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  1. Kalehart added a topic in Suggestions   

    Name System Adjustement (Open First Names)
    I've noticed that this game does something a bit unusual with its naming system that I believe to be unnecessarily limiting- especially for roleplayers like myself. Given that players are required to have a unique Family name and Character name, it seems like it would be a doable and beneficial choice to change this system to resemble something like the newly released Tree of Savior.
    The short version of the change I'm proposing would be that you could make your character name whatever you want, whilst being identified by your family name for the game's friend systems and such. This game is going to attract a huge roleplayer community- especially when there is more class variety- and this system is in my opinion the ideal for them and, I'd imagine just about anyone else.
    It's not a small adjustment, I suppose, but it's something that I believe could be reasonably bundled with a patch, along with free character name changes, if you want to be really pro-consumer about it.
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  2. Kalehart added a post in a topic [RP] A ROLEPLAYING WISHLIST   

    As someone who has been roleplaying for upwards of seven years on everything from Minecraft, SWTOR, ESO, GW2, WoW and even on some more niche games, I couldn't agree more with these suggestions. 
    If the gender issue is somehow resolved, and changes like these are implimented, this game has incredible potential- and I'd like to note that the Roleplaying community spends obscene amounts of money on cosmetics, name changes and the like. These additions would be worth their weight in gold, so to speak.
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  3. Kalehart added a post in a topic Gender locked classes create a wall for players   

    For me, at least, it comes down to roleplay. I have a favorite character I like to play, and it's easier for me to relate to a character that is the same gender as me- not for any sort of sexist reasons, it's simply my preference. In the game's current state, I can't accurately play that character of mine because the only class available with a man of his age range is warrior, whereas the character is traditionally a bow user.
    It's not a game-destroying limitation for me, but ultimately it makes a big dent in how much I can enjoy the game, because I am not granted the freedom to play it the way that I really want to. Sure it's OKAY to play a female character, and I'm not against it by any means, but I feel like we're entitled to a choice in the matter- especially in a genre like this where players are meant to make their own story, and play as they want to. It's not irrational, in my opinion, because it and my enjoyment and experience of the game are the same thing- roleplay is as much part of the experience of an MMO or any game for me (perhaps even a larger part) than combat. It might sound odd, but I certainly don't think it's irrational.
    Besides, this isn't exactly a story on par with the Witcher or Bayonetta. Gender and character locks even are totally fine when the narrative needs it, but frankly the story of this game is... Bad. At least, the delivery of it is dreadful in my opinion. When you're working with something like that, I feel it's important to grant the player as much power over their experience as possible.
    I suppose that's true enough, but I'd argue that it wouldn't be so hard to simply add, say, a toggle to some of the female only classes that allows you to use the Warrior model, or vice-versa. Certainly the Giant is a special situation, but... I don't know, I suppose there's a lot of work between animations and armor designs for switched genders, but I really just wish they'd give us some sort of more definitive word on it.
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