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  1. Dulfy added a topic in General   

    New Korean Pearl Shop Costumes for May (Conqueror Re-skin)
    Here is the new Pearl shop for the month of May for Korea. It is a reskin of the conqueror costume.
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  2. Dulfy added a post in a topic Comprehensive New Content Livestream Recap   

    If you actually had bothered to read what I posted, you would have noticed the difference with other posts
    Screencap of everything that was shown, every single screenshot/imagesWord for word of everything that was said.Everything in one post and not divided into multiple posts. 
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  3. Dulfy added a topic in General   

    Comprehensive New Content Livestream Recap
    Hey everyone, here is a comprehensive recap of the New content livestream that aired a few hours ago in KR. It outlined the plans that KR players can expect this year and hopefully we will get some this year as well.
    1 New Sea Content2 New features3 Class Balance4 New Graphics/Sound Effects/Dances5 Kamasylvia Part II6 Content in Development7 New Classes 
    • 19 replies
  4. Dulfy added a post in a topic New KR Costumes for March (All classes)   

    I assume it can be hidden like all the other costumes with them
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  5. Dulfy added a topic in General   

    New KR Costumes for March (All classes)
    Hey all, Korea just got its monthly new costumes for March. This costume is available for all classes with slightly different looks for Dark Knight/Sorc and Tamer.
    Pictures: http://bdo.mmo-fashion.com/anemos/
    • 25 replies
  6. Dulfy added a topic in General   

    New KR costumes for Witch/Wizard/Zerker/Warrior
    Hey all, here are the new costumes in Korea for February for Witch/Wizard/Zerker/Warrior
    Witch: http://bdo.mmo-fashion.com/witch-willow-branches/Wizard: http://bdo.mmo-fashion.com/wizard-memory-of-sage/Berserker: http://bdo.mmo-fashion.com/berserker-iron-projection/Warrior: http://bdo.mmo-fashion.com/warrior-void-article/  
    • 21 replies
  7. Dulfy added a post in a topic Download: Fansite Kit   

    Witch picture is missing in the class images for the fansite kit
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  8. Dulfy added a post in a topic Shipwreck Event Locations!   

    Some of these images and text in the OP are straight up copy/pasted from my guide without credit. Not that I care usually but since you mentioned it I thought I should bring it up
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  9. Dulfy added a post in a topic Margoria Release Events   

    Made a guide to the Magoria opening event incase anyone having trouble them 
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  10. Dulfy added a topic in Guides   

    Magoria Opening Event & Questline Guide
    Hey all, I made a guide to the new Magoria Opening event which rewards you with 2x Epheria Sailboat Designs and a title in a future maintenance. This event requires you to acquire 5 out of the 7 knowledge they listed in the patch notes. Luckily all the knowledge are also part of a new questline starting in Shakatu.
    1 The Event2 New Quest Chain3 Shipwreck LocationsIn addition to the Sailboat design, you can get hard/sharps, underwater breathing crystal, some silvers and a lot of CXP by doing the questline that also ask you to visit the same spots. 
    • 1 reply
  11. Dulfy added a post in a topic Margoria Release Events   

    You need 20 to make the boat
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  12. Dulfy added a topic in General   

    New Pearl Shops Items (Jan 11)
    New costumes and furniture themed for Lunar New Year
    New Year Hanbok Costumes - 2200 Pearls
    BerserkerKunoichiMaehwaMusaNinjaRangerSorceressTamerValkyrieWarriorWitchWizard[Musa] Vagabond Armor - 2400 Pearls
    Zen Furniture Prop Set - 1550 PearlsZen Wall Lamp - 400 PearlsZen Cherry Blossom Lamp - 400 PearlsGreen Kotatsu - 250 PearlsRed Kotatsu - 250 PearlsRed Cherry Blossom Partition - 150 PearlsGreen Cherry Blossom Partition - 150 PearlsGrey Cherry Blossom Partition - 150 PearlsDango/Takoyaki/Reiceball Plate Set - 150 PearlsTea Set - 150 PearlsMini Fire Pot - 150 PearlsThin Waist China - 150 PearlsThick Neck China - 150 PearlsShamisen - 400 PearlsCat Figurine - 400 Pearls
    • 21 replies
  13. Dulfy added a post in a topic Are we actually getting the KR contest outfits   

    Event costumes don't follow the release schedule. Kakao release them immediately after KR gets them to capitalize on the holiday spending in both regions. 
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  14. Dulfy added a topic in Guides   

    Nouver Knowledge Guide
    Just a quick guide to getting Nouver for its release tomorrow
    Will update with Nouver location as well once it is released.
    • 5 replies
  15. Dulfy added a topic in General   

    New KR Pearl Shop Costumes for December
    Korea updated today with the Winter Snow Costume for all classes and a new horse armor. I will get some pictures up in a bit.
    Winter Snow WhiteCrenbats Horse Armor
    • 32 replies