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  1. Faytte added a topic in General   

    Bosses Dropping No Rewards for anyone
    Karanda, S2, when she died no one got any loot what so ever.
    No seals. No Lustrous Feathers. Nada. Seems 'event' has bugged out the bosses. 
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  2. Faytte added a post in a topic So how do you like the valk changes?   

    Accuracy was nice, hate having to maintain it (Sorc has a 5 minute self buff for instance) but ok.
    Our mobility is terrible, our block is buggy, and we have generally less super armor and defenses than warrior when you compare similar abilities. The standard animations of our abilities are slower, do less damage and hit a much smaller (cone or column) area than theirs (half circle, full circles which are better in pve/pvp). Our 100% takes way too long and most classes can escape the stiffness, we should be allowed to hit F again to cancel the stiffness to just drop on someones head at reduced damage.
    Our Q is not a 360 block, warriors is, and is generally more useful than our ability to slow move while in Q. 
    Our heal is easily interruptable and has entirely too long a CD, putting it no where near the league of witch/wizard

    Our group buffs (outside accuracy) are incredibly short lived, high cd affairs that are hardly ever useful. 

    To say our class is in a good spot is really naive as to how this class performs with gear at high levels (60, 61) against other classes with similar gear. I think there is some willful ignorance by a lot of valks that havn't reached that point that seem to think any dissent is from bad players that somehow could not figure out the class (hint: using promptness for ani cancels and the rest of our kit isn't exactly hard. Harder than warriors kit sure, but what isn't?). The other thing I see is "XYZ Valk" can pawn people while ignoring gear differences. Even one of the best known, best geared valks in the world (Si J) has said picking Valk was a mistake that he regrets, choosing to stick with Valk only cause of the massive time investment (he is 62 last I checked). 
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  3. Faytte added a post in a topic Suggested Changes   

    To this point, Death Line Chase should work in both directions without a weapon swap, and should give you a 360 block.

    It's really quite annoying that in terms of PvP, warriors have a much better block and defensive set up than Valkyries, while also having a better offensive kit. 
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  4. Faytte added a post in a topic Suggested Changes   

    You'll note that my 'suggestion' to glaring slash included an animation speed increase. More over I would want to add the following.

    1) Due to Valkyrie lacking a 360 like most other classes, the use of our 'vacuum' abilities i(Wave of Light) s more important for grinding larger packs than other classes who just LOLZ through them. 

    2) You have to take my suggestions as a whole, since many play off one another. One of my very first suggestions was:

      Lancia Training, Catigatio, Sanctum Ferit
    Attack area around Valkyrie is extended on flanksNow take into account if you move into the center of a large, non dense pack, and use glaring slash (since say, maybe Wave is on CD) and they are all pulled ontop of you. In our current methodology, it would kind be terrible since Valkyrie have few ways of hitting everything around them in an efficient manner. But if you add in the above change (where you are hitting everything immediately around you, just not behind you) that is going to speed up your farm considerably. You could dive in/glaring slash off hot key/space for promptness/attack of choice. Obviously when Wave is up, that is more ideal, but having a second meaningful pull will speed up our farm considerably. 
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  5. Faytte added a post in a topic Suggested Changes   

    Not every ability can provide super armor, or is focused on pvp entirely. These abilities (in my suggestions) are buffed in ways to make them usable out of Lancia (via hotkey or another method). Divine Power for one gets an animation speed increase following certain attacks, which makes it a great surprise aoe knock down/bound. Giving it super armor beyond that is probably too much. Severing Light provides a mostly pve method of extra self healing (although arguably pvp as well if enough targets are available, but I doubt it would see use there). 
    Glaring Slash is another example of not a PvP Primary buff, but a secondary grouping mechanic for PvE (there are plenty of distinctly pvp buffs in my suggestion list just to note). 
    The point here is to make a set of realistic buffs that help the Valkyrie in its weakest areas, improve quality of life and generally improve play style. 
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  6. Faytte added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Suggested Changes
    I realize these sorts of topics don't amount to anything, but I thought I might list my suggestions for the class as it is more or less universally understood what kind of situation it might be in right now.
    Death Line ChaseDistance and Speed Improved. WP Cost Lowered to 20 from 35.PurificationeHealing at lower ranks improved. WP Cost Lowered to 40 from 50.Lancia Training, Catigatio, Sanctum FeritAttack area around Valkyrie is extended on flanks.Tera SanctaAlso leaves behind a field of rightous energy for 3 seconds, dealing 1x damage every second targets remain in the area. Verdict Lancia LustitaeAnimation Speed Increased following use of PromptnessFlow: Revelation SanctusThis ability has been removed and instead incorporated into Verdict Lancia Lustitae over the course of its four levels.New Ability: Scutum FeideiOne Rank Ability Replacing Revelation Sanctus. The Valkyrie goes into a special guard state for up to 3 seconds (can be canceled by movement). During this time any attacks that are blocked are automatically countered by flares of blinding light from the Valkryie's shield, dealing XXX% damage and inflicting stiffness. If the Valkryie's guard is not broken after three seconds, they are healed based on the remaining guard % to a maximum of 30% of their health. CD: 30 seconds. Breath of ElionThe Valkryie gains super armor during this effect. Self Canceling Breath of Elion before healing applies reduces the cooldown to 10 seconds.Fitness TrainingAffect changed from +10 health/+1 (Alternating melee, Ranged, Magic) defense to +10 health/+1 (Alternating Damage Reduction, Evasion)Glaring SlashAnimation Speed and area of affect improved. Pull effect increased in PvEShinning DashDamage and Hits increasedForward Guard is extended to the full animationShield StrikeThis ability can be used while the Lancia is use via  hotkey and does not cause a weapon swap.Skyward StrikeAdded HitsAir Smash added to Final RankAnimation Speed increased per rankAnimation Speed Increased following Counter IPunishmentAdded hitsAdded Super Armor during reach motionDivine PowerCasting Speed Increased following certain Lancia and Sword ManueversHeaven's EchoBuff Effects on the Valkyrie are extended to five minutes. Remains 1 minute for party members.Severing LightHits Increased from a maximum of 3 to 4Animation speed increased following any Lancia AttackAnimation speed increased following PromptnessThis ability can be used while the Lancia is in use via hotkey and does not cause a weapon swap 
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  7. Faytte added a post in a topic Almost giving up   

