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  1. Noixi added a post in a topic I wish BDO included Tab/Focus-Targeting as an option.   

    In BDO, RIGHT NOW, one can press LMB and RMB at the same time, and move the mouse to "look". To do this, you must not be in combat mode.
    Seems you just have ABSOLUTELY no clue how the game and the controls work.
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  2. Noixi added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    WoW is the WoW killer. Its so BALANCE MONGERED, why bother. Everything from the smallest pve detail to the most DULL pvp moment, to the hardest raid is OVER CALCULATED, to ensure you endure WoW's content, TO DEATH. How many times have you STARED at a raid boss, or IoC Gate, or your Armory, for such cumulated period of time that it adds up to WEEKS.
    With BDO, practically every week, something new gets added. EVERY WEEK.
    TLDR, WoW is so BALANCE MONGERED, to force players to ENDURE their oh so precious content, that you rapidly end up doing the same thing, OVER and OVER again, till you realize, its DULL, BORING, and you really don't have anything to do. In BDO, there's too MUCH to do.
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  3. Noixi added a topic in General   

    Trading vs Pure AH.
    I've been trying things, to see which makes money the fastest for me. And so far, it seems that purely selling things on the AH for max cost, that my workers get, makes 5 to 10 million every day, with me on top of that, able to fish afk for another 1 million, and get about 2 scrolls worth of relics each day, that in turn, gets me mem frags and black stones. And doing this will take like 3 minutes TOPS, each day, of personnel interaction with the game. And when I say personnel interaction, I mean, actually having to click on things, and not just afk processing.
    In contrast, if I try to do any trade route, it costs me black stone powder, to about 50 a day, if I push the workers, and maybe I'll make 3 million a day, but granted still have plenty of other raw materials I'll still go to the AH with, to make maybe 2 to 3 million with. But, in this path, I won't be fishing as much, and will be chopping wood or smelting like crazy, and do less fishing. As for the trade goods I try to make are Calpheon Timber Crates, and Steel Ingot Crates, if not Box of Titanium Ingots. Doing this route takes a good hour of personnel interaction with the game, mostly because I have to load up on wood or ore, to slightly less than my max weight, do processing, while watching, and waiting, and the click more to further refine the first processing, like from wood to planks to plywood, etc.
    So all of the above said, am I missing something on the trading aspect, as it does not seem worth the effort. I think it would be better to have my workers just get raw material and then either AH them, or outright vendor sell them.
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  4. Noixi added a post in a topic Do you think there will ever be an MMO that looks as good as Black Desert in the near future?   

    I just checked out Ashes of Creation, and I agree with your 60% premise, so far.
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  5. Noixi added a post in a topic Do you think there will ever be an MMO that looks as good as Black Desert in the near future?   

    I do not know how it's going to make money. As for "rubber-banding", I think that is unique to BDO, as they apply SUPER-UBER-STRICT server-side movement control, coupled with terrible lag since the server merging. I say this, based as a software developer, clearly seeing how other games, allow leniency with lag, to trust/allow their client software to control movement to some degree, as opposed to how BDO does it.
    As an example, WAY WAY WAY back, to WoW during its first xpac, "The Burning Legion" (TBC), there was lots of horrible lag, as they had both horde and alliance enter the new world at the SAME SPOT. They wised up on that in later games. So there were lots of server lag moments, but your movement, was still MOSTLY controlled from the client. In once such lag moment, I actually was able to run through high level content area, and see parts of the world where I would have surely been killed by mobs, had the server not lagged. When the server regained (lol) consciousness, I was half way across the new world. In contrast, in BDO, the game will literally rubber-band you back, 2 feet, if the server can't 100% control your movement.
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  6. Noixi added a post in a topic Do you think there will ever be an MMO that looks as good as Black Desert in the near future?   

    There is a MMO called "Bless", which looks as good, graphics wise, but is on/off again from even closed beta.
    The above said, I frankly do not know how other games, like WoW, EQ2, GW2, keep their low end graphics as they do, as they don't hold a candle stick to BDO.
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  7. Noixi added a topic in Suggestions   

    Please add more Alchemy goodies!
    Title asks it all. Alchemy is pretty much AP/DP/Resist based. Its OLD. Add more goodies!
    Here's just some ideas of potion/elixirs/dusts to add!
    Growth/Shrink Potions. Make one bigger/smaller.Invisibility.Polymorph Self!Levitation.Feather Fall.Dust of Blindess!Dust of Sneezing. (Prevents spell casting and use of special attacks).Slipperiness!Fog Bank. (Makes fog that obscures targeting in an area). 
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  8. Noixi added a topic in General   

    Why is PvP plagued by lag these days.
    What gives with PvP lag these days?. PvP is ALWAYS plagued by horrible lag, and it did not used to be that way, before the merge. And I'm not talking just Node Wars, I'm talking any pvp, in the open world, and RBF.
    But to harp on a Node War I just came out of; I spent about 2 minutes, lag-chained to the elephant mount in the last node war, BECAUSE, I tried to get on the elephant, just as some lag spike occurred. Hence forth, I was neither on the elephant, nor able to get OFF the elephant, but not able to move or TURN, from the spot where I tried to get onto the elephant, even though the elephant moved away. Including trying to press "R" to get off.
    And of course I was another easy lag kill. So, I did the observatory, and waited for the rez.
    When I rez'd near the tower, I was stuck literally facing the tower, unable to move, TOO INCLUDE even turning away from the tower. I'm switching my /facepalm to /facetower.
    With PvP since the merge, there is ALWAYS horrible lag, ALWAYS. I think the worst lag affect, is of course during Node Wars, and especially when trying to place a mine. Good GOD when lag happens while placing a mine, I get stuck in the mine laying mini-game, and can't get out, without pressing ENTER, and losing all that time to try and place the mine. I digress.
    Before the merge, PvP even NEAR Heidal, BUSY BUSY BUSY Heidal, with NPC mobs nearby, the PvP was SMOOTH, and doable with 30 v 30, but since the merge, PvP is plagued with lag.
    What gives?
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  9. Noixi added a post in a topic I wish BDO included Tab/Focus-Targeting as an option.   

