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  1. bob349 added a post in a topic I wish BDO included Tab/Focus-Targeting as an option.   

    I wish we could target people for social interactions, but not have it apply to combat. That chase people down for a circle menu is bullshit.
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  2. bob349 added a post in a topic Lucky GM boxes   

    I got a Mark of Shadow Saturday and nearly shit myself.
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  3. bob349 added a post in a topic If there would be new server would you play?   

    On some games starting over can be fun. These games have low level content that is enjoyable. BDO is not one of these games. BDO Grind is the worst solo player pve i've ever seen. No risk, just grind the same shit all day and management your inventory. I would never wish to go through that again.
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  4. bob349 added a post in a topic Striker When????   

    Is this entire community composed of petulant children?
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  5. bob349 added a post in a topic Peace!   

    As you said you're pretty geared, and no progression = no fun. This means they have to have a system that limits progression otherwise we'd be on a rotating schedule like wow where every year your gear becomes useless because everyone just has to have the best or they quit. Like you.
    Having said that, it sucks to hear you're on the losing end(big time) of RNG.
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  6. bob349 added a post in a topic Anyone notice that their workers keep failing promotion exams?   

    I've got dozens of Artisans, but I can't recall a single success in more than 3 weeks. Thats easily 20+ tries. Was starting to wonder if they tweaked the odds.
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  7. bob349 added a post in a topic Striker - New class   

    Hey Look! The fix Tamer's have been hoping for!
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  8. bob349 added a post in a topic Manos ruby necklace hidden human ap better than ogre.   

    Making Yuria Weapons and Grunil/Taritas armor has been akin to printing money since they were released. I dont know why they decided to bone accessory crafting done by players by:
    -Requiring a Multi-tier Build Process
    -Requiring Multiple Manos Gem's at 5million each
    -Giving them away constantly in events
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  9. bob349 added a post in a topic Show me the guy that choosed this servers for mass PvP   

    Not sure if troll or stupid. If Troll, kudos, you speak authentic moron.
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  10. bob349 added a post in a topic What outfits do are cool on valk?   

    Maid Outfit.
    Dont judge me...
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  11. bob349 added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    I think you're confused. The chart data is from the game over time. They pulled seperate class count statistics from top 200 AP players, and top 200 DP players for those class counts. It has nothing to do with the chart, as you can clearly see the chart is over a long period of time. Berserkers are the elephant in the room considering grab chains are broken as -----, but it makes sense that they wouldnt get those kills, as they make it easy for everyone to bandwagon onto the kill and steal it from the berserker.
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  12. bob349 added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    Ignoring it is pretty lol considering its some of the only official data we have. I mean really...Are DKs Witches, and Wizards not right where you would expect them?
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  13. bob349 added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    And to a certain extent this is true, however the numbers don't lie. Valkyries are far less successful on average than the other classes in the chart, and not particularly well represented in pvp in the first place. There are reasons for this and 'being overpowered' as this thread idiotically states(with isolated examples and no comparisons to other classes) is not one of them.
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  14. bob349 added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    Remember the Kill/Death Ratio chart from the event? Valks were 3rd or 4th from the bottom.
    Tamers were 5th from the top. Nerf Tamers
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  15. bob349 added a post in a topic Did our shields get weaker with today's patch?   

    WAT! You didnt even last 6 months!
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