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  1. Oric added a post in a topic Golden chest   

    Interesting. Thanks for the info on this. Hopefully they fix it soon.
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  2. Oric added a post in a topic [Notice ] Known Issues Apr. 5 - 2017 *Update - 4/13*   

    It seems as if the golden treasure chests have the bug they had a bit back where you are unable to interact with them and open them. This time it seems worse than last time. Last time it was every few chests you would get the interaction bug. Now, it seems as if it is every treasure chest. I have had 5 golden treasure chests in a row tonight where I could not interact with them and cannot open them. Please look into this. 
    Edit - The 7th chest that I found, I was able to open it. So it looks as if it is just like last time that this happened. I don't know what was done to fix it but please update us when you can on the issue. Thanks much.
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  3. Oric added a post in a topic Golden chest   

    Yup, myself and guildies have had the same issue. Seems like this bug is back. Not sure what they did to fix it last time though. Hopefully they fix it soon.
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  4. Oric added a post in a topic [Fishing] 'Bottle with a Note' item - Also possible to obtain when fishing. Details and location.   

    That's how mine did it. Just grab a shovel and go to the spot for that quest. Dig up the artifact and turn it in! Good luck.
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  5. Oric added a post in a topic Not active gold chests   

    I am not sure what is up with this either. I am having this problem as well. The past 2 days, I have come across 5 chests and they are all "unclickable". I have not been actively looking for them but just as I pass by a few places, I randomly check. I have not had this problem before Wednesday's patch. Before the patch, I never saw this and have collected about 25 chests so before that time. I will go hunting tomorrow to see if I keep getting the same results and post back here. It may be a bug or it may be that someone just got the chest before I did.. but every time I have opened a chest, it has disappeared afterwards, so I am not sure on that theory. Anyway, you are not the only one having this issue!
    Edit- I just noticed you are on EU server from the screenshot. I am on NA server just for more info. 
    Guildie just found one and it worked. Got a dandy chest out of it. 
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  6. Oric added a post in a topic Loot Testing   

    I agree with this. People seem to be disregarding all the true data of all this and it seems they may just be opening up the link with the summary in their face. I completely agree here, press the data against their face and then have them work for it to look at a summary at the end. An intro type of page may be good as well, to explain to people that there are different tabs and how to use it (for people that have never used a google sheets or excel type of layout). Good point.
    I think this is one of the hardest parts of creating data to share with people. Providing it in a format that people can quickly latch on to and understand. I love when people share data like this and show everything, instead of just here is a quick screenshot of my numbers.. With this style you can actually dig into the data yourself. 
    Good point on this part OddGD.
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  7. Oric added a post in a topic Loot Testing   

    Can you show the data proving what you are saying?
    -edit, just read greenbeans link. going over it now. 
    So looking over Bigs data, which is good, it lines up with a lot of data Greenbean is getting as well. 
    You (Jarvs) stated that this is invalid because its not solo. That is one of the points on this data to show if party variations have any aspect of change in data. So looking over the data so far, the party has no effect. You can see this by following the drop trend that is on Greenbeans and comparing it to what Big got on 45k. It is right on par (with little variance due to rng of course). But in turn, this shows that solo or party makes no difference, the loot drop shows to be relatively close. 
    I am curious to see what crescents shows. How soon do you think that data will be up?
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  8. Oric added a post in a topic Loot Testing   

    Awesome job. I can't wait to see the other node levels. Keep up the great work on this!
    Hmm, the only thing I can think of to add to the sheet or such would be a summary of the differences between the totals for the node levels / runs. For me, I found myself scrolling up and down to look at the different numbers between the node tests. Everyone else that has looked at these sheets / commented so far, what are your thoughts on this? I am just thinking of a quick thing to look at the differences, but if you to dig more into the data you look at each run which is shown now. 
    All in all though, great data so far. As others have stated, the "leader" node level doesn't seem to effect it much. 
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  9. Oric added a post in a topic Unable to stay connected Post Patch   

