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  1. Xao added a topic in General   

    Show me the guy that choosed this servers for mass PvP
    Either you guys are just trolling your bread dealers (which just shows how stupid you are in itself) or you have a -----in postman deciding for the servers infastructure for you.
    Either way, this is the first time in my MMO history where RNG is the main factor for PvP win/loss. Gettin CC during guard/superarmor is stupid in itself (other than grab obv). Bu gettin CCd when someone is in the middle of an iframe is something seriously laghable.
    You guys are just -----ing leeches w/o knowledge how to backup/maintain your work,
    6+hours maintenances for 600 GB data just show how uneducated you are.
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  2. Xao added a post in a topic CPU or GPU - which one to change ?   

    Devils Canyon, 980, 16GB memory, SSD in M.2 slot. No probs at all in any game. 
    Imho you should get better graphic  and SSD firstly. Or just save up bucks and just change ur rig to better one.
    If you're not doing any rendering shit then you want to go for an i5 cpus. And like some above metnioned it's good time to snipe the 980/ti since ppl are upgrading their rigs with new cards.
    This is, actually very helpful info. Kudos mate!
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  3. Xao added a post in a topic Ninja Combo Theory Crafting   

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  4. Xao added a post in a topic +Human dmg vs AP   

    This is so wrong lol. 
    DP = Defense Power = Damage Reduction + Evasion.
    just use Vangertz shield. With every enchant it increases evasion, yet you are getting more DP.
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  5. Xao added a post in a topic 30% Success rate.   

    Playing the game is the waste of time to begin with, unless you do esport. Which you don't. Don't use logic more since you obviously don't know the meaning.
    And no, some people play to chill and enjoy other things than eq race. Thats why I call ppl like you wannabe pro. I doubt you'll get it anyway given your twisted logic in this topic. 
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  6. Xao added a post in a topic 30% Success rate.   

    Because everyone is a wannabepro -----got and gives a ----- bout that.
    Dat logic.
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  7. Xao added a post in a topic How's the game population right now?.   

    That makes it clear. Thx.
    Ekhem. Tera is NOT a replica. L3 would be prolly a continuation or smth  or not even related to the L2.  Unless I get the word wrongly ofc.
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  8. Xao added a post in a topic How's the game population right now?.   

    Tera is not a replica of L2 lol. Not even close.
    Putting aside law shits, which i have no knowledge about, the other guy made one thing very interesting. If there is, indeed, no official statement bout the copies sold, how you can say you have "proof" for anything? 
    I'm not denying anything. I enjoy the game now and the Ninja so I'm pretty neutral. Just curious.
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  9. Xao added a post in a topic Ninja tips and tricks   

    If we take into consideration the distance then it is not faster at all. It is tho, endless.
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  10. Xao added a post in a topic Staying healthy   

    wtf. I took 40 Refined juices yestday, hitted 2 lvls in Mediah and I'm still on 27 juices. This class is so mobile that you are hardly gettin hit. Unless you speak of some Valencia grindin since I wasn;t there yet so can;t rly comment.
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  11. Xao added a post in a topic Remember when everyone was freaking out over +20?   

    Uhm. I'm not calling names. It is, for me, a stupidity of trying to look superior to others only couse I've got more time to spare for a game.
    I did enjoy the game so I honestly don't know what you are trying to put in my mouth. It just ended for me sooner than for others which you failed to see. When I said, it's waste of time, I meant current state of the game that pretty much forces you to spend more time than before to be competitive. 
    4 shards? I couldn;t care less since I don;t gather at all. Gathering is not what I consider "fun" even if it's a way to stay competitve. 
    I'm not mad at all. I've played many games before and will prolly play many in future. It always ends for me in some state of the game, like for others, including you. Sooner or later doesn't change much. I like PvP aspect of every MMO. As long as I can stay competitve it's fun for me. If I can;t I'm simply goin on to another one if it exists.
    I don;t really want to take it into personal lvl but since you made such an effort to write such a post bout myself then let me tell you smth also. For me it just looks like YOU are trying to justify your efforts of trying to be competitve/superior to ppl that sadly don't have such amount of time to spare..
    Honestly I mean no harm to any1, I wish you will get fun as long as you can in any game you are/will play. Just don't put words in my mouth cause of your subjective reasons. My last post was written only cause the other guy was simply arrogant af. Sure I could just let it slip but I didn;'t sadly.
    After all, everything you or me are thinking is a subjective point of view. Sometimes it matches, sometimes it doesn't.
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  12. Xao added a post in a topic Remember when everyone was freaking out over +20?   

    Obviously. Pitty I cba since long time ago. The game stays a game for me. I guess it's ok as long as you are having fun, so gl.
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  13. Xao added a post in a topic Remember when everyone was freaking out over +20?   

    I will stay in this forums and wait for your comments when there will be literally handfull of ppl goin to PvP.
    Being delusional doesn't hurt. Unless you grow old and realize how stupid you were.
    Have fun anyway. Congratz on your RNG and I pity your time investment.
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  14. Xao added a post in a topic Remember when everyone was freaking out over +20?   

    10-15% is huge af.... 
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  15. Xao added a post in a topic RIP ZERKER   

    You don't use ones as a wizz/witch tho...
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