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  1. oZZie added a post in a topic Blue Grunil Set   

    I went Intimidation for magic resist. Seems like I can i-frame ranger damage more often, but Sorc and Wiz always set it up with CC. Maybe some other classes do magic damage too? Anyways seemed overall better than just mitigating ranger damage.
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  2. oZZie added a post in a topic Addresing Negative Karma effects   

    As someone who's completed the "One Million Karma Challenge" all the way back to positive, negative Karma is broken. It feels like being tied up while a cruel person punches you. A giant target on your back and being unable to defend yourself, wanting to unleash the rage but can't.
    I guess it's a decent punishment, but you can ruin your character in the process. Millions of silver and hours of time for just a few kills, which leads to a black hole effect once you're negative. In my case, I went negative taking revenge on some guys who killed my guildies, then once I was red an entire guild group attacked me and I killed them all until I was -1mil. All in all, about 30min of fun pvp tops. I spent probably 6-10 hours farming manchas for that one million karma. Lost 6 enchantment levels on my gear and untold crystals (Went to answer the door near mobs, died and lost 3 enhancement levels; tried to repair my gear and guards killed me in 2 seconds, lost another 3).
    I almost quit the game when a warrior and wizard chased me all the way from Velia to Trent trying to kill me from horseback, just because I was red. I finally couldn't take it anymore and decided to defend myself and take the karma hit once again, but as I was finishing them people kept riding by and saw a red and jumped me too. Luckily Mediah came out and everyone was gone, so instead of doing the new content I farmed Manchas in peace. Felt bad.
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  3. oZZie added a post in a topic PK griefers   

    If you don't die, you aren't trying hard enough. You need to push yourself.
    If you don't push yourself, you're not a PvPer.
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  4. oZZie added a post in a topic Can't Buy Agerian Armor from Blacksmith. Why?   

    Looks like you need the amity I'd say.
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  5. oZZie added a post in a topic Cash Shop isn't that bad   

    I don't think the cash shop is perfect, but I think Daum deserves credit for not importing the P2W items in KR and other regions to NA. I mean, already the cash shop is a drastic change from the other regions. That's pretty cool and a leap for a business.
    So I agree it's not that bad, especially compared to the East. It's not perfect by Western standards, but we can live with it. They've earned our respect IMO for trying to change for us.
    That said, they're straddling a P2W line so hopefully they don't push it any further.
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  6. oZZie added a post in a topic Dropping equipped items   

    It's bad if you're geared, as one rank can be two million silver. That's a hefty amount for one death. If your gear is average and hovering around the ranks where enhancements don't fail, it's only the price of one blackstone. 
    About -300k came from one team fight where they revived a few times and tried to kill me again, and the rest from people trying to kill me because I was an outlaw. So it's fairly quick to get that high, one team battle and a 3-4 solo fights.
    Max durability stayed the same I believe. I guess it could still be possible I got lucky and none of my gear shattered. Maybe someone else can confirm that.
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  7. oZZie added a post in a topic Dropping equipped items   

    I can just confirm gear down ranks at high karma. I had about -600 to -500k and 1 piece of gear down ranked each death for 3 deaths. All armor pieces.
    Never had anything straight up break, thank god.
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  8. oZZie added a post in a topic Getting bugged out while on neg Karma   

    @Ackilles Yeah it actually works pretty well if you pace yourself. However, if you find yourself in an extended battle...game over. At least that's what happened to me. Before, I kept myself happily above negative like you mentioned.
    @Shizmoo Commonly, you get the grind spot. Frequently you'll have people (ahem, rangers/wizards) run in front of the pack you're about to fight, and try to steal them before you. So I would pace myself by just obliterating them and stops them and you can grind. Just don't get into any extended fights.
    So I just made a new character. If I'm going to grind forever, I'm just going to take advantage of the liberal alt system. I'll miss my time, weight limit, and cosnetics, but it's far far better than trying to farm karma forever and down ranking my hard earned gear...sucks but whatever.
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  9. oZZie added a post in a topic Getting bugged out while on neg Karma   

    I'll try mansha forest. Usually people try to kill me in most areas. Got killed by a group of 5 and lost more stuff. No where in the game does it even say you will lose armor ranks in neg karma, I only noticed because I was wondering why my DP decreased so much...just silly.
    I'm convinced the karma system was developed by a designer who hates PvP but his boss made him design it anyways.
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  10. oZZie added a post in a topic Getting bugged out while on neg Karma   

    Don't get me wrong, I like the game. I could gripe about some other things, but mainly the PvP is hilariously bad. It deters PvP but at a giant cost of having a terribly designed system in place. It's like burning a forest down to prevent bear attacks. In my experience, I've lost millions of silver and am forced to grind close to 15 hours for testing out the sneaking mechanics and killing a few people. I've put a ton of work into my character and it's pretty much ruined. Not to mention, like in here a bug will set me back a crazy amount and for what? It's just a frustration that doesn't need to be there.
    IMO all they need to do is add a negative Karma floor of like -200k. So you can still kill people, but not too much. And it doesn't completely screw you. Also get rid of guards, they're just terrible.
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  11. oZZie added a topic in PVP   

    Getting bugged out while on neg Karma
    Really cool guys. Talking to a vendor and I randomly get hit by a guard and locks my camera on the vendor. Nothing I do escapes. Die and lose a +10 chest to +9, something that costed me over a million silver to do. Basically impossible to play the game after 10min of pvp, where I'm in a karma blackhole that's impossible to escape. Every bugged death costs....just nevermind. Even thought about making an alt. Screw it.
    Just used 50 pearls to revive and I was bugged into the ground. Died to guard again. I literally just paid you 50 pearls to screw me over hard.
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  12. oZZie added a post in a topic If you flag and kill someone...   

    Most people 50+ atm use pearl revives and emergency escape after, so I don't think they even lose XP.
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  13. oZZie added a post in a topic BDO is NOT a PvP game...   

    I feel yeah man. I experimented with going prone and sneaking up on people and killed them. They respawned back and rushed me, I'm only at -320k and it's a big pain. Really think they should cap it at like 300k to -200k, allowing you to pvp but not too much. And without the extended, extended downtime afterwards. A little PvP never hurt anyone
    Also, I'm pretty sure negative karma messes with your PvP permissions. If I have negative, I can't seem to attack anyone else, even with PvP toggled. They're invincible to me while I'm negative karma. Or maybe they need to attack me first? Dunno. Also, can't seem to understand which mobs drop karma best.
    Died to elite mobs just a minute ago and my boots went from rank 9 to rank 8   hahaha wow yeah, its a bit much.
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  14. oZZie added a post in a topic Ghillie... HORRIBLE   

    Don't think it was mentioned, but they still show up as a dot on the minimap at least.
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  15. oZZie added a post in a topic Why oh why is this a thing (Blackstone)   

    The button on the right. I'm at 12, new high score Takes 11 to force this level...guess I shoulda listened and feels bad no matter what.
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