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  1. Warsight added a post in a topic Gear Advice!   

    so with Kazarka/Vangertz/Bhegs do i need +acc accessories? or just go MoS/Witch?
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  2. Warsight added a post in a topic Gear Advice!   

    they are still Best in slot (same as all boss armor eventually).
    As for Crit no builds ive seen use it and it looks like awakened skills also have the 100%crit
    Cash i can farm, will need to sausan grind either way for my last lvl for awakening (currently 55).

    Just dont want to go too cheap for items which im upgrading to then change weeks later.
    In terms of skills btw i noticed i get a reskill for a day item (4x in mailbox)?
    Should i reskill the unawakened Warrior skills like previously or just save it for 1more level?
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  3. Warsight added a topic in Warrior   

    Gear Advice!
    Hey Guys,
    Have just come back to the game and completely lost due to the skill wipe/new gear etc.
    Prior to leaving i was upgrading Kzarka Sword and Bhegs to +15 (almost there as seen in pic below).
    However as Awakening is now out what should my goals be for gear?
    My accessories/gear are junk atm and from what i have read best step would be to Duo my Sword/Gloves first and then get some Pri Witches / Red Corals? (forum seems to be dissagreement on accessories).
    I have about 80mill at the moment to use for upgrading/changing gear.
    Was thinking of Purchasing a Weapon Ultimate upgrade stone to get Ulti Vang shield and then do it to my armor (however as it is currently only 1xTaritas/2xZenith) was thinking of just keeping as it is untill i can buy better? As Weapon/Armor stones are quite cheap these days (150k/ea) i could also look into upgrading a Grunil set.
    I used to run 2xTaritas/2x Zenith prior to finding gloves.
    Any input welcome:)

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  4. Warsight added a post in a topic Drop Rate - Nodes - Blessing Dont work?   

    Have also watched a clannie get 7MOS within an hour.
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  5. Warsight added a post in a topic Buying Memory Fragments or buy boss scrolls?   

    weapon stones also, however this will take alot of time aswell:P
    we did 40 scrolls in 2hrs, wanted to stab ppl after.
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  6. Warsight added a post in a topic Shield Discussion   

    So you believe Axion over Krea?
    Krea with Gems is still -13less max (2less min) however comes with 15 evasion.
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  7. Warsight added a topic in Warrior   

    Shield Discussion

    Going from the Pic above am wondering if it is worth changing off the Vangertz.
    Have gotten some Bheg's and looking more into changing however it seems you lose quite abit in the switch.
    Any warriors who have played in the Korean servers have much input?
    Originally Krea was in the workings but am unsure if it is worth the change.
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  8. Warsight added a post in a topic [Edan] Warrior Only 1v1 Tournament! Who is the best?   

    Why would you schedule this on mothers day!?:P
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  9. Warsight added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 6th   

    @CM_Jouska no Warrior Scar of Dusk Down attack fix?!!!!!?
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  10. Warsight added a post in a topic Share your blessed RNG moments   

    Brother got his Yuria axe from 10-15 in 14 stones.
    14-15 took him 2 fail stacks lol.
    i thought i was lucky when it took me 19 attempts
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  11. Warsight added a post in a topic Melee classes and world bosses   

    190DP Warrior with Armor EQUIPPED i get 2Shot with Melee or 3 rock throws.
    20DP (Armor off, shield on for quick attacks) Same result, DP does not do anything for World bosses.
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  12. Warsight added a post in a topic Two More Skill Bugs - Scars of Dusk and Ground Roar   

    @CM_Jouska @CM_Tytyes
    Can we get a 'Added to list'!  or a No we nurfed you@
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  13. Warsight added a post in a topic Crimson Battlefield   

    I dont know how Crimson Battlefield scales or if its just everyone that enters is a powerhouse with 160+DP.
    I have 99/170 AP/DP at the moment however am finding it very hard to even get someone under 1/2 hp in this place.
    Saw a tamer in my party who was up to +70 and was destroying people with his 105/150.
    Watching your video it is very similar, i know we are not meant to be a DPS powerhouse but its still very saddening.

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  14. Warsight added a post in a topic Kzarka Long Sword worth it?   

    but u lose +20 Human dmg?:P
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  15. Warsight added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  16. Warsight added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance   

    Thats the point of the Mediah Silvr... New mobs which are higher level (Red/purple).
    So your not level 51-52 grinding on green mobs for exp.
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  17. Warsight added a post in a topic Mediah seems discouraging for us   

    New content = new items.
    Everygame is like this; its the whole point of the interest/sink.
    They have to add new/better items for people to strive for to give them something to progress else they will eventually get bored.
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  18. Warsight added a post in a topic Q&A with Daum Games!   

    [Question] Any update on Serendia resolution, Should this not be a priority before the next 'major release' or are you planning to drag it on forever?
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  19. Warsight added a post in a topic Aggressive Warrior End-Game Gear Discussion   

    You waiting for Grunil or Boss Items?
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  20. Warsight added a post in a topic Since warriors at lvl 50+ are useless in PVP, what will you do until Daum fixes the broken class?   

    Axion Shield? dont see any other way for 134AP
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  21. Warsight added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    [Edan, Warsight2]



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  22. Warsight added a post in a topic Agerian VS Tartias Armor   

    Not sure is anyone else has brought this up..
    You have said
    " For the yuria, i took it to temptation to grab the attack speed and cast speed with a +1 crit. Since valks have lots of high crit rate moves, i put an attack speed level 2/crit rate -1 gem in my sword,"
    So you got a Temptation only to TAKE AWAY the Crit and leave you back at 0 Crit?.
    You cant go into Negatives.. so you could have gone a Destruction sword which means you dont lose the 2AP from Temptation while keeping the Atk/Cast Speed.
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  23. Warsight added a post in a topic Taritas 2-piece set bonus   

    Common setups are either...
    3Pc Taritas (Helm/Boots/Chest) with Algerian Gloves for AtkSpd
    2Pc Taritas (Chest/Gloves) with Zereth Boots/Helm for +400Stam and with Knockdown gem your capped.
    2Pc Taritas (Chest/Helm) with Heve Boots/Gloves, Sacrifice bit of DP for HP and dmg.
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  24. Warsight added a post in a topic i would pay $15/month to keep pets fed all the time   

    Technically it would be a loss not a profit:P
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  25. Warsight added a post in a topic i would pay $15/month to keep pets fed all the time   

    Because i'm a Cat Person
    The Dog perk is great i admit, but i prefer the cats running around me lol.
    Main reason for pets is the pickup!
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