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  1. Krogos added a post in a topic Connection with the server has been lost   

    I get constand roll backs as if the server is losing track where my character is and puts me back 5 to 10 seconds.
    It happens alot and i get alot of disconnections to go with it....
    Never had this problem before....
    Jordine server Europe
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  2. Krogos added a post in a topic Please close this thread.   

    The only thing i want to add is thats its good medium to semi hardcore guilds win.
    Everything is fair in war and not all of us are waiting to steamroll trough guilds to easy castles / nodes.
    Again can i ask FUtilez members to behave before posting, we wanted this otherwise we to would make an alliance or fill up 2 or 3 guilds.
    This is the path we choose and we aint changing it
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  3. Krogos added a post in a topic IMPORTANT / Pls Read when u dont like +16 and higher Enchant   

    True that  ^
    Gendo in our guild failed a ton so it evens out in the long run.
    Keep going and dont give up.

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  4. Krogos added a post in a topic First Siege War in Jordine was pathetic   

    You are wrong there Rebi...
    They are pretty good guys and i have no clue why everyone was jumping on Chun Chun he is a very nice guy and a very helpfull guy....
    Tori is Tori depending on his mood he can be either - but as a community member and officer he has been doing alot of work.
    Shinigami is also a nice guy, not once did i see him being toxic or elitist
    Jemmy idem dito <--- is this also used in english othwise i ment same as Shinigami.
    If anyone is trashtalking he will be called upon to officer channel and explained we do not condone this.
    We give people the time to change.
    We have a big brother rule where you can report toxic players and they will be given the chanse to change or asked to leave our guild
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  5. Krogos added a post in a topic First Siege War in Jordine was pathetic   

    We had players on vacation and we had players who coulnt attend all 5 or 6 sieges past week.
    Strange thing is we went over every player and they all attended more then half the sieges in that week.
    On average we had 65 players for each siege with the exception of the friday siege who was not announced and had about 40/45 player attendence.
    There wasnt anything from our members who refused to come as they all were there for multiple sieges.
    We track everything and give GAP ( Guild Attendence Points ) from guild missions to sieges to presence checks on prime time.
    We said from the beginning we will not use a second guild for pvp.
    Our second guild is for people who take a break / need to catchup / friends and family members who want to play their own way.
    On the node and siege wars
    We pulled a draw vs Harmony 1 and 2 on our first siege and managed to destroy the second guild tower.
    We got Grind 1 and 2 on a draw and got their siege tent to 38% yes there were other guilds present like Vea Victis (they also attacked us) High Dawn who went for Grind 2 ?
    We won vs asura in 20 min give or take thats including waiting abit and scouting.
    We got wiped on Friday were we had 45 people on the node war i wasnt there that day.
    We got wiped on the castle siege when we were 65 players vs Grind 1 and Grind 2 + Zer0 tea bagging us and you call us a failure ?
    I dont know what you are smoking bro but we did pretty decent with the numbers we had.
    Maybe.....just maybe you should carefully read our guild discription one more time read it carefully....
    We never lost our focus - our target is perhaps lower then that of Grind and Harmony.
    Also we have trolls on the forums man, each guild have them, even i cant help it once in awhile it builds up tension and its good to taunt other gullds.
    But you never see me dancing of joy when a guild dies or struggles and bleeding members.
    I am not salty and Ikshadow certainly isnt salty.
    We were disapointed by the show up of other guilds that sadly dint participated in the holy grail of Castle sieges.
    And yes we lost a fcton of players from the start up till now due to how Daum has managed this game, or better said how they -----ed up this game.
    From world boss exploiting gimmicks to hacking to stalling Awakenings to no sieges for 4 months...
    It all added up to losing a big chunk of this playerbase and yes we also suffered from it and lost alot of members.
    The only thing we can be blamed for is not providing +- 80 players to each siege and this is being worked on.
    Where were the other guilds ?
    You telling me a medium sized guild dint had the funds to claim a node and put down a siege tent on Calpheon / Mediah siege ? realy ?
    You blame us for losing from multiple guilds and say we suck balls ? realy ?
    I dunno what you guys are smoking but we all know this is a numbers game.
    This game should be filled with decent pvp guilds that should be participating in node wars and sieges.
    Yet all we saw so far is but a handfull of guilds showing up while all the other guilds massivly failed to do what this game was made for......Castle sieges.
    Dont blame us as we at least tried to prevent Grind for taking a castle for free.
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  6. Krogos added a post in a topic First Siege War in Jordine was pathetic   

    Actualy this game does require more strategy then AA and GW2
    You cant just ball up and bomb shit.
    If you do this in BDO 1 Mounted wizard party wipes the floor with everything in sight.
    You need to flank / times your cc's / use protective area's to counter Zerkers Fearsome Tyrant, basicly every class has their niche and fit a role on the battlefield.
    The better you master your tactics the more efficient you become and the more kills you can generate.
    We lacked numbers on every engament in node wars and we were sad as we worked hard to get where we are.
    We lost alot of our members who quited due to the miss management of Daum, the 1% exp loss from PK death and the boring 4 months that proceeded before nodewars / sieges came.
    FUtilez does shit their own way, and we arent the #1 guild in the world but we have fun and can laugh it off when we get zerged or get beaten.
    And feel proud when we achieve our goals no matter how small or big those achievements are as we play mmo's to have fun with each other and love to face the best of the best in each and every mmo while still freeing ourselves from elitism and toxic players who might be 1% material.
    Why should we roll over and die ? because we took the hard road ? again ?
    That we refused to recruit and make 2 guilds ?
    that we dint form a mega blob to zerg all guilds ?
    Where is the fun in that ? it destroys the competition in this game.....
    I think overal this is a fantastic game, but it also lacks the competition that makes it alot more fun.
    If FUtilez / Harmony / Grind would disapear it will lose their bad guys, the guilds to beat.
    I say it now when BDO lose the top guilds we will follow as we dont want to sit on an iron throne and faceroll over all guilds...
    I was already sad we lost Niflheim / Iron / Soul slayers i dont understand why people would want guilds to blow up....
    Also @jackie......we miss VoTF man.....still sad you guys dint enter this game as it would have been -----ing epic to have more top guilds on Jordine
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  7. Krogos added a post in a topic Please close this thread.   

    Come on with the Chun Chun curse
    I am sad Niflheim is gone..
    I am sad The Souls Slayers are gone...
    I am sad Iron is gone...
    We should embrace more competitive guilds.
    All 3 of those guilds that disapeared were a great loss for Jordine and god knows how many more will follow with the current situation.
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  8. Krogos added a post in a topic First Siege War in Jordine was pathetic   

    Isnt it like this on Russia:
    Prets have 3 guilds ?
    Just Play have 3 guilds ?
    Other guilds are either allied with one of those 2 main guilds ?
    They got alot more action but also have a megaserver.
    We need a megaserver or this game is death within 2 months.
    Calling it now....
    None of us is waiting for a free castle....
    Let alone getting it uncontested and keeping it with 2 fingers in your ass.
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  9. Krogos added a post in a topic First Siege War in Jordine was pathetic   

    Imagen any of the to guilds and lets say there are 10 medium sized guilds.
    How epic would it be to unite your banners and focus fire those top guilds from the map before you focus on each other
    I expected alot of medium sized guilds to at least try and prevent us from getting free T3 nodes / Regions / Castles ^^
    Its about the fun you have for taking revenge of those guilds who forced you out of grind spots !
    Bittersweet revenge to prevent them from getting a free ride to billions of guild funds !
    Why do all these guilds not focus on FUtilez / Grind / Harmony !!!
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  10. Krogos added a post in a topic First Siege War in Jordine was pathetic   

    I personaly exptected to see 10+ guilds for a Castle siege, specialy for Calpheon as its the most prestige castle one can win.
    I saddens me only 3 guilds showed up there..... Grind 1&2 / FUtilez / Zer0 ?
    I hate to say it but we need a megaserver asap or we end up even more bored and can all quit the game
    I rather lose 10 times in a row with a fcton of pvp then winning a castle with 2 fingers in my nose.
    We have Grind / FUtilez / Harmony we should always be the focus by all other guilds, but if there are only 3 guilds for a damn castle siege then lel......
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  11. Krogos added a post in a topic The Soul Slayers [SLAY] [EU] [PVP] [Jordine] [18+] [Node Wars] [Community]   

    What doesnt kill you makes you stronger.
    Good to hear you guys continue to grow and getting stronger.
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  12. Krogos added a post in a topic Please close this thread.   

    WTF proxy = love proxy is life.....
    Without Proxy game would be ded 2 months ago....
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  13. Krogos added a post in a topic Mansha forest node war   

    3trd guild Oo ?
    You might confuse this with a joke we made to make a 3trd guild with females only to be chu's harem and cheerleaders - this was a joke in the start of the game
    We never ever ever had plans to make the second guild active in sieges.
    Second guild is a place ment for friends and family and old veterans to catchup if they went afk / coulnt keep up.
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  14. Krogos added a post in a topic Mansha forest node war   

    We closed our recruitment for close to 2 months.
    Lost core members of how the game progressed and not realy liking this game.
    On average i think each guild lose about 2 to 10 members a month by people getting fed up for whatever reason and decied to quit.
    Dont forget we value social members and let alot of top notch players go for not fitting with our guild.
    Some joined Grind and some joined Harmony.
    We still put up fights and we refused to build 2 guilds to make it easier for us, we could have done this easely but Ikshadow rather lose with 1 guild 10 times in a row and then take the easy route with all respect to guilds who actively have 2 guilds up and running.
    I can link you logs of how many guilds wanted to make an alliance with us wich we also kindly refused and told all of them to do what they wanted to do.
    We dont want alliances and we dont want a second guild.as meatshields.
    If people pick second guild of Grind / Harmony with top notch gear / playstime its their decision, i would never do it as it kills off competition, and this game is already lacking competition.
    Also excuses ?
    We had 67 on TS at the 1 hour mark, i lost 3 members within that hour and 3 people X up in guild chat to be replaced.
    Our main attack force lacked the numbers.
    Have you ever faced 20+ berserkers ? you talk as if its easy to break grind ? let alone they have super geared and skilled players.
    You can trashtalk us bro its ok, but for a guild that dropped top quality players in favor of a more social community we are doing more then fine.
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  15. Krogos added a post in a topic Surprise guilds of jordine   

    I hope all these guilds continue to grow stronger and stronger
    Nothing worse then seeing more guilds disapear like Iron / SS / Niflheim
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