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  1. Ruvin added a post in a topic A look at graphics settings and their performance impact   

    the problem you get similar fps and performance with better rig's also.
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  2. Ruvin added a post in a topic Frame Rate Issues. Please Save me senpai   

    so it was a Hard disk issue ... i think i have maybe less pronounced but a similar problem, i cant get past 60 even if i should. 
    Time for a new ssd  
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  3. Ruvin added a post in a topic My point of view   

    and you are whining about the whiners, so ? You contribute to the thing you hate by only making it worse.
    We have people whining, people whining about whining people. And people whining more. You are exactly like them.
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  4. Ruvin added a post in a topic Disappointment after disappointment...   

    worse launch then blizzard, well if you think blizzard launches were bad with their server population. then i'm afraid nothing will be good enough for you
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  5. Ruvin added a post in a topic I bough travelers packege but it says I cant play till 3rd!?!?   

    you dont get preoder bonus = early launch acces
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  6. Ruvin added a post in a topic Need new GPU whats good for BDO?   

    a single 980 wont be able to pull that one off tbh
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  7. Ruvin added a post in a topic pearl abyss   

    he is under russian bdo.
    Even if often is ignored its not only him Moldova gets the same treatment aswell, and many dont even know russian there  
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  8. Ruvin added a post in a topic the file is corrupted   

    open game as admin
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  9. Ruvin added a topic in PVE   

    How does it work? Who tags the mobs that one gets most of it ? Who does more dmg ?
    Does it increase for atacking stronger mobs? Or decrease for lower ones ?
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  10. Ruvin added a post in a topic Low Framerate. What should I be getting?   

    hello, opened a similar thread, went a bit ignored under all flaming.
    Same issue ... I get 90 fps on lowest settings possible... Rest between medium---> ultra high have an average 35-50 fps...
    I would like to get 50 60, but cant seem to find any solution its either lowest and 90, or anything else its the same.  I heard someone said its CPU heavy so its not the Graphic card problem, that could explain why FPS doesnt change with video tweaks. But what can i do for CPU  ?
    i have a i5 2500k sandy bridge  (i know its old, but so far it never had problems with anything)
    any advice is apreciated.
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  11. Ruvin added a topic in General   

    Game performance (hardware)
    Hello, i was expecting slightly better performance from the game, and i was wondering is it a problem from my part (old hardware) or something else. I seem to have a decent enough rig for recomended requirements, but the fps is still little.
    I tryed to play a bit with settings so so far i have 70-90 FPS with everything on bare minimum (forgot its name optimization something)
    All the other settings medium high, ultra high. Seem to be around 35-55.  I would like to keep some options like textures and some other effects on and disable the not so crucial one, duno usually shadows eat lots of FPS.  
    So wondering what are other experience on this: how much FPS, what settings, and so on?
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  12. Ruvin added a post in a topic [RO]Ygdra - romanian guild.   

    salut la toti, cum inceputu pentru acei care au incercat ?
    Ce tine de conqueror am primit itemele mele cei drept o singura data ) acuma imi este frica sa le trimat pe acelea care au ramas, miam luat doar setul pina cind 
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