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  1. Torag1000 added a post in a topic [ORWEN] [recruitment] GONDOR CALLS FOR AID!   

    I have received your invitation. I would like to join, this guild might be for me  
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  2. Torag1000 added a topic in US Guild   

    Returning Player Looking for a Casual Guild
    Hello, I am currently a lv 36 Musa (probably will reach lv 40 at some point), currently playing this game. I have university most of the time, so you will have to forgive me whenever I am away or afk during the weekdays. I'm mostly available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. I'm looking for a guild that isn't too hardcore. I like casual players, and those who take this game not too seriously, and realize that life somewhat comes first. It's just a game after all, not real life. Please message me if you are such a guild.
    Message here or PM Moyongso (he is my current main), if I remember correctly that you can only PM characters, not the family name. Sorry, it's been a while since I played this game. I am also in the US, well I live in Canada.
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  3. Torag1000 added a post in a topic [CROXUS] PK GUILD!   

    Hey. North American player here.
    I'm not really into joining your guild or anything, but I am interested in your idea of having a Guild of Bandits. So I have a question. When naval warfare comes out, will you start sailing the seas and rob people of their trading ships?
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  4. Torag1000 added a post in a topic Just wondering...   

    Been taking pictures for my stop motion project. It's going fine so far. Been passing alright in university.
    Yes yes, I know I shouldn't procrastinate, but I often do my work on time and it's not a problem.
    Yeah I think you're right. Maybe I'll hold off on that ambitious expansion for now.
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  5. Torag1000 added a post in a topic Just wondering...   

    I just don't play along whenever I get like 2-5 hours of sleep. Too tired to follow along with that act. Oh? Yeah I wonder too, not just about this package. I kind of wonder if I should make a Youtube series of trying to recreate the Roman Empire in Black Desert Online.
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  6. Torag1000 added a post in a topic Just wondering...   

    No, I know what he means, but I don't really play along with it.
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  7. Torag1000 added a post in a topic Just wondering...   

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you get yours soon. Hopefully they fix this soon. This game has potential, but it needs to clean up its stuff soon enough.
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  8. Torag1000 added a post in a topic Just wondering...   

    First option. I was expecting to see people still not getting their package. And I was right. Sigh, I should have known this would have happened. This was somewhat similar to the disastrous launch of ArcheAge, which I got bored of immediately.
    Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you get your package soon. Same for me. After I come back from university in the morning, I will log in and see if I have gotten it. If not, I will file a ticket.
    Well thanks for the reassurance. Though, I have to ask, have you gotten yours yet?
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  9. Torag1000 added a post in a topic Just wondering...   

    Ah. I see. I hope you get yours soon.
    If I did have the time, I would have. But I just thought to myself, hey, why don't I just post a topic similar so I can get some insight. Really quick insight. And no it is not beneficial to my University studies when it is not academic, it's mostly artistic and I somehow don't see how helpful thread banters are.
    This topic is bait? Or is the conqueror's package a bait?
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  10. Torag1000 added a post in a topic Just wondering...   

    No I'm not angry. But I am reaching the limit of my patience with the developers. Sigh, I should have known this would have happened.
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  11. Torag1000 added a post in a topic Just wondering...   

    Oh I'm sorry *sarcasm*
    It's not like I have all the time in the world to search through the general topics while doing my university work right?

    Pal, I have a life. I occasionally check the forums so stop being pissy.
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  12. Torag1000 added a topic in General   

    Just wondering...
    I know some have gotten their conqueror's package already, but some people probably hasn't gotten them yet, including me. I haven't gotten mine yet, I wonder if anyone hasn't gotten theirs yet.
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  13. Torag1000 added a post in a topic People bragging about first to 50 lmao!   

    I don't really care if they reach lv 50. It feels like they have accomplished something so good, but it's a game. I'd even be more impressed if they can accomplish something in real life instead. I wish people would take their time instead.
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  14. Torag1000 added a post in a topic Stuck at launcher start up   

    sorry already fixed it. It's not the Paz folder because it was never there in first place. It's the proxies in my internet. Had to turn them all off and now it's working. Just waiting for it to install itself and I will play.
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  15. Torag1000 added a post in a topic Trouble Starting up Launcher   

    THANK YOU! This helped tremendously.
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