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  1. HownyKorean added a post in a topic Role of DK in node wars?   

    prob same as sorc pre awaking and witch/wizard type role with awaking
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  2. HownyKorean added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    Calling something you dislike "troll" is millennial retardation. This is a sandbox open world game with open pvp......go play a different game. It's like me going to world of warcraft and demanding it to be a hardcore EvE Online sandbox, it's illogical.
    People are truly mentally retarded when they play MMOS and demand some sort of balanced Esport pvp game and cry about open world pvp on a open world sandbox mmo.
    MMOS are about character development/progression, the pvp is not designed to be some skill/balanced based experience. The fun of open world sandbox games is the thrill of pure chaos. Go play a pure pvp game FPS/RTS/MOBA for a more skill based pvp experience.
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  3. HownyKorean added a post in a topic Best class for perma red -1mil karma.   

    A geared lvl 58+ dark knight would be very good for perma red atm, high mobility/fast spike dmg. Can troll pretty hard on one if your some what decent.
    Few Korean DK perma red videos on youtube
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  4. HownyKorean added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    Amount of autism and social justice warriors with room temp IQs is insane. You people are mentally ill. "he does not want to pvp he wants to make me sad" type of talk is pure autism. This is a niche Genre, sandbox/sandpark. Open world political/player driven content is the main feature, if you people really think that when someone attacks you in a open world free flag pvp game is doing it to "emotionally hurt you" you are delusional. Games like EvE/Archage/BDO are for people who enjoy open world chaos, in depth economy/crafting and political pvp.
    If you idiots want a libtard catered MMO, you have many options, Guild wars 2, World of warcraft ect. Did someone in this thread really call someone who works for their money and gear "entitled" are you -----ing retarded? Socialism is mental illness. How do some of you people live? I assume off your parents and government socialist welfare programs, and never worked for anything in real life.
    Sandbox/sandpark games require real life hard work ethics, you don't like games where people who work harder than you, get rewarded and advanced faster than you? Hey go play a -----ing themepark mmo retards, not a sandbox focused mmo.
    common sense.
    News flash kids, the developers of these Niche sandbox mmos are not out to cater to the majority of MMO gamers, they are building a product to cater to the niche crowd who enjoy the open world ganking, gear grind, work focused, and the large scale siege commander play style.
    Removing the karma system would not kill this game, it would just remove a large amount of the mentally retarded brainwashed communist brats. EVE online is a perfect example of a successful hardcore sandbox mmo that has been thriving for 17 years on a small niche community. The sandbox market is not trying to get world of warcraft players, your not the target audience of this kind of mmo. 
    Thank god i spent 10 years in the U.S Marine Core that taught me true hard work and critical thinking skills. I feel sorry for libtards and brainwashed millennials with no future.
    P.S if you are crying about Karma bombing you need to find a diff MMO. It's easy to deal with, this is a sandbox mmo, people are free to use and abuse every system that is in place to gain advantage, it's up to you, to find solutions to this problem (which there are several) instead of crying and behaving like idiot with no critical thinking skills.
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  5. HownyKorean added a post in a topic Why does this game require a 5 hour down time every time it does a weekly maintenace? While gw2 can do it on the fly?   

    You are clueless. I played GW2 since Alpha in 2012 to current 2016 heart of thorns. I actually do my research unlike you just spewing random bull shit around. GW2 is not a best selling MMO in today's market. If you had a brain and reading skills you should of seen the CEO, Mike O'Brien's post to the community sharing how Arena Net is in a bad spot and they have to cut content due to financial reasons.
    Also you can look up their financial status and NCSoft/Arena Net reports. Please stop embarrassing yourself with stupid statements and misinformation. Guild wars 2 has not been doing well for a year now, and is not "top mmo on market" You are the definition of a white knight, a idiot who ignores the facts and blindly defends your female in distress aka Arena Net.
    I can guarantee I played the game more in depth than you, I even know a lot of Arena Net employees such as Hugh Norfolk, he was in my old WvW guilds teamspeak the other night, even Arena Net employees are admitting that there are dire internal issues within the studio..
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  6. HownyKorean added a post in a topic Why does this game require a 5 hour down time every time it does a weekly maintenace? While gw2 can do it on the fly?   