    @CM_Jouska, @GM_Huego, @GM_Gemu, @CM_Praballo, @GM Creator and whoever else may be working anymore as it seems in most of these games that staff members are rotated throughout games quite a bit. This is rather pathetic. I don't comment much on the forums anymore as I have too much going on in real life and the free time I do get, I just want to relax in the game.
    I noticed in game that a ton of people have been complaining about these random disconnects and not being able to stay online during certain times. I love to help out people and so I started to look into this....
    There have been MANY attempts of people tagging you all in these forum posts about this issue. This by far is NOT a "random" disconnect, nor is it due to their equipment or software. I contacted quite a few of the individuals and asked a ton of questions. I did my own Tracerts and also used the suggested (by DAUM tech support) WinMTR program to test as well. To me, there is something wrong with that program as it shows more packet loss on stuff than every other program that does the same function out there. Keep in mind that I am NOT having the disconnect issues at all. I am able to stay on for days with no issues (yet I show complete packet loss to the NA servers when I test it, the same as all these other individuals....). 
    It is HIGHLY unlikely that every body that is having these issues from all over the place (this is not localized to one area) have all had their equipment or network go bad on them. The chances of hitting the lottery are better than that, comeon. Of course this has something to do with the last patch, but no one wants to admit it. Many game companies use blocks or ranges of certain IPs to filter for DDOS stuff which is not a secret. If that is what is going on here, why not tell the individuals having the issue and then set up something for them to be able to connect. 
    As far as the ISP theory, yeah a lot of common place is there, but there are a ton of others that are having the same exact issues with different ISPs. 
    For techs to tell an individuals that have played since beta with NO connection issues ever, to just go ahead and continue to use a VPN service for the rest of the time they want to ever play this game?? Are you serious? You are joking right? I mean.... I guess that is fine if Daum is willing to pay for the VPN services that do not bombard individuals with ads or limit their speed (in turn affecting the game)... Is Daum ok to do so?
    Key points.... 
    This happens during higher traffic times on the game (usually evening in the US, and around node wars). No other issues with their networks are going on (no other internet services or games are interrupted AT ALL). This started happening the day of the latest patch.Using a VPN service (free or paid) fixes the issue. This in itself tells you that their equipment is good. A vpn service will not "fix" your equipment or network, this is merely redirecting your connection and literally just using a different IP to connect (hmmmm.. IP filtering??). This is NOT a DDOS issue because if it was, everyone would be having issues, not just the same exact individuals at consistent time frames every day since the patch.This happens after they log in. That means they successfully log onto the server and their character is loading in. They see their character but are unable to interact with anything, no chat no nothing. Shortly after that, they disconnect. This has nothing to do with video drives or other drivers on their systems. I compared my drivers (version numbers and such) with others and had them roll back drivers to what I had along with I went to latest drivers as well (which had no affect for me at all, since I don't have the DC issue). This is not localized due to location or ISP. People across the country are having this issue across multiple ISPs. (its all in the forum posts)I don't know.. To me, it seems very fishy. But what is definitely the WORST part about all of this, is the complete disregard and ignoring of everyone asking for your help in the forums. None of you have replied once to even say "We are looking into it" or anything. Just complete ignoring. It is not good service by any means to have that happen. Everyone having these issues deserves a response (in the forums). The ticket responses are a cut and paste joke. Anyone that knows anything about networks can tell you this and prove it.
    Please acknowledge these individuals. They are paying customers and just wanting to enjoy this awesome game you all provide but are unable to at the moment.
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  10. Oric added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 17th   

    I am. I have been trying for quite a bit now. Just keeps looping and cannot get past the processing screen.
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  11. Oric added a post in a topic New Black Desert Gathering Map site   

    Just awesome! Keep this thread going! This site is going to be a great help for tons of individuals!
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  12. Oric added a post in a topic Name Reservation Page   

    It should be on the same page. Just below your confirmation of names:

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  13. Oric added a post in a topic Name Reservation Page   

    It resets both. So if you have one that you like, you better get it quick again.
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  14. Oric added a post in a topic Name Reservation Page   

    Yup, you can change it. The "click here" at the bottom of the page shows that you can. I did it because it jacked up and put my Family name as both names. So I reset it and got to choose them all over again. It works.
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  15. Oric added a post in a topic Name Reservation Page   

    Yeah, I was afraid of that. The wife and I had like 10 names picked out in case that happened. Luckily we got something we liked!
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