artist makes 50k to 60k USD a month. Some makes as low as 3k to 10k.
    Of course the first requirement is your art has to be good,  have a decent following and target the right demographic/audience.
    My advice is, don't do art if you just want to make money. That shouldn't be your priority, if you are not having fun, then it's not for you. Artist that do art just for money are miserable.
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  15. Oblit added a post in a topic Bopae / Oblit's art page.   

    Thanks @Sevy!
    Thanks Maevynn!
    Thanks Xanadu! I still have some traditional drawings on my gallery! Like most artist, I started from traditional drawings, mostly pencil and paper.
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