    Thanks Ling, nice reply. And EXACTLY what the Melee HATE Parade is all about. NO CHOICE.
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  10. Noixi added a post in a topic I wish BDO included Tab/Focus-Targeting as an option.   

    As expected, the melee hate gang showed up with the intent of having a Nazi Book Burning Seminar to express their HATE against anyone asking for more choice or expressing their ideas.
    Keep your "Action Targeting", I don't care. Just take your trolling HATE parade some where else, when people are trying share ideas, and GOD forbid, ask for more options.
    The game can have its current "Action Targeting" which is great for melee, and "Tab/Focus Targeting", as an OPTION, at the same time.
    GOD get off your HATE wagons.
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  11. Noixi added a topic in General   

    I wish BDO included Tab/Focus-Targeting as an option.
    BDO's current "Action Targeting" is great for its melee, but leave out a lot of fun for ranged dps. In real life, a person with a bow/arrow, doesn't have to be 100% facing an enemy to shoot at them. Pfft, a 13 year old kid with a baseball can throw a pitch that goes over 100 yards, all the while looking at someone on 2nd base (Hey, ever steal 2nd base before?), and smash a car window because the back fence had a whole in it.
    Granted, asking for realism from BDO is seemingly pointless, but asking for fun, or more options of fun should not be.
    At any rate, to clarify, tab targeting, is using the TAB key (or some key) to cycle through and pick an enemy, from say many enemies, so you don't have to move your mouse over them and press a mouse click on them; or turn towards them. And the tab/focus targeting is where you maintain a "focus" lock on the enemy, even if you are not facing them, letting you know their health, again without having to face them, and typically letting you know where they are on your radar.
    For a visual aid, I linked below a snippet of tab/focus-targeting, in a high action mage fight, where tab/focus-targeting is used. Notice how the combat flows smoothly, where the mage attacking does not have to turn/look at their opponent as they run around, or get into Welee range just to ensure their spell hits, but instead, they only have to focus on which spell they want to cast and the terrain they constantly run through. That's what tab/focus-targeting grants.
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  12. Noixi added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    I hear the OP's pain, and I concur, there is a HUGE PvE grind wall between most people and PvP.
    But, I disagree with the OP's comment on why people stay. The OP was suggesting its the aesthetics of the game that keeps people playing. And things like the market place of the game being bad. The game has literally too much to do, and people (including me) are staying for it. My newest endeavors include trying to get my Eperia Sailboat, and a Tier 8 horse, which will take me lots of effort, and will help in pvp; This of course take me back to the OP's main thrust being the PvE grind wall needed for PvP, and its HUGE, not just gear and level and money for gear, but also things like mounts, the Epheria Sailbat, Gathering mats and training workers to make stun mines, or cannon balls. Gathering of mats to make elixirs and potions and food.
    At some point, whether gear/level is handed out (the soft cap on XP gains from pve to level for example), people with Tier 8 mounts and say all +10 enhanced horse gear, are going to TRASH those with measly Tier 3 mounts. So, either the game will have to soft cap mounts, and their gear, or the HUGE PvE wall the Op mentions will still remain. And then likewise, any other PvE grind power, like having TONS of space to store stun mines, would have to be soft capped, so new player would have a chance against someone with endless stun traps, and then elixirs, potions, food, barricades, and so one.
    What is the solution? I can dare say, it's not BALANCE MONGERING like how WoW does it, that is for sure.
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  13. Noixi added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    AWK abilities after climbing and getting off mount.
    It's a PAIN, to be in AWK mode, climb a little stone, and be put into non-combat stance, to then try and cast an AWK spell, and not be able to.
    And likewise, to be in AWK mode, get on your mount, and when you get off, even if 1 second after getting on, you are in non-AWK mode.
    Of course, the whole AWK mode vs non AWK mode is STUPID anyway, but perhaps there is a way in game to change those above situations to make it so you go immediately into AWK mode when getting off horse/climbing.
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  14. Noixi added a topic in General   

    67 Cron Stones for Tungrad Earing to PRI?
    Seriously, 67 Cron stones for Tungrad Earing NOTHING to PRI?
    SIXTY SEVEN?!?!?!
    Now I understand the Cron stones are based off market prices, but that's ridiculous. And I'm sure there are other jewelry that has even higher Cron stone costs.
    In general, not just including the Tungrad Earing, the Cron stone's price is literally 2 decimal places to the left TOO MUCH.
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  15. Noixi added a post in a topic China will force games with loot boxes to publicly expose their drop rates and probabilities   

    Actually, the peral shop does have "Unknown Dye Box", and "Unknown Dye Box Bundle".
    And one could connect th3e dots that pearl bought under-wear, which gives +Luck, could affect in game RNG based loot.
    Personally, I think BDO has taken RNG to an EXTREME level, and like someone lese in this thread mentioned, I think everyone would LOL and/or be in SHOCK to see how EXTREME BDO has taken the RNG, if BDO were ever FORCED to reveal it all..
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