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Posts posted by Deska

  1. Good to see you guys, only few players from you playing with me on Alpha Black Desert EU/NA but some of you I know from korean CBT2 or KR OBT like: @Chun-Chun, Furia and ofc @PM_Jouska

    I think back to the game, but still no clue, that i need create new acc or play with existing. 


    BTW can i transfer this items to new acc?

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  2. '' returning player '' aka fragile ex-wow players. phase-in , phase-out each patch.

    Sizer my friend, you still here? how many veterans left? 

  3.  Because all think what player Deska done this game was pelted with mud, called crap, called p2w, failure of the year and mindless game where you can only kill tons of mobs ano without any other point called end-game stuff.



    Dredzik i dont know what you mean, but i never called this game as you write.

    From the beginning of the game Korean CBT2 I persuaded players from my country to play this game. I was trying to do everything in my power to make the Black Desert very popular.

    However, the Pearl Abyss policy made me leave the Black Desert. And here I repeat, it's only fault pearl abyss not Kakao Games., @PM_Jouska or others, that many veterans player BDO leaved this game. I had a great sorrow to the Pearl Abyss that during the times when I was playing, they introduced very controversial items, systems and the worst thing that they added =  premium. Probably then I use too strong words as I felt, but I was very disappointed with all this situation.


  4. Deska is full of shit, and even pretended to "leak info" on the daum staff... 100% positive volunteer forum mods don't get insider info.



    And you relay believe that lair Rick van been? He lied already 10 times to us about game. About vcash shop, p2w, updates etc... just check his interviews  

    Some things happened and this is not Jouska or other dev foult. Only npearll abyss -----ed this game so hard they beat trino and gamefroge. 


    Fck. Pearl Abyss destroyed this game so hard. 

  5. p2w needed, cuz lie like Rick Van Betowen or something like that, who cares need our money


  6. PA is a small Korean company dependent on one game - BDO. Daum, in fact Kakao, is a big corporation in Korea with many games, platforms and products, that owns the biggest franchise for BDO - the rights to sell in KR, EU and NA. So who rules?

    Pearl Abyss decide about game not kakao games who only publish game. 

  7. Why PA? Do PA sell items in the cash shop? No. You should thank to Daum.

    You thinbk daum have anything here to talk? ....... they are like pearl abyss ants. 

  8. This is not @PM_Jouska foult and other CM. Pearl Abyss the worst game company ever. They beat TRIN\\O........


    Thanks pearl abyss, you suck., Hope south korea best bro:


    will teach you something in Korea. 

    F2p before winter. 

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  9. Oh... nice to read post PRO players, with epic skill ^__^. BTW I am on this forum from first minute, cuz i am 53 user reg here ^_^ 
    Cuz.... waiting for global servers and fix EU version.  Hope Jouska do his best job and repair EU/NA version. 



  10. jTgS2dx.gif


    All of this cry, about gathering, valencia wars....... he he he. Hope carebears God listen you guys, and Developer pockets nail in the coffinn of Black Desert Online. 


    Many players quit BDO EU and back to RU or KR/JP version, or waiting for BDO Global at 3Q 2016. 

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  11. Your behavior has been very confusing.  It seems to contradict your hopes and well wishes.

    Because i am mad about this situation and how bdo changed and lost spirit, but i wish everything good for black desert and staff.

  12. Meh, shame. Either way whoever told you the stuff about PM being fired (not talking about Cameron here), you should whack him on the head.

    I realy dont care this is true or not. I quit bdo. But hope game will be fixed asap before it die. 

  13. Edit: oops, looks like someone already posted the link to belzebub's paternity leave, my bad.

    @Deska who gave you the info for the stuff you wrote on facebook? O.o

    I am under NDA. Can't give any details sorry. 

  14. RIP Deska's Reputation. 

    Phi, why RIP lol? when say something that you hear from " some persons" is rip? ... anyway I realy don't care about this was true or not. One thing didn't changed, bdo need to be fixed ASAP before it die or F2p version.  

    Any way, have a nice playtime to everyone, hope Staff fix game asap. 

  15. I see next drama started here about my person . . . . 

    So some clarification. I quit Black Desert, because .... this is not this same game I played at KR/JP or RU version. Our version is broken as hell. Me and many players don't like changes that happened last time's and nothing going to change soon. There are few ideas and changes that can help BDO, but ATM our version game is the worst of all. 

    These and other reasons caused that I leaved the European version of the Black Desert and passing Admin right's Black Desert Poland to active player @Hazune
    About PM fired >>> https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/147744131?trk=biz-overview-job-post  


    Nothing more to add from my site. Thanks and hope we see in different games. 

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