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  8. Faytte added a post in a topic Almost giving up   

    If it was only that?
    They can dash further, more often in more directions without having to juggle swapping weapons. It also gives an iframe where death line chase is only a forward guard.
    Then you look their damage output of their abilities which generally seem higher than ours and the animations faster it seems, but they 'swing' and hit things around them much easier, vs our column attack which often misses things to the sides (esp if up against your character). 

    And yeah, their 100% makes ours cry itself to sleep -.-
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  9. Faytte added a post in a topic Almost giving up   

    I thought our pve was amazing as well. Then I watched a friend on their warrior in crescents at 58 when I was 59 and had 15 more ap them they did. There is no way I could clear as fast as he does, and that more than rubs me the wrong way. 
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  10. Faytte added a post in a topic Almost giving up   

    Exactly. Valks start doing at 220-240 what other classes do starting at 180..
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  11. Faytte added a post in a topic Almost giving up   

    Basically this. While awakening gave the Valk some mobility, its still among the worst in the game. Attacks are generally clunky and difficult to land/easy to avoid and incredibly predictable. For anti CC, pound for pound the valk is an inferior warrior (Where a warrior dash is an iframe, valk is a front block for instance). The attacks have slower animations, for less damage on average. Of course you can say that a Valk has great utility with a team heal on a moderate CD and a group pull, but I find the two generally underwhelming and it feels the class simply 'pays' too much for these capabilities, especially in the meta where people are two shoting one another. 
    The class is in a very strange and generally not a useful place. They arnt initiators, despite having skills you would think would lend themselves to it. They arnt skirmishers because in general they will be outpaced by most skirmishers. They arnt bruisers as real bruisers will generally defeat them (giants, warriors). AP being what it is still eats through a Valks shield pretty quickly.

    Honestly I would not put any more effort into the Valk unless of course, none of this matters to you: then enjoy your game. If it does bother you, then quite simply other classes will be more enjoyable and I don't really think Daum is going to address the Valk anytime soon. It was pretty clear when they 'fixed' Giants that they saw an issue and attacked it on many fronts at once, but they are taking a very incremental approach to Valk so far which implies to me they do not see the large issue that much of the community does. 
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  12. Faytte added a post in a topic Valkyrie Buffs on KR 12/29/2016 :D   

    A decent buff. Obviously its effects are gonna be more pvp than anything. Sadly PvE we will remain one of the worst awakening classes for grinding mobs and in PvP our very narrow attacks are still going to be easily side stepped, but I won't look down on the buff as a buff. Hopefully its the start of many to come. 
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  13. Faytte added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Kakao and Valkyrie
    Not my content.

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  14. Faytte added a post in a topic Black Spirit's Adventure   

    I have this very same issue. Not sure what to do about it. 
    Was there no perm fix to this? Still having this issue. Contacted support and did everything they suggested and no resolution. Have not been able to get a single black spirit roll in 2-3 days while trying to address this. Notably, I've been playing since game release with no issues and I made no computer changes in the last few days.
    1) cleared my cache
    2) reinstalled java
    3) reinstalled the game even
    4) flushed dns
    5) reset my ip
    None of the above has done me any good. 

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  15. Faytte added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance November 9th   

    Lost all interest in the game waiting months for what seems to be an inferior awakening to everyone else with what already is a class that was lagging behind. Killed any interest for me.
    Going to watch the game from afar and maybe when dark elf comes out if there is some more pve group content I'll use my dandy box and the extra kzarka one i had stored up on them instead of my 60 Valk. Then again, given how they bungled valk, not so sure I want to risk such a heavy time investment again in BDO. 
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