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  1. prymortal added a post in a topic Iframe   

    Because your not very smart gameplay wise & have no clue what you are talking about. Literal waste of our time & lives to try to help someone who cant help themselfs in this situation. I did however take the time to offer alterantives to your situation.
    Hey if you want a gear & class carry try: (just make sure you have the gear)
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  2. prymortal added a post in a topic Fix desync issue that puts weapon away during combat   

    happens with & without locked evasion
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  3. prymortal added a post in a topic Chain CC's have to go!   

    well dammm, lol they do need to go, but your right its hard enough at the best of times to CC a musa/maehwa as it is

    *Edit: Just a thought but rather than CC chains from a player, It'd be better to stop CC chains from the same CC via other players. to stop the 12 second+ CC lock deaths, rather than the player got skill you died CC chain combos.
    This said Zerker grapple needs a limit!
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  4. prymortal added a post in a topic Sinister Omen?   

    sinister omen always has been bugged, been reported many times. Avoid it.
    Signs of Agony S+E, needs accuracy to hit, CC doesnt always work, some mobs are resistant to it. damage is low, its just a CC skill

    Spec into i-frames (night crow), rushing crow, Dark flame, Dream of Doom, shard explosion. for general grinding to level i assume your low level? if not then hit up the sorc discord.
    Then optional for easy grinding until awakening: Black wave & bloody calamity/abyssal flame for HP + damage.
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  5. prymortal added a post in a topic I used to be able to play on High / Medium but now...   

    On windows 10 i just did another fresh reinstall (because) & ran into some issues. (same issues 3 installs)

    Anyway turns out "Gaming Mode" causes issues, had to disable it & game DVR via x-box app & Regedit & Settings, before BDO was working & running good, Also fixed the issues with background apps running when bdo was up Causing those background apps to have issues after exiting BDO,

    Also had to use DDU & clean uninstall, shutdown (for new Graphics card) then use the 381.89Nvidia driver since the 381.65 driver was broken.

    then of course deleting the my documents bdo folder.
    Its running fine again.

    Dont even need these settings anymore: http://pastebin.com/taCfYmFP
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  6. prymortal added a post in a topic Iframe   

    Let me refer you to here: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/forum/14-pvp/ for advice on how to play i assume your class & git gud, Or alternatively try one of these class carry classes:
    Also for spamable I-frame at no cost + working SA & decent damage at range anyone who doesnt play the class would concider "a bit OP", please refer to:
    & if you just want to desync & 2 shot kill people out of literally no where with just a little skill i'd recommend:

    Pick 1, Stick with it & you might be able to kill those pesky hacker Sorcs that are cheating & infinity I-framing.
    You're Welcome
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  7. prymortal added a topic in Suggestions   

    Balance Fix Pets
    Balance Fix: Stop tamer, witch, wizards e.t.c. Pets from attacking when the player(master) is Knocked down/Stunned/bouned/floated e.t.c.
    Because other classes cant attack while in that state. Werid & Wrong that they can in the first place
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  8. prymortal added a post in a topic Australia to Taiwan   

    Should be lower for Sydney, 140-150 constant via WTFast (with chaining).
    no i havn't played Taiwan, but played KR same ping to NA server for me from NZ, KR is WAY more stable & less desync, still some but Way Less.
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  9. prymortal added a post in a topic Can we get DP patch back   

    Edit: ok Todays way different to after patch, now that i've played, i see what you are talking about!
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  10. prymortal added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   


    Going to need Details
    Which services? Which Site?
    No ones going to do a thing until you inform them of which site/s & you will be held responsible under TOS section 13 if something does happen in the time it takes you to inform us so we can deicde if its an issue or not.
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  11. prymortal added a post in a topic I wish BDO included Tab/Focus-Targeting as an option.   

    Bless is overhauling there combat system because it doesnt work...... So not the best example.
    Tab targeting only works good for healing, same with click on party lists.
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  12. prymortal added a post in a topic KR patch note for April 27   

    I Think its this one?
    ● A new accessory [Valtara's hidden light waistband] has been added.
    - Elemental Stats: ATK +5
    - Increases attack power by 3 and maximum health by 25 when breaking the potential
    ● 신규 장신구 ‘발타라의 숨은 빛 허리띠’가 추가되었습니다.
    - 기본 능력치 : 공격력 +5
    - 잠재력 돌파 시 공격력 3, 최대 생명력 25씩 증가

    ● 부패의 군주 크자카의 공격 동작 중 일부 동작이 변경되었으며, 새로운 광역 공격 동작이 추가되었습니다.
    ● 부패의 군주 크자카가 드롭하는 블랙스톤(방어구)의 개수가 증가되었습니다.
    ● Some of the actions of the attacking action of King Zakah of Corruption have been changed, and a new wide area attack action has been added.
    ● The number of black stones (Armor) dropped by King Zakah of Corruption has been increased.
    look at 3:15
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  13. prymortal added a post in a topic Fix desync issue that puts weapon away during combat   

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  14. prymortal added a post in a topic The Hunt for GM'S/Dev's/CM's Event   

    you cant 1 of there armor piece makes them immortal, another gives B/S op buffs.
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  15. prymortal added a post in a topic What Guild are the GM's in?   

    Should get the GM's to link you there gear, because they wont be fighting you with fair stats or unimmortal yeah i seen your gear before GM's
    nice gloves
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