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  1. Foxtrot added a post in a topic Wanted to Congratulate Kakao on their business plan   

    -housing pay wall
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  2. Foxtrot added a post in a topic New Boss set event?   

    The scarcity of many of the top end gears and accessories, plus the really hard enchanting rng, makes the market pretty empty for those items (or extremely high priced for a small upgrade).  The accessories are the worst. I find myself hoping for upgrades from events, which is ridiculous. That in itself should tell the devs that it's broken.
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  3. Foxtrot added a post in a topic Ending the level 10 node debate   

    Good work. Hate when developers lie. Sadly BDO has been called out on several lies.
    Never trust a BDO GM's word.
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  4. Foxtrot added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    Drink every time you see "when" in this thread...
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  5. Foxtrot added a post in a topic The psychology of RNG, and why it is doing more harm to the game than the devs realize..   

    RNG really sucks when the odds are unknown or really low.
    Having your progress wiped from content updates, to renew a gear grind, also sucks.
    MMO Games need to find a long term progress that doesn't seem too daunting or infuriating.
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  6. Foxtrot added a post in a topic My wallet is lagging   

    Not all channels experience lag. Not being in a guild (restricted to a home server) helped finding which are fine. I won't say because, well, I don''t want those to lag.
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  7. Foxtrot added a post in a topic I wish the Devs would focus on making more rewarding negative karma gameplay   

    I hear EVE online has great pvp in all sorts of areas such as: back stabbing, espionage, wars, scamming (it's allowed), trolling, robbery. It's a great place for all your sadistic depraved needs. Of course this all roleplaying, cus no one would want to do this irl, right?
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  8. Foxtrot added a post in a topic Bro's, that PVE map could be EPIC   

    I like the dynasty warriors combat system more than black desert...
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  9. Foxtrot added a post in a topic How would you feel if the game rewarded players with good karma?   

    What a novel idea, rewarding for good deeds...
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  10. Foxtrot added a post in a topic The Negative Karma Revolution   

    Is this a joke or roleplaying?
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  11. Foxtrot added a post in a topic second new class concept   

    Tera flashbacks and horrible additions that game has....
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  12. Foxtrot added a post in a topic once again lied to :(   

    So that explains the weird times... no wonder.  Lack of information/communication with just about everything is getting really annoying.
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  13. Foxtrot added a post in a topic Natch Potes?   

    someone is dropping the ball
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  14. Foxtrot added a post in a topic GM's Lucky Box   

    This. That's all it gives.
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  15. Foxtrot added a post in a topic The Servers on the East Coast   

    The problem might not be the servers themselves. Could be from real money sellers hacking or DDOS. Or maybe from many many players abusing the mail system and item transport system to hold items, saving space. There could be other technical problems that causes the lag.
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