    Guild wars 2 is in a horrible spot, it's not "number 2 mmo" on the market, these gw2 fan boys are delusional. As for the op, Arena Net put themselves in financial debt with the way their server structure runs 24/7, most successful companies go for a economic route that makes sense for their game. Guild Wars 2 population is at it's lowest it's every been. Arena Net lost all their top end developers and lead program director of +15 years to Amazon. They are cutting content ect, Arena Net is a joke right now.
    Do some research and see how bad Arena Net is failing right now, they can hardly afford to make content, they lied to their community, promised a full expansion, charged $50-100 and did not deliver what they promised. GW2 white knights can leave BDO if they don't like it.
    Running things the way Arena Net does, would be financial suicide. As others stated, Daum EU is the publisher, they receive updates from Korea.
    Got to love the kids who say "this is 2016 we should not have maintenance for hours", shows how ignorant you people are on how things work.
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  7. HownyKorean added a post in a topic Since warriors at lvl 50+ are useless in PVP, what will you do until Daum fixes the broken class?   

    warrior is one of the stronger classes in pvp, but looks like 95% of the NA/EU community don't realse. Warriors get even stronger once they get their awakening.
     If you did not play in Korea/RU, you should not be allowed to make threads about class balance.
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  8. HownyKorean added a post in a topic Since warriors at lvl 50+ are useless in PVP, what will you do until Daum fixes the broken class?   

    you people are really retarded if you think warrior is weak. Shows how -----ing stupid NA/EU is.
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  9. HownyKorean added a post in a topic easy quick fix for pvers dying in pvp   

    Or... people can learn to play the game as it's intended and learn that this is a sandbox/sandpark focused game that will always have mixed pve/pvp elements. People really need to stop being stupid, consumers in the gaming industry have to be the most brain dead for not researching products in depth before forking out money on the product.
    Leave it to the ignorant westerners to cry and try to make a sandbox game into a crappy ez mode themepark game.
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  10. HownyKorean added a post in a topic No Trade and No Gifting   

    are you stupid? If they allowed player trade this game would just turn into pay 2 win Archeage 2.0 and kill the game.
    Daums has CMS who are 10x better than anyone on this forum, they play Korea and are all lvl 56+ that been playing Korea since it launched.
    Do you smoke crack? World of Warcraft is a buy to play and a sub game and it's filled with bots, spam bots, gold farming bots, ect. Do you play games?
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  11. HownyKorean added a post in a topic Is the games population lowering ?   

    uh no, those games died because they were shitty pay 2 win games. Twitch means nothing. Majority of the people who watch twitch, don't watch for the game, they watch the personalities. 
    Twitch is a terrible place to judge a game's population, it's just retarded period lol.
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  12. HownyKorean added a post in a topic PVE Player Strike   

    This thread gave me aids. Can you stop crying like a entitled brat OP. This is not world of warcraft. At least research games before you buy them.
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  13. HownyKorean added a post in a topic pve players trying to ruin black desert for everyone>>pvp players need to speak up b4 they kill the game>>   

    I think you are to retarded to play video games, I think you need to learn how to channel swap, i think you need to go back to ez mode games if sandbox mechanics are to hard for your small monkey brain.
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  14. HownyKorean added a post in a topic Kzarka - eu/na   

    Edan the scum bag retard archeage exploit guild server has seen him 3 times, and people have been using a exploit to kill him. I hope Daum is aware of this and disabled him till he gets fixed. 
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  15. HownyKorean added a post in a topic Did You Re-Roll After You Realized That Warrior Is Useless In PvP?   

    Warrior is one of the strongest classes in pvp. I have a lvl 57 warrior on KR. Can you stupid Americans and Europeans stop making retarded threads??? Just because you guys suck ----- at video games, does not mean x class is weak, you're weak, you're bad. you're shit.
    America, where the dumbest people on earth live.
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