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  1. Henry added a topic in General   

    where are the bdo community managers?
    I noticed that in the beginning the CMs were very active and responsive prior to the game release, but now that the game is out all they do is minor updates now but rarely respond to threads or questions. Do they even care anymore that they settled in? Am i the only one. 
    Wanted to get everyone else's opinions. 
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  2. Henry added a post in a topic Interview with the Developers   

    There is so many things that I want to say but I at this point I am exhausted. From someone who has followed this game since the very first trailer through the Korean version and Russian version, etc. I am completely dissapointed and lost all hopes in this game. Good luck to everyone else and I hope they enjoy it, for sometime. 
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  3. Henry added a post in a topic BDO Not Actually True Action Combat!!!!   

    I completely agree with this! This is action combat and should play as such with minimum RNG elements of a fight. I don't understand why anyone would prefer that in the game? What is worse is how much of this has an effect on lower or higher leveled players. People are always progressing in the game, how often are you going to bump into someone with the same level let alone the same gear stats as well to ever make any fight an even fight! I feel like the PVP is always unbalanced and will always be unbalanced because every fight is going to be dependent on your stats and not your skill. This game has beautiful combat but is killed by stats requirements. At least a game like Tera or DC Universe and Blade and Soul there is a level Cap that keeps a player from progressing any further. Therefore all players who have reached the cap will be at even grounds, but with this game is just nearly impossible. I have been watching Youtubers and everyone seems to be complaining that they can never find an even fight because they either get destroyed or they destroy someone else. 
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  4. Henry added a post in a topic [POLL] Recreation of 3 survey questions.   

    Sad to think that the only reason I was attracted to this game was because of the PVP and the massive world. For years all PVP focused games were basically Soley Dungeon based MMOs. Finally there comes along an mmo with so much pontential on PVP, but it ruins it with RNG elements and Unbalance due to gear and RNG enchantments. I have been wathing That1game's youtube channel, and he has been playing this game since CBT2 and even he mentioned that he can barely ever find a fare match because of so many unbalance possibilities, level, gear, unchantments, jewels! This kills the game for me, because I like to win knowing that I was the better player not because I had better gear, vice versa. I do not feel accomplished. 
    What is sad is that the vast community are so used to older mmo's that they accept this and ask for it.  Does anyone want a purely skill bsaed MMO ever!
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  5. Henry added a post in a topic BDO Not Actually True Action Combat!!!!   

    I cant believe that some people actually like the fact that the game determines evade or miss based on luck in a true action combat system. 
    I know gear and  level effects this, but it ruins pvp. I was watching a video from Kinto in Yotube, "that1game" is his channel, and he's been playing black desert since Kr Cbt2. One of the things that he mentioned was how hard it is to find an even match because of how rare it is to find someone that is the same level or similar gear. 
    He mentioned that in his fights he usually gets destroyed or he destroys the other player. I asked him what he thought about these 2 qualities of the game and he said that it's not that bad until you see yourself lose because of it. 
    I would feel the same, and neither would i feel proud winning l knowing that realistically my opponrnt has way more hits on me but he can't manage because the game decided to make me supposedly "dodge" or make him "miss"
    Accuracy and evade could stay but should only effect reduced damage, CC effects, stuns, or reduced defense and attack stats, but not completely negate my or my opponents attack. Thats just silly.
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  6. Henry added a post in a topic BDO Not Actually True Action Combat!!!!   

    Like I had mentioned, I know it is very unlickely that this can and will be removed due to other factors already in the game, however, i don't agree with either you or the opposing player taking or giving no damage when i clwaely hit my opponent, due to evasion and accuracy through RNG. At least make dame decreased greatly but not completely removed. And my argument has only to do with damage output/input, i dont mind accuracy or avasion affecting criticals or stuns.
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  7. Henry added a post in a topic BDO Not Actually True Action Combat!!!!   

    Thank you guys for agreeing and I hope that PM_Jouska or any of the PMs see's our concerns.
    I would also like to add,
    That even if completely removing this terrible system is not possible or considered, for goodness sake! at least make it so damage is caused no matter what, even if that damage is at the LEAST-1 DAMAGE (And I say that with a grain of salt). Making it causing no damage at all feels very unrealistic and makes me feel like I the player am not in control of the fight but am a slave to the game. 
    I say this for Evade and Accuracy.
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  8. Henry added a topic in PVP   

    BDO Not Actually True Action Combat!!!!
    Ok, after playing, following, and reading about Black Desert Online for a while now I came to learn that BDO has RNG (Random Number Generator) in the game. 
    I guess in the game, characters, specifically the warriors and beserkers need this thing called Accuracy. This means that even though you literally attacked and directly and clearly hit the enemy, it takes NO damage because your stats is missing accuracy (In other words, you missed, and is completely generated randomly by the game in a percentage form depending on your gear stats. You can apply gear with accuracy stats or You need to gain Accuracy by enchanting your characters armors, whether it's his sword, shield, etc. Once you successfully boost up your accuracy stats, you will now have a higher percentage rate.
    On top of that, they have another RNG called Evade. Meaning that, again, even though you clearly hit your enemy dead on, RNG causes your attack to randomly miss by allowing the opponent to supposedly Evade your attack, even though they are standing completely still.
    This Needs to be REVISED from NO damage to less damage. This game has sooo much evading and agile mechanics, and systems like RNG ruins real action gameplay, where PVP or even PVE is solely based on the players skills and nothing to do with the game system randomizing when you hit the enemy or not and randomizing when the enemy dodges your attacks when they are standing completely still but supposedly dodged your move.
    Please let me know your thoughts as I feel like this needs to be brought to Daum's attention! I will be highly disappinted with this game if these stats where not revised. 
    I understand this also effects CCs and Stuns, Knockdowns, etc. but i didnt bring these up because it doesnt bother me the only thing that bother me is taking no damage.
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  9. Henry added a post in a topic CBT1 Feedback   

