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  1. SplitCoreGaming added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… Winners!   

    THIS RIGHT HERE! Thanks for finding it as I got sooo p***ed off I gave up looking.
    Can we get an official response to HOW these were actually selected (if at all beyond a random pick)? What made the top 5 great? Why was the rules wavered on several entries, Especially 2nd? Why was there even rules if they could be ignored allowing much more creative freedom? How was the rating even done? Did you sit in a room together, or tell workers to watch a random video on their lunch break?

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  2. SplitCoreGaming added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… Winners!   

    Considering it's 1.21 am,  I thought i would reply. Who needs sleep
    Honestly, yours was one of the better ones that deserves to be in top 20. Some really strong, unique shots and you truly find your own style + energy from the midway point.
    Best of all, you followed the rules! 
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  3. SplitCoreGaming added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… Winners!   

    Wait I am not even in top 20? Have I been disqualified!? 
    Also does not feel right with number 2, considering rule - "Editing the footage is allowed (video as well as the music); must be recognizable as original content of BDO"
    Yeh officially now suspicious of disqualification after going through videos. I would like to have a confirmation that my video was considered, especially considering most other winners are either unwatchable, mess of edits, against rules, most are just walking shots ,suicide pacts that only earns a oscar as a 'Snuff' movie, or one is nearly 80% blackness!
    Congratulations to others!
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  4. SplitCoreGaming added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

    Suddenly find myself re learning Adobe After Effects. Wish I started editing days ago instead of putting this off.
    Finally got a version I am semi happy with. After Effects keeps crashing on me and no time left to try and fix stutters in some older footage.
    Took way too much time to cut around poppins, worse so, you know that music ballsup at 2 mins? Yeh, that aint done by me...
    I challenge you to find where my edits to music are. Infact "Serendia Town Twin Village" has this at 6:02 mins. I spent over an hour trying to figure out how I made such a mistake and it's actually from original author! Hope you did not print this to a Soundtrack/OST.
    V2 - Restored/Intercepted crucial jittering frames *ran out of time for rest  So many new techniques learnt to restore footage.
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  5. SplitCoreGaming added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    Holly s***!  We need a Translator and a Diaper Stat!
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  6. SplitCoreGaming added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    @PM_Belsazar Still have to say, still bitter that those who paid for the expensive Conquerors pack, preordered in time, dealt with near 24 hour delayed items deliverys and missing systems, 24 hour character deletions (to save Change Coupon on new chars and reclaim name), website translation errors on website claims & now a extended maintenance do not get really anything?

    We have shown beyond loyalty, yet everyone who messed up gets the loyalty rewards? #FacePalmLogic
    I mean common! Horse xp increases, change coupons and mass feed! Makes the 4 day headstart pointless as in 1 day they will far supersede what we have worked hard (and paid for) to accomplish.

    May not be Pay 2 Win, but definitely a Fail 2 Win in terms of destroying any benefits to early adopters.
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  7. SplitCoreGaming added a post in a topic Tamed a Horse first ever try, not even a title :( NPC lied to me :O   

    @Batsukimy Guess that is like all the preorder'ers then who are getting free stuff for failing to read  Or maybe it is a translation issue, more so it was spoken, not typed. Either way was a discussion more than a question. Also nothing wrong with using forums designed for communication and feedback to, you know, offer feedback of such an enquiry.
    Have to say the community so far with BDO seems incredibly toxic.

    @Lacea I admit I was excited as hell as I slowly dived off the cliff to avoid dying (Logic). Soon as I landed I went into a crawl (curious if this even makes a difference) and the horse walked right up to me. Then when I stood it reacted and I quickly used my hotkeyed Laso. The journey itself was highly rewarding.
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  8. SplitCoreGaming added a topic in General   

    Tamed a Horse first ever try, not even a title :( NPC lied to me :O
    So last night/morning I hit 20 after using my headstart trading. One of the stable masters constantly repeated
    This got me wondering how cool would it be for a epic title, or reward for doing it your first time? Hey, maybe like a "Horse Whisperer" title!

    So after 1 hour 20 minutes I finally found a horse as a pure accident when running away from purple mobs. I utilised the crouch/crawl, got close and bam lassoed her. Did the mini games fine, stuffed her full of sugar and successfully rode her back to nearest stable. 

    Apart from a horse on my first ever try, I did not get anything for this feat  Surely this should be a epic 'Congrats' moment based and a ton of chat I have read about people failing all over the place.

    Anyone succeed and feel there should atleast be a title awarded for this? It is afterall a 1 try only event, ever!
    I truthfully find it odd that every quest, npc and action has something attached in BDO, yet this does not even have a server announcement like other trades do. For example, 'Mr bean successfully enchanted gear to +12'.
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  9. SplitCoreGaming added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    No mention of House Coupons and the website mislabeling everything, then ingame you still ended up with random items in mail like chandeliers!
    Then you got 24 item delay, headstart issues for Conquerors, all not mentioned.
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  10. SplitCoreGaming added a topic in General   

    Guild Startup Bonuses for Conquerors?
    Hello, Due to endless mess ups, delays and miscommunications on day one, we held off making guild until we knew everyone was able to access same server.

    One of my friends mentioned that a forum post said about bonuses only available to guilds if they was made day one. Sadly I cannot find any such information and this friend is known to completely get everything wrong.

    So I ask the forum, Was there ever such a post/offer?

    Thank You
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  11. SplitCoreGaming added a post in a topic NA - Server Character Placement Issue   

    So just claimed my house decors. Most are wrongly labeled, did not match my selection and pretty much miss match of items... much worth, such consistency...

    Even ones labeled are still wrong to images like the chandeliers.

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  12. SplitCoreGaming added a post in a topic NA - Server Character Placement Issue   

    This* Wheres my dam horse/hawk/tools/house/*insert first born here* 
    Paid the extra and get a simple wave as an apologie. I have been in many MMOs way back to Ultima days. Never heard of selective apologies before...
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  13. SplitCoreGaming added a post in a topic Mislabeled Claim Items   

    Dam you beat me, Just been playing past 3 hours and have had to decide not to claim most bonuses that we paid for as they are insanely unclear considering only 1 chance.
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