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  1. No Pantsu added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Witch vs Warrior
    Anyone have any tips for fighting a warrior as a witch? I find that I can always land the first knockdown, deal like 90% of a warriors HP bar and then immediately get grabbed ----- slapped, then I mysteriously die as my block meter vaporizes. Send help. 
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  2. No Pantsu added a post in a topic Please Buff Tamer's Pet, Heilang's AI is completely useless compared to Witch/Wizards' Pet's AI.   

    As a witch main who swapped from tamer...
    Witch pets aren't any better. They do auto attack level damage and cannot aggro more mobs.  
    If you can't see the benefit of heilang, then let me help! Heilang is there for combo attacks that you don't otherwise get. For example, your Q in ss mode is a full on 4 second AOE stun. That is OP as shit. 
    ALL of your staff combos have a combo attack with heilang. Spinner has a down attack, S+lmb has a follow up swipe, D/A+lmb have a stiffness combo, pole vault has an aerial attack. Tamer is a very effective cc class when you use heilang correctly; it's not there to do damage or really to suck up damage, it replaces the cc that is on other classes' abilities. 
    So yeah tamer sucks in general but if you use it right it's wicked effective. 
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  3. No Pantsu added a post in a topic bo staff in pve   

    Is your awakening AP higher than mainhand? Mine is 189/183 and staff is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay faster at grinding than bolt jolt. Maybe you're using it wrong. 
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  4. No Pantsu added a post in a topic What a monster is this?   

    That's tamer's heilang. If a tamer uses the sit or stay command and forgets to use another command, heilang glitches and stays there. Eventually it creates two copies of heilang. 
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  5. No Pantsu added a post in a topic Bring back the exp loss on pvp death or something that prevents grief   

    See, that's the problem. I'm nice. But when I want to use the vaunted PVP system that I joined this game for - I can't. It's not about being nice, it's about an entire feature of the game being completely unusable. 
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  6. No Pantsu added a post in a topic Does Tamer has any advantages against every other classes?   

    Tamer is decent 1v1 but is probably one of the weaker classes. Best at farming though. 
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  7. No Pantsu added a post in a topic Lets see if Support can stand a little criticism in public   

    Support are people too. Treat them like people.
    It is not unreasonable for them to ask for proof. Without it, asking someone with the proper access to delve into game logs is like asking for someone to find a needle in a stack of needles. 
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  8. No Pantsu added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Witch vs Tamer
    Can witch hit as many mobs as tamer with her pets?
    • 1 reply
  9. No Pantsu added a topic in General   

    Fix Karma please
    Karma system is -----ing stupid. Fix it. 
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  10. No Pantsu added a post in a topic Dye problems   

    If you're using merve's pallete, be sure to change the lighting scheme to the one that's pure blue background, that is the only one that has a 'true' lightning scheme for you to compare colors. 
    Also Kasathar is correct, different colors do different things. None of the special colors are actually white - and some costumes have a predetermined material setting that you can't change without using a special dye, so if it's not already a white piece, it won't ever be, 
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  11. No Pantsu added a post in a topic [Change] Let block regen mana   

    I have 0 problems grinding with tamer, and regenning mana is super easy since you can regen all of your mana literally instantly with S+left click and one extraction stone. 
    I would like more buffs too, but tamer is already actually really quite powerful.
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  12. No Pantsu added a post in a topic New Adventurer here, i have some questions :)   

    Keyboard and mouse.
    No idea.
    You can do it painfully but it will take you 3-4 times as long. 
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  13. No Pantsu added a post in a topic Awakened Playstyles - Need help picking class!   

    Rofl what? I fish AND grind. And I'm currently negative 900k karma on my tamer. Git gud scrub. 
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  14. No Pantsu added a post in a topic Awakened Playstyles - Need help picking class!   

    All classes are dashy and bursty. All classes have AoE. 
    Play what is fun for you. This game is broken, lol. 
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  15. No Pantsu added a post in a topic Best Solo Character?   

    Tamer is probably the easiest, beginner friendly solo class. But I'm biased as a tamer main, so. There's that. 
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