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  1. GummiBear added a post in a topic Needle vs Incense   

    More like decrease, most of the tamer skills have negative accuracy modifiers
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  2. GummiBear added a post in a topic Accuracy Explained - UPDATED 04/06/2016 - Read the first post - Third Document released!   

    Well then go do it better yourself if you think you can
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  3. GummiBear added a post in a topic Accuracy Explained - UPDATED 04/06/2016 - Read the first post - Third Document released!   

    You can be 100% sure Daum wont fix it, simply cause they can't, only PA can fix something like this
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  4. GummiBear added a post in a topic Pet bar?   

    it does NOTHING, if you try riding Heilang, (assuming you are high enough lvl for it), then like a horse those bars will appear in the bottomish part of your screen (a bit above your own health and MP), and hover your mouse over the yellow bar and you can see it has a value of 1
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  5. GummiBear added a post in a topic as a TAMER what is important between HP or DP?   

    no they get all 3 types of DP, have a valk myself (though not my main), and played it in CBT2 as well it does give all 3 kinds, I am 100% sure, and we were talking about eva directly from DP not from any other external sources really, so not really relevant to the point
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  6. GummiBear added a post in a topic as a TAMER what is important between HP or DP?   

    well DP still does provide a sizeable dmg reduction, as does shields (valk offhand) always provide damage reduction as well, asn they ahve