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  1. nyyyyy added a post in a topic Not much point in PVP for anyone not playing from release for a while   

    Dont worry, I was top10 in total level on Jordine (usually top3 on every channel, often first) since the game came out, usually top5 in wealth on almost any channel at any time and I am now broke without a single piece of TRI. +20 enhancements have even more to do with luck than any of the previously introduced systems ever did, and its borderline impossible to even catch up because the difference isnt just 2AP anymore.
    There is no way in hell that the average casual will be able to catch up when a single TRI attempt can cost you easily 60-100m, depending on your luck (that assuming that you dont use Cronstones).
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  2. nyyyyy added a post in a topic there goes the economy   

    You only see the lucky few who succeed. I know a dozen people who needed less than 10 stones from 15 to 18, all of whom got TRI on first try. Meanwhile some other people  (such as myself) tried to get TRI half a dozen times and still didnt get it and are now broke.
    Being unlucky double dips hard with this system. If you arent fortunate enough to get TRI early you might be stuck at DUO even though having been one of the richest people on the server pre patch.
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  3. nyyyyy added a post in a topic +20 ruined this game   

    Taking gear to +20, nice joke. Just for reference, I blew 55 Sharp Stones, every single try with FS at cap or just 2 below cap, and I am still sitting at a DUO mainhand. The biggest problem about this system is the ridiculous amount of luck you can have. Some people get multiple items to TRI using 30m a piece. Others need hundreds of millions to get one piece to DUO. The old enhancement system was fine, but +16 is just utterly bonkers if youre unlucky on Boss Armor/Kzarka. You fall so far behind because of being unlucky and theres no way to even recover from it due to the amount of money you lose. You basically need an entire day of farming (~10h) to give it another shot just to try to get the TRI.
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  4. nyyyyy added a post in a topic The cost of +16 +17   

    No offense taken. It simply is pretty clear that you have no experience at the upper end of game-play. You havent seen what other people have seen. Its a well established fact that KR MMOs with hidden character/account luck exist. People actually discovered these sort of things as soon as the code was available for private servers and they had the ability to dive a bit more into the so called RNG of said games (which turned out to be heavily flawed).
    My weapon was an example, not something that was supposed to server as a pillar to uphold my theory. Again, I believe that you simply lack the experience that some of us have. The experience of the top 0.1% of the players who have seen certain things that are less than likely to occur in a completely randomized game. We have seen people who found multiple Ogre Rings in a day, then went on to find 10 MoS a night multiple times through-out the games life time. People who consistently, even after multiple hundreds of hour, averaged twice the amount of accessories on Pirate Island with lower node levels and less valuable knowledge ranks. These people (for some wicked reason), also tend to be incredibly lucky on World Bosses. Not just getting loot on their mains, but generally averaging a MoS and a Liverto bundle per Mudster Rotation on 110 AP alts.
    Some people in this game have luck that is too consistent for it be completely based on RNG. Luck that has been consistent for 4 months at a time, over the course of hundreds, if not thousands of hours of progression. All I am saying is that (to us) its almost an acknowledged fact that there must be some form of hidden luck. The fact that the developers admitted the existence of hidden stats (acc, stamina etc.) made us even more sure of that.
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  5. nyyyyy added a post in a topic The cost of +16 +17   

    There is some form of experience that people gathered with time. I for example just blew 21 stones to get my Kzarka to PRI. Goes pretty hand in hand with all the other items I tried to enhance which ended in me overpaying by a ridiculous amounts.
    The point is that the average values are irrelevant because no single player will ever reach a sample size big enough for him to be guaranteed to end up on both ends of the spectrum. Certain players dont need to assume average RNG because their experience has shown that they are (more often than not) on the wrong side of the curve. A new player might be unbiased, but experienced ones will have been able to spot certain patterns that make it very likely for hidden character/account luck to exist.
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  6. nyyyyy added a post in a topic The cost of +16 +17   

    This is a pretty bad way to start a post. No player will ever blow enough tries to get rid of all the possible outliers. If you are used to being unlucky then forcing might be the better option even though the price being a multitude of the expected manual enhancement process. A single player will always be chained to RNG because he doesnt roll the dice often enough to find himself on both ends of the spectrum.
    And thats what people care about: Their own progression. No one gives a damn about the collective progression of the community and the expected success rate when they arent part of the group that is either slightly above, or all in all below the median.
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  7. nyyyyy added a post in a topic I think it's time to bring back penalties for dying in owpvp   

    Of course you can and its what these people did. They also are vocal enough to force changes. Its a common phenomenon in games. People who hate FPS play Overwatch because of hype and Twitch views. People who hate party play and grinding play a KR MMO with OWPVP features.
    The existence of the internet (and particularly social media) has changed the landscape. People arent willing to accept that a game isnt for them anymore. They complain as long as they see fit because the internet gives them the ability to do so. 10 years back we simply accepted that a game wasnt for us and as a result moved on with our lives. There was no social media hype, no Twitch views, no easy way to complain to the developers about whatever minor detail.
    Today every single person seems to be under the impression that their opinions are valuable, that their ideas will improve games and assure their future success. It cant possibly be that a game is not for them, it simply is a game that has a couple flaws that need to be adjusted to perfectly match their needs.
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  8. nyyyyy added a post in a topic I think it's time to bring back penalties for dying in owpvp   

    No they didnt. Half of them probably even thought that there will be dungeons and raids.
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  9. nyyyyy added a post in a topic Most and least played classes   

    Thats not how it works. 50% of the post in Sorceresses class forum are people whining about the class. 60% of the posts in the Tamer class forums are screenshots. Just because a class-forum receives many/few posts, that doesnt mean that the class has many/few players.
    Also: the class forums have been up since the forum went live, which means prior to the game even being released. There was a lot of speculation and shit posting. However Maehwa nor Musa came out by the time people already learned about the basics, so there were obviously less people asking questions.
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  10. nyyyyy added a post in a topic In-house hot fix team.   

    You think we have it bad? The Russian version had that issue since the end of May.
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  11. nyyyyy added a post in a topic Sieges Postponed   

    Thats not an ad hominem. Nice buzzword though.
    Of course they are. I am not joining a football match and complain about people kicking around a ball. I am not firing up CounterStrike and complain about the lack of character progression. I am not playing a Korea, grind heavy MMO and then complain about the lack of WoWesque dungeons.
    You can play the game how you want to play it, sure. But if all you do is explore the world and then run out of content after a week because you ignored quests, professions, gearing process, PVP, itemization, breeding and all the other aspects of the game, then youre in no position to complain. Just because you decide to be uninterested in the existing content that doesnt mean that there is no content to do. And thats exactly what these people did. 
    They decided to ignore a shit ton of content and then claimed that there was no content. Thats not how it works. There was plenty of content to do. Everything that was in the game since launch could probably have entertained people for at least another 1-2 months. How do I know that? Because I played more, and did more than 99.9% of the people playing this game. And if I still have stuff to catch up on, then they sure as hell do as well, no matter whether or not they want to do it.
    No one gives a rats ass about 'all the people'. Whats important is the majority of the player-base, particularly the ones who arent jumping on the next available hype train.
    See above. Might wanna google the meaning of latin terms before using them.
    Higher profit from distance bonuses also is not what I would consider a noticeable change to the way people the game. Thats not an additional game-play element, it doesnt change the way you play the game. If you seriously want to imply that driving your wagon from X to Y is a significantly different experience to driving it from X to Z, then you are too retarded to even argue with. You dont fundamentally change the way you play the game.
    No one claimed that it didnt but nice reading comprehension skills. I simply said that the amount it added wasnt noticeable compared to the amount that was already in the game. It was minuscule compared the quests that were already available. What were the ratios? 10000 at release and an additional 1000 with Mediah? But you will probably claim that people were already done questing in Serendia/Calpheon/Balenos. Nice passive aggressive smiley by the way you shit faced little -----.
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  12. nyyyyy added a post in a topic Sieges Postponed   

    Its not my job to convince a mentally challenged spastic of facts. If we still had content to play, then its impossible for other to run out of content. We were so far ahead that we could solo entire guilds, yet for some reason said guilds ran out of content?
    People who claim that there was nothing to do generally where people who played the game for reason they shouldnt have played the game for. They were complaining about the lack of dungeons, the lack of raids, the lack of anything other than the ability to grind, the lack of Blader and so on. Mediah didnt change any of that. All it did was add a new zones with new mobs, none of which changed the problems most of these illiterates had. It didnt add dungeons, it didnt add new professions, it didnt add a noticeable amount of new quests compared to the already existing world. All it did was release Blader, which was then useless for another month.
    It doesnt matter if you agree or disagree. A lot of people know that what I am saying is true so your approval isnt worth anything. Maybe the fact that you dont matter is something you should learn.
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  13. nyyyyy added a post in a topic Sieges Postponed   

    I am pretty positive that a vast amount of people played this game for the advertised GvGs. If your main goal was exploring, then youre most likely so much of a casual that you didnt require Mediah 4 weeks after the game went live. There was enough to do and explore. Hell, even us, the people who were basically online 24/7 pre Mediah, still had a shit ton to do by the time the patch went live. Thats not how you schedule content updates.
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  14. nyyyyy added a post in a topic Sieges Postponed   

    Point is that they released Mediah before Sieges, something that wasnt only unnecessary but also handled in a different manner in KR/RU. They should have focused on Sieges and delayed Mediah, instead they released pointless content no one was asking for.
    They simply did a piss poor job at planning the publishing process and focused on unimportant things instead of the important bit that people were generally interested in. Really cant blame players for complaining about Daums incompetence.
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  15. nyyyyy added a post in a topic Sieges Postponed   

    I also bought the lowest tier package but then spent money on the cash shop. Its only logical that people want to spend as little money as possible, I wont criticize them for it. However, its -----ing retarded for them to insult others for basically financing their experience. Not even gonna start on the fact that all these underage mongoloids seem to have no idea what entertainment actually costs. Video-games are so ridiculously cheap compared to most other hobbies, its mind-blowing.
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