    Thank you Belsazar for your comment and taking the time to read our posts.  I completely agree with most of the players here on all other issues, vigor, auction house, etc. so i will not elaborate any further on them.
    Black Desert is a beautiful game, with so much unique and gratifying qualities that really puts you in the world. Howeverthe success to every game is the "gameplay." The mobs have higher HP, but are still tirelessly easy. I dont feel a rush or the need to party up and play with friends because not only is it least rewarding in a party but completely unnecessary and even easier! The pace of the leveling and grind would be bearable and far more rewarding if the mobs were faster, quicker, cause more damage. And why must we have soo much potions! This completely ruins the game, because death is no longer a threat, even with harder mobs, because all o have to do is pop them motions and i never have to worry about my health. We dont want to take longer killing mobs we want it to be harder! Because, not only does this promote party play but is more rewarding. Please add this to Cbt2, because i dont think i have read anywhere mentioning that the mobs are too difficult! But we have plenty of posts on how easy they are.
    And cant the team go deeper into the karma system? Such as, not very penalyzing if you kill someone for the 1st time but if you kill them again witin a prospective amount of time, such as a day night cycle, you will suffer more karma penalties. That way it allow pvpers to have their fun and stay away from bullying the same people.
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  10. Henry added a post in a topic CBT1 Feedback   

    Honestly, I am beyond myself on top of just being utterly shocked. Do you people wven know what you want anymore! 
    I am willing to bet that every person who commented on the leveling taking too long are likely people who had previously played the game either on Ru, Kr, or Jp. Obviously your going to feel that way when you've played the game alread, grasped the beauty of tye world, monsters, npcs, combat skills, etc. And your desperate to hit max soft cap because your tired of going throught it again.
    If your a new player, not that I am but I understand from friends who are, can grantee that you would not feel the same way because everything is a new experience.
    Please dont ruin the experience for everyone. I am still trying the beta now and will get a bettwr idea, but so far my biggest complain would be that mobs damage output needs to be higher and their  attack animation has to be sped up.
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  11. Henry added a post in a topic CBT1 Patch Notes   

    I would like to quote sebz as well on the economy as this is the driving force of the game along with pve and pvp.
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  12. Henry added a post in a topic CBT1 Patch Notes   

    How many field bosses total in the cbt1? And a party of how many players is recommended?
    Also do monsters have agro when a party of several players, and is it based on who does the most damage or?
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  13. Henry added a post in a topic MY BEST SOLUTION TO CURRENT PVE DIFFICULTY   

    You make a great point on your final notes. I completely agree and i hope they will alter these changes to bennefit our overall pve gameplay. Basically i want something more to enjoy other then PVP and farming until more content is released.
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  14. Henry added a topic in PVE   

    I noticed that while playing other versions of the game, that the main concern which made PVE so easy were because of (2) factors. Aside from their AI's which I know cannot be changed, is that Enemies attacks are too slow especially compared to how fast your character moves(This is especially noticeable with Ranged classes). The other reason is the Health Potion.
    Would BDO NA be able to change the attack speed of mobs to make them more in par with the player speed? Also, mobs seem to walk to the player once they are within range! One last thing I noticed was that mobs run at you, stop, then attack. Is it possible to implement their attacks as one fluid motion, with the rush straight into the attack?
    The health potions is a huge problem with BDO. NPCs give out too many to players leaving players with over 100 potions! and the potions have a very low cool down making it far too spammable (NPC should only give players 1 potion per quest). This makes people cut through the game solo, because death is rarely a concern when you can keep spamming a potion. I know that CBT1 the cool down has been revamped from 3 to 5, however I feel like this will not change the spam issue much. I really don't see how 2 seconds can change that much, as I noticed with the Russian version. 
    I feel like Potion should be less of a crutch for the player to lean on. In my opinion, the best way to deal with health potions aside from the cool down would be to have it increase your health slowly instead of instantly. This way it will force you to keep avoiding mobs (or other players in PVP) as it replenishes your health, making you become more careful during a fight. Potions should not be accessible until the full +X heal has been applied.
    Let me know your thoughts.
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  15. Henry added a post in a topic Community Team Update   

    Hi CM Jouska, will Daum NA be allowed to revamp animation speeds? Is this something they can touch on, because I cant help but be irritated with the kr and ru's current mob animation speed. They are extremely slow compaired to our dodges and attacks available. Even if the they have higher health with stronger attacks, the fact that they are too slow still makes the game painfully easy, just takes longer to kill them.
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