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  1. Stevoli added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    what color?
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  2. Stevoli added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    I modified that registry key way back when Windows 10 Anniversary Update first happened, double checked and it's still off.  The game ran like butter before the patch, and now it's a slideshow, has to be either something with the game, or a new compatibility issue.
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  3. Stevoli added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    So, aside from the tweedledee and tweedledum here completely derailing this thread, has anyone found an actual fix?
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  4. Stevoli added a post in a topic FPS literally halved after the patch   

    any update on this?  I'm getting crazy micro stutters since the patch.  It's like watching a 15fps movie.
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  5. Stevoli added a post in a topic Flondor Goose Event Items Deletion   

    It's the same with every event item.
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  6. Stevoli added a post in a topic Guild master only quests   

    [Guild] I Have a Dream
    Yan from Valencia is willing to donate a galley for your guild if your guild is willing to get more involved and active. Complete guild quests to collect Old Moon Combat Seals and Old Moon Life Seals. Bring the seals to Yan.
    [Guild] Gathering everyone’s strength
    Yan of Valencia has suggested that he will donate a Valencia Elephant to the guild as encouragement if you can prove that your guild is vigorously active. Complete the quest to collect the ‘Old Moon Combat Seal’ and ‘Old Moon Life Seal’ as the reward, and then give them to Yan.
    Starting NPC for both is Yan, map on this page shows he's in Valencia City
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  7. Stevoli added a post in a topic Kunoichis finally getting SOME love! [KR]   

    The only thing I took form that graph is that AoE nukers get more kills in RBF/Sieges
    Among top 200 AP players, 50 are Dark Knight, 43 are Ranger, 2 are Tamer and just 1 is Kunoichi.Among top 200 DP players, 55 are Witch, 27 are Berserkers, 5 are Musa and 3 are Kunoichi.
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  8. Stevoli added a post in a topic LvL 56 Kuno PvE grinding rotation   

    Lately I've been doing
    Half Moon Slash > Wheel of Wrath > Lunatic Discus > Lunar Dash > Lethal Spin Spree
    Ground Thrust / Suicide Fall > Lunar Dash (or C) > Lethal Spin Spree
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  9. Stevoli added a post in a topic Item durability going down too fast!!   

    Was grinding at desert nagas last night, offhand went from 100 to 10 in about an hour.  Seems like way more durability loss than other classes.
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  10. Stevoli added a post in a topic Kunoichi's basic walk awakening   

    Kuno isn't the only one that this happens on, every class's awakening stance has the extra weighted weapon so they move an extra step after releasing the button.  The Dark Knight does this with her normal weapon as well.  It's supposed to make the weapon seem heavier.
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  11. Stevoli added a post in a topic Please Don't bring Fixed Trade Crate prices to NA or EU version of the game   

    Would rather have a static 100% rather than selling 20 and changing channels every 15 minutes.
    Occasionally when I swap channels, the crate prices are below 100%, so I have to just sit and wait to change channels again.
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  12. Stevoli added a post in a topic Please fix Nodes i allready invested so much energy   

    IF upgrading a node to level 10 gives a 10% increase on a .01% chance to get a rare item, that increases the drop chance to .011%.  Working as intended
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  13. Stevoli added a post in a topic How do you Void Lightning cancel?   

    I just use Q > Shift+Q
    Edit: Nevermind, seems you already know about shift+Q, just use shift+lmb if you want another one.
    You could also go Q > Shift + LMB > LMB + RMB (or hotkey echo pierce), which will switch you to your awakened weapon.
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  14. Stevoli added a post in a topic Everybody's leaving Kunoichi but...   

    Kuno is fun, it's just that this game is 90% grinding, and grinding is much much easier on other classes.
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