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  1. Equinox added a post in a topic All Awakenings Released Event   

    O... thanks!
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  2. Equinox added a post in a topic All Awakenings Released Event   

    RIP weekend exp.
    Edit: nvm
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  3. Equinox added a post in a topic Actions against 'Shovel Exploiters'   

    Oh... my....
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  4. Equinox added a post in a topic Imperial Fish Trader Locations   

    Epheria port has one, right next to the dock manager.  I believe Altinova has one also.  It's in that otter village.
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  5. Equinox added a post in a topic The Crafting Market is basicly gone   

    ... My beer sells quickly?
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  6. Equinox added a post in a topic What happens when boat/wagon lifespan reaches 0?   

    Training still happens, but the exp is very low since you move slower. 
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  7. Equinox added a post in a topic Desert Fox is P2W?   

    Yeah... 2 of my friends and I explored the desert from the Bazaar to Valencia.  We spent about 30 mins.
    Here's the octagonal tea count:
    Friend 1: 4 Teas
    Friend 2: 3 Teas
    Myself: 1 Tea
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  8. Equinox added a post in a topic Error 2001   

    Having the same issue, after failing downloading the patch.  Now when its checking the files it fails around 5% with this error.  If I find any fix I'll update here.
    UPDATE: Deleted all my log files in the 'Log' folder.  Now at 61% checking files...
    UPDATE: My game works now =D
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  9. Equinox added a post in a topic Bored of Ranger, need some feedback before rerolling   

    Have you tried using a double extraction gem setup?  Mp regen ♥.
    Throw in an hp awakening and you barely touch pots... if you don't mind -not- spamming shotgun for days xD.
    Other than that every class is different =O.  I think you get more of a feel for a class once you hit lvl 20-30ish (exception is Ranger of course).
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  10. Equinox added a post in a topic New class: Dark Elf   

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  11. Equinox added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


    (My family name is Equinox... oops.)
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  12. Equinox added a post in a topic Cooking buffs added with expansion?   

    Mediah... Formal?  (Special)
    Aloe Yogurt!
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  13. Equinox added a post in a topic What a Beautiful Game <3   

    I take way too many pics... heh.
    Balenos/ Serendia/ Calpheon
    Islands/ Mediah/ Valencia:
    Geeze... is it just me or does the forum uploader cut the resolution?  
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  14. Equinox added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    Featuring: Cedar the Donkey

    HotHotHot the Raft:

    And TooFull the Strong Wagon!

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