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  1. Selvaria added a post in a topic Huge problem at Bosses - Quitting warrior until awakenings. No point at / around 55 atm   

    When you use the words "Git Gud" you instantly... INSTANTLY throw away any credibility you have to helping and need to shut up. Thaaaaaaaaanks
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  2. Selvaria added a post in a topic Your Thoughts: Is The Black Spirit Evil?   

    You are him and he is you. That's as spoilery as I'll get
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  3. Selvaria added a topic in General   

    Not Getting Maewha Seals?
    I've been playing for about two days now (with breaks of course)  and i have only gotten one Seal so far while a friend already has 4.... what gives?
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  4. Selvaria added a post in a topic Post your Dream Outfit!   

    Baiken outfit for Maewha. 
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  5. Selvaria added a post in a topic What are the main abilities we put points in?   

    Mainly focus on getting Combat Points to max everything. No one is gonna let you join any serious PVP guild if you are behind on combat points.
    For Valkyrie you don't ever touch the normal attack until you got everything else hehe. It's useless as when your Shield Throw out damages it by 1,000,000%
    Eventually everyone will have max skills. 
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  6. Selvaria added a post in a topic So what happend to the LoD ?   

    Can confirm it's a bug. Just got on and it's fine I can see the castle in the distance in the same spot and even further than pictures here. 
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  7. Selvaria added a post in a topic Yes, we're getting heels & old templates still work   

    -Throws Up- Uhhgh oh god
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  8. Selvaria added a post in a topic Maehwa Bustiest Of the Women?   

    I just find it hard to believe they'd give the largest bust to the female class that would be most encumbered by it  Didn't think they'd make anyone biggerable than the Elf. 
    No one said anything about beauty = large breasts. once you admit that and say sorry then everything will be okay. But seeing as you keep calling me "kid" like you're talking down at me I doubt that's going to happen. 
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  9. Selvaria added a post in a topic Maehwa Bustiest Of the Women?   

    Sating your own preference? You said "Since when did beauty = big tits" when NO ONE HERE SAID THAT. 
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  10. Selvaria added a post in a topic Maehwa Bustiest Of the Women?   

    Oh look we have the "I'm a better person because I think beauty is skin deep" people. When did I say it made anyone beautiful. I am asking if they are the biggest like my friend had suggested.  Like I said It doesn't matter to me but I want to know. I'll be using the normal outfits.
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  11. Selvaria added a post in a topic Maehwa Bustiest Of the Women?   

    Looked at all the Creaction videos there are. Every single one of them too scared to go max.  
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  12. Selvaria added a post in a topic Maehwa Bustiest Of the Women?   

    Hahaha yes I noticed that  
    But seriously. Valk's do NOT have a bigger bust than Elf/Ranger her are almost twice as big as the current females. 
    and no one even answered me.  
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  13. Selvaria added a topic in Maehwa   

    Maehwa Bustiest Of the Women?
    Some friend told me that they had the biggest possible bust. 
    Is this true? Bigger than the Elf? O_o She's huge!   Or are they exaggerating and its only the same size? 
    Doesn't matter since I like the actual armors more than the cash shop. Just curious. 
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  14. Selvaria added a post in a topic Yes, we're getting heels & old templates still work   

    Don't tell me their nerfing her bust. =\ 
    We DONT need another Xenoblade Chronicles X bull crap...
    Oh it's just they are making the default body shape slimmer for more adjustable and so she can be thinner than before? NOT effecting the max size? Great. Because if theres something that annoys me more is reducing bust sizes to please the SJWs.
    -cough- https://youtu.be/NZ_ZbMOreZI?t=3m34s
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  15. Selvaria added a topic in Maehwa   

    Non CashShop Gear Pics?
    Anyone got pictures of their normal armor sets? like 
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