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  1. logical added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    Nice pictures...
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  2. logical added a post in a topic 52 (and counting) Quality of Life Changes that need to happen!   

    You can cancel cutscenes with esc->space.
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  3. logical added a post in a topic Hardcore players vs Casuals. BDO normal vs BDO Mediah. Why its great that Mediah is out   

    Isn't Mark of Shadow still top of the game for rings even in Mediah?!
    Meh, I'm happy that Mediah comes out, more possibilities to make money.
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  4. logical added a post in a topic 52 (and counting) Quality of Life Changes that need to happen!   

    Updated! Thanks for all the great ideas, keep 'em coming!
    Why shouldn't it?
    Actually, AfK is encouraged. With the auto loop that is on the Korean version for a while now to level horses over night.
    That sounds like a pretty good alternative too!
    Could be scrollable like the quest log.
    You could leave the box ticked/unticked to save the decision from the last time.
    3 clicks too many in my opinion  I'll add some of your ideas to the list, thank you. By the way if you want to quote somebody and want to comment on a specific part of the quote, just go into it and press Enter twice, that way the quote will be split and you can commend on individual parts. Makes it a lot easier to quote your answers in response.
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  5. logical added a post in a topic How to get rich in this game   

    Loot depends on most damage dealt. I don't think he can deal the most damage if he just hops from channel to channel because he will rarely see the boss being started from scratch.
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  6. logical added a post in a topic Looking to get a trial to test the game   

    There you go:
    Just copy/paste it into https://www.blackdesertonline.com/shop/code 
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  7. logical added a post in a topic Coming from AA. how good is this game?   

    Looks about as good as ArcheAge did at headstart and might turn out the same.
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  8. logical added a post in a topic Seems like the carebears won. Need advices from pvpers   

    OWPvP isn't PvP. As a PvP fan for you balance should be the highest goal otherwise it isn't fair and might just be called 'who has better gear'-contest. They could just remove OWPvP apart from guild wars and the game would be better.
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  9. logical added a post in a topic Nerf Sorc   

    How is sorc op? Ranger has permadodge, infinite mana, range and high speed, Wiz has the two shot combo with freeze, Berserker has perma lockdown and so on. Sorc is definitely not the biggest problem in terms of balance in this game. They should take a look at ranger and wiz first.
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  10. logical added a post in a topic <RedFace> - Edan - Cheating Exploiting World Bosses   

    For what? It's the musket bug isn't it? Why is that ban-worthy? If the devs are stupid enough to leave that bug in for years (at least if its from the KR version) and don't bother fixing it, the players shouldn't have to suffer. The devs could just turn off world bosses for one or two days and fix that but nope.
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  11. logical added a post in a topic <RedFace> - Edan - Cheating Exploiting World Bosses   

    Ban for what? If Daum is stupid enough to leave that bug in, it's part of the game. No reason to ban anyone.
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  12. logical added a post in a topic Nerf Sorc   

    Ye cause everybody plays Sorc. Not like half the server plays Ranger, 40% play Wizard/Witch and 10% play any other class.
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  13. logical added a topic in General   

    Where do I find the "Mansha Hut" Knowledge?
    Where do I find this knowledge:
    bddatabase entry is completely bugged and useless. Sent me to a wrong location.
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