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  1. DimaB added a post in a topic Which class to stay with?   

    I tried them all out and I'm in the same spot for not knowing what to main...   kuno is fun, it has very good sustain and is a class I truly love, tamer   have very very good damage but I feel like they aren't as fast grinders as other classes unless u are at a spot with high mob density (I grind faster on my ninja  then with her)    , kuno grind is fairly good atleast for me..   maehwa has very very strong damage again they dont grind as fast because of less aoe but there dash kinda makes up a bit for that..  I still have to try  ranger and sorc   but ranger looks intesting except for the mana pots and repairs.. If I had to choose now between kuno , maehwa and tamer I'd get maehwa or kuno
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  2. DimaB added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    makes sense, I never included them cuz they're rng.. Kinda itching to go to fogans again but the repair is kind of a pain there.. 
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  3. DimaB added a post in a topic Trading vs Pure AH.   

    indeed, I'm leveling trading right now, started around a week ago  I'm not at artisan 3, with current exp gains of 2 - 3 % every 3 minutes it should only take me a few days to hit master and then another day probably and do quests for it, I was already making money just processing bought wood and then making crates out of it but marketplace with value pack was better.. Now I'm saving them all up and  I can push out 60 crates per hour if it needs to be,   I'm missing the alchemy stone for my processing succes rate and its the one thing holding me back from not making more money.. 
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  4. DimaB added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    kind of wondering how all u guys can get that amount of money with grinding per hour , how much ap do you actually have and what class? cuz with only 161 ap I get around 2m silver and around 2 - 3k bandanas and if I'm lucky maybe one blue coral ring...  my loot experience has been truly trash there,  I'm not on mainspot and have my own spot somewhere and I often have to wait for respawns but I have never had to fight there
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  5. DimaB added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    but doesnt this already work? I've been streaming black desert to my nvidia shield for months now and it works great, and u can add it as a non steam game in steam , not sure about the fps counter but my msi gaming app already does that for me if it needs to.. before I had my shield I did stream it to my bedroom pc
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  6. DimaB added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    can someone inform me why having bdo on steam would be so much better then what we have now except for trophees maybe?
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  7. DimaB added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    yea lets remove karma so all high geared players will continuously without any penalty can kill new low geared players, oh and yes extra xp loss so they wont even get higher lvl cuz u keep removing all their effort and not be able to grind in a good exp place because all pro high geared players playing 10+ hours a day will not give u any chance ... 11/10  , I have never been karma griefed, probably because I just talk friendly and tell em how many mobs I have left or exp to lvl... 
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  8. DimaB added a post in a topic how come russia already has striker?   

    you seem to be right, doublechecked, he was probably playing korean server with ru patch, but in general russia does get things a lot faster tough
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  9. DimaB added a post in a topic Ive been kicked out of my spot   

    kinda seems u have been behaving like an ass and some people decided to take revenge on u, people dont karmabomb without good reason mostly, maybe next time communicate before pk
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  10. DimaB added a topic in General   

    how come russia already has striker?
    I know that every region kinda has a different publisher but I keep wondering a bit..  we supposedly always have to wait for translations etc which takes month but somehow russia has striker already? Do the koreans immediately translate already for russia or how can they be so fast?
    Doesn't bother that I have to wait but I was wondering this
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  11. DimaB added a post in a topic FPS issue possible fix for it - NVidia Only GPU's   

    we aren't fixed the issue yet ..  you sure it's bdo staff? Horrible lol
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  12. DimaB added a post in a topic 1080 ti 4k?   

    So guys, since this post was made I already have my 1080ti and  I can play 4k pretty easily, but as said in cities u wont get 60fps, but you wont get that at 800 * 600   1920*1080 or whatever because the cpu is the bottleneck.
    In cities my fps is around 45 - 55 usually.
    This thread can be closed ^^
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  13. DimaB added a post in a topic Benchmarks for gold-making, farming, etc.   

    I dunno I lifeskill atm until striker, altough on vacation atm so I do nothing but I probably make around 100 mill every 4 days, the only thing blocking me for more is time to reenable to processing cuz not at home 
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  14. DimaB added a post in a topic 5k hr reward lies   

    what is this 5k hour reward?
    nvm got it
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  15. DimaB added a post in a topic new striker gameplay trailer   

    Good u should fit right in ^^ jk ofc
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