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  1. snappyfu added a post in a topic New Crafted Costumes and Outfits   

    I look at the outfit from the back and think...oh how gorgeous...then I see it from the front and I think....her legs were too fat for the material to be sealed shut...and that she couldn't afford to pay for strips to protect a vital area like her stomach.....so she must endure going into battle with her innards exposed.
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  2. snappyfu added a post in a topic Tips on Crystals.   

    Thanks LeWaffles,
    I have all boss armor and weapons at Tri with both Nouver and Kutum choices for offhand. I do still have my old offhands and Grunil set.
    Accessories are Blue Whale at Duo, Crescent Duo, Crescent Pri, Latent Stone Duo, Basilisk's Duo. Accessories will be another project. I was thinking of making some RCEs to swap to.
    As far as the crystals you suggested..that makes total sense. I suppose PVE grinding doesn't call for much...and well I could do another Kzarka because apparently no one wants to play rangers anymore and you can get a Kzarka longbow already enchanted for a reasonable price. So I could do one Kzarka for PvE and one for PvP. I also like the idea of a spare helm for the EXP grinding. 
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  3. snappyfu added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    You guys act like you're all surprised. They have been Walmarting their servers since launch. 
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  4. snappyfu added a post in a topic Tips on Crystals.   

    Thanks guys!
    So for offhand I have the awakened spirit's crystals and then I have all the crystals we got for the attendance events....
    What is recommended for the other armor slots? 
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  5. snappyfu added a topic in Ranger   

    Tips on Crystals.
    Hey guys...
    I finally got my boss kit all to tri and decided that it was time to put some of the crystals I've been hoarding to use.
    Here's my current set up...
    I have a Kutum I'm working on as well just so I have all the things (and some options down the road) and I'm moving on to the accessories in the coming weeks. I thought I'd make some RCEs too at some point. Should I keep a Krea or Rosar dagger handy as well? I have my old Bronze and Steel daggers as well for some alts. 
    I was looking at the Ultimate Ranger Reference Guide, but the Crystal section didn't really have any commentary...so I was curious what you all thought. 
    My Ranger is currently a third of the way through 59 and I want to grind her to 60 eventually. 
    Thanks for the help in advance.
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  6. snappyfu added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    They have to have heels to explain why some of the female models suffer from conditions in their posture and cadence. I mean....all those pigeon-toed rangers running around? 
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  7. snappyfu added a post in a topic New Crafted Costumes and Outfits   

    This makes me sad.
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  8. snappyfu added a topic in General   

    New Crafted Costumes and Outfits
    Anyone have pictures yet of the new crafted costumes added this patch?
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  9. snappyfu added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    This has been an issue that's come up over and over again and afaik it's been met with resistance by the KR devs. It's I guess a cultural thing. 
    That said...I don't buy outfits because really...I rather have some bad ass looking options rather than all the hooker regalia. 
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  10. snappyfu added a post in a topic What Outfit Is This?   

    Oooo. Thanks! 
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  11. snappyfu added a topic in General   

    What Outfit Is This?
    Been waiting to see some sort of real looking armor in this game and I ran across this: 

    The person was afk and never answered. 
    Which outfit is it? I must have it.
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  12. snappyfu added a post in a topic [Resolved] Known Issue - game crashes in desert region   

    "Due to an unexpected error that causes a game to crash. Please stay out of the desert!"  
    That's not proper grammar at all. That entire first sentence is a fragment.
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  13. snappyfu added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 18th   

    I assure you gathering is not working. I have spent over 800 energy gathering since the last server reset and I've not got one shard. I normally average (without the event) about 1 shard per 100-125 energy spent.
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  14. snappyfu added a post in a topic Alexmac Enhancement Guide   

    Really nice guide. Some of the information I knew already, but this has everything in one place and very succinct and easy to read. Plenty of white space so I'm not looking at a wall of text and well organized. 
    Thanks so much!!
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  15. snappyfu added a post in a topic Halloween Events   

    Yanno...more boxes because well...RNA was just not enough.
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  16. snappyfu added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    uyo eailfd erading prmocrehension nidd't ouy?
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  17. snappyfu added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    It's a perfectly fine analogy given the state of the game and the complaints about its RNG bs. This game is a dog..and that's an insult to dogs. 
    They charge premium prices for it and give you what amounts to dead horseflesh riddled with gristle. 
    I don't know about you...but when I walk into a white glove establishment and pay for a first class experience....I expect a first class experience. This experience is shit and I don't need to run down the list of complaints that surface over and over again in these forums. You know by now what they are if you follow the forums at all. 
    The fact is that when they charge a premium they are saying to their customers...and I AM a customer and not some idiotic fanboy....."Our game is a premium game and we give you premium quality with premium talent on staff...look how awesome our game is...and to keep it awesome...we need to charge a premium for it." 
    Now those of us who are PAYING customers say to ourselves and to the company by way of supporting their cash shop..."ok...you have a premium product and we will pay that premium.....we expect to see premium quality and have a first class gaming experience for the prices we pay....."
    When we don't see that premium quality...as paying customers we pitch a fit..the same way we'd pitch a fit to the chef of a five star restaurant if he tried to pass off a friggin' $.35 hamburger from McDs as a gourmet meal...we'd be quite right to tell the chef to screw himself and demand that we get the filet we ordered. 
    This Red Nose thing is just bubbling to the surface a lot of rage and frustration many paying customers have about the game because of those well-known issues...and I'm one of them.
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  18. snappyfu added a post in a topic [MEGATHREAD] Event Boss Armor Box: Red Nose Armor   

    This game is insipid. 
    It claims that there's no hidden stat and that RNG is truly random.
    It's not. 
    It's so bad that in my guild, whenever a new area is released.;..whenever a new drop is added...we know who is going to get the drop in the first few hours, encounters, etc. Who will get it sooner rather than later...who won't get it for months down the line...and who will never get it.
    It's something we can predict rather reliably despite everyone in the guild having relatively similar play patterns. 
    Those that get the boss loot don't have to be on their mains doing the best DPS. Nor do they have to be at a boss from the very beginning. They have gone on alts or zoned in from another channel late in the fight and gotten the drop. They get it often and regularly while others never get anything. 
    Also...I see more often than not the same person getting both the boss drop and a liverto to boot which points to more issues with how loot is distributed. 
    It's crap code and many of us are tired of it.
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  19. snappyfu added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    If I get another red nose...I'm going to rage.
    You're giving us a bloody dollar menu pos and charging fillet mignon prices for it. 
    I don't care what your fanboys say....if I pay a premium for anything...I expect a premium product. Not a POS with a shiny wrapper on top. 
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  20. snappyfu added a post in a topic [MEGATHREAD] Event Boss Armor Box: Red Nose Armor   

    Forgot how many chrome sucking fanbois this game had. Sorry. Let's get some tissue to wipe that mess from your chin.
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  21. snappyfu added a post in a topic [MEGATHREAD] Event Boss Armor Box: Red Nose Armor   

    My wallet is closing as intended.
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  22. snappyfu added a post in a topic Extension on Login Reward Claim?   

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  23. snappyfu added a post in a topic [MEGATHREAD] Event Boss Armor Box: Red Nose Armor   

    The sickest part of it is that mine notification said red nose before the bloody wheel stopped turning. This whole game is a giant rip off.
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  24. snappyfu added a post in a topic [MEGATHREAD] Event Boss Armor Box: Red Nose Armor   

    Disgusted...and I'll just add..their whole game is a bloody misleading marketplace tooltip.
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