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  1. Reckoner added a post in a topic Housing Monopoly   

    This is wrong... the 50m High Yield node with an arti goblin takes roughly 9 hours. He can return 4-5 100g ingots + 3-13m silver..... Ive had this goblin EASILY pull in 20m alone on the regular, per day. For someone that claims to know about the game, its almost as if you dont even play it? (Forums arent actually part of the game)
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  2. Reckoner added a post in a topic When are you going to fix Coherent UI CPU Usage?   

    It does when black spirit adventure is out, as no coherentUI = no BSA UI
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  3. Reckoner added a post in a topic 2 people playing on 1 PC   

    The thread is talking specifically about using 1 keyboard and mouse to control all... Jouska even says in the thread, thats not OK..... The issue is multiple accounts being run off the same keyboard/mouse... He even hints at that not being an issue in the thread(using 1 keyboard/mouse per account). Not sure where you read in that thread that playing 2 different accounts, on 2 different keyboards/mice is NOT allowed?  
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  4. Reckoner added a post in a topic New player with love/hate intrest in this cluttered/bugged MMO   

    All of these issues are things you could just fix yourself. Also, your mouse is a POS/Broken, get a new one lol.
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  5. Reckoner added a post in a topic 2 people playing on 1 PC   

    They've come out and said as long as each instance has its own keyboard/mouse input, and they arent synced up (controlling both characters at the same time from one keyboard/mouse) that its OK. Unfortunately I dont feel like digging up the thread, but its here somewhere.
    Sounds like a cool setup
    edit: Found it.   http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/29187-is-multiboxing-allowed/
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  6. Reckoner added a post in a topic [Guild Quests] Please Remove Calpheon Combat Missions   

    I disagree. the conversations and laughs that ensue when 'that one guy' offers to still solo is worth it.
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  7. Reckoner added a post in a topic You KNOW the marketplace is screwed when...   

    LOL you still dont get it... Its so you cant place a preorder in Calph, then cancel it in Valencia to instantly transfer that silver there.... Not sure I can simplify it further for you
    Transport takes an hour, so not sure why you're comparing that to instant transfer of silver across all regions?
    EDIT: I figured it was also obvious that you would need a character in the region.. Sorry, I assumed you didnt need every minute detail explained
    Anyone that plays the game (Instead of being a forum warrior claiming to play the game) would have connected 2+2 on that one LOL
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  8. Reckoner added a post in a topic You KNOW the marketplace is screwed when...   

    So you can cancel the preorder? For someone who goes on and on about how much they know about the game, you know very little about actual game mechanics  

    EDIT: I'll clarify, cause you'll likely not get it... its to prevent you from instantly transferring silver across the world, by putting up a preorder in Calph, and cancelling it in Valencia. Seems like simple logic? Maybe only for some.
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  9. Reckoner added a post in a topic THE AMAZING MARGORIA MONSTER LOOT TABLE   

    Except the fact you can upgrade literally every other piece of gear for mounts... Did you even -try- to upgrade it? LOL
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  10. Reckoner added a topic in General   

  11. Reckoner added a post in a topic Lets see some skills!   

    I see you
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  12. Reckoner added a post in a topic Musa outfit....?   

    Love that Crescent blade skin. Do want +1
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  13. Reckoner added a post in a topic The coupon is a tactical failure   

    I would say 1 and 2 are personal problems
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  14. Reckoner added a post in a topic is worker promotion capped once per day?   

    i think you're confused
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  15. Reckoner added a post in a topic Slotted Costume (Top)   

    Nice info. Glad to see its not cash shopped, also glad to see more concrete info on it. I had always just found http://bddatabase.net/us/item/16008/ (the claw itself) as the item to 'make' the socket, didnt know it had 'parts'. Thank you =)
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