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  1. Jabberwock added a post in a topic Is BDO a PvP game or a PvE game?   

    I had to vote for 4 even if I'm really of the the number one offenders of point 3. 
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  2. Jabberwock added a post in a topic Sovereign PvP Guild EU   

    Interested but definitely not ready yet. Will look forward to the future.
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  3. Jabberwock added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   

    I'd love for the gear to go automatically in TET after say, 15 fails on the very same item going for TET, and maybe what PEN after 30 tries? But that would became quickly abused so I guess we are good this way for now. Maybe give us Valk's Cry for hunter seals to somewhat help in the meantime. 
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  4. Jabberwock added a post in a topic Is Tamer worth the time?   

    If you are fascinated by the animations and completely sold on the class concept you should just play it without second thoughts, otherwise, no. 
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  5. Jabberwock added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Devs got this game in their pocket, you guys got no ground to call for nerfs of any kind in comparison. 

    Each and every class can beat any other given the right conditions, and even if they didn't, its ok, because the game was designed with mass scale in mind and the differences between classes are the flavors assigned to each of them to sell their concepts to us players so that we could chose and invest literally infinite thousands hours on one class rather than on another. 

    If you feel that Witch/Wizard have stuff that you can't live without, or "too OP", well there's always room for more on the wagon as we have 13 character slots.

    Otherwise, you know what they say, silence is golden. 
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  6. Jabberwock added a post in a topic Black Desert Online it is not a PvP game. It is a PVE game with 1-2 PvP features.   

    Yes there's a ton of PvE in this game, and its wonderful because without I wouldn't be in it. Without it I'd long be gone back to boring single player rpg grinders or some wanna be competitive Blizzard crap, but thanks to the fact that I have the option to test the superiority that I've achieved through PvE in PvP whenever I feel the need, even if I haven't really PvPed much to begin with, I stick around and never shut my PC off since day 1.

    BDO for life. 
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  7. Jabberwock added a post in a topic Is putting PVP behind a PVE grind wall a good idea?   

    The game is perfect as it is, no need to open new topics to try to get a rejected point across any further man. 
    I get it that you are fascinated with this World but if you want to have a shot at me go grind some of the nearly 10k hours I've put into the game since early access and then come and kill my noob sorryass gear-carried by all the life skills that I've done in 1 year. 
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  8. Jabberwock added a post in a topic Valentine's event bugged   

    I'm left with 1 letter as I missed one day so I'll accept the loss, however I'm trying to swap the time back and I only get the option to talk to the NPC about giving the letter like others already said, but I can't actually hand it over. My PC is less than 2 years old, but I logged with the much older one of my flat mate and it yielded the same result. Rip 10 millions of Shards I guess. 
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  9. Jabberwock added a post in a topic Weight limit bugged   

    Hi, I'm not sure it is the Loyalty weights even if it sounds plausible, I just retested it and my character was slowed down at 1115.2 LT out of 1323 but she wasn't slow any longer at 1109.6, so there might be something else playing its part.

    Editing to add that I've just deleted all the use caches and in game caches as suggested in the report a bug section and it didn't help solving the issue.
    Hi there once again, I just tossed away all my new 1 loyalty celebratory Chinese lanterns and the bug got fixed, I assume they have some secret weight not showing up?
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  10. Jabberwock added a post in a topic Weight limit bugged   

    Hi there, EU user here, been experiencing slowing down and being unable to process at about 85% total weight limit. This bug is showing up only on my main, which has all the possible weight increases, and not on my alts, whether they have zero weight or just some expansions. (And I do not own a lantern on any of my character, just tossing it out there to debunk Lubricant statement, I wish it was the lantern buddy! this is far more serious).
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  11. Jabberwock added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 7th **Update**   

    I'm so happy for the blackstone event, I can't wait, I'm not going to waste yet another chance this time around!!
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  12. Jabberwock added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    Guys considering how things have been escalating lately this solution is not going to cut it, we need a Boss Box with all but Red Nose and definitely sooner than 3 weeks down the line of what people were expecting, making this happen during the black stone and shards event is key, how can you not see that..
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  13. Jabberwock added a post in a topic Can you PLEASE make the 100 Boss gear quest guaranteed instead of a chance?   

    I couldn't second this idea enough, make it at least 1 aura drop when you get on the loot table regardless of the dmg dealt, there's no point in the mechanic in the first place otherwise 
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  14. Jabberwock added a post in a topic that moment when you find out you could have been posting to the marketplace from your storage instead of loading up your inventory and walking.   

    I also heard that you do not receive the value pack bonus if you list items through the storage, will test it again as I'm getting tired of the trips to the market despite the neat trick. 
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  15. Jabberwock added a post in a topic White Knights are Absent   

    Can we please all unanimously agree that from now on all the BDO white knights will be called White Warriors even if they play another class so that the third act of this weekly disastrous tragicomical show won't ever be forgotten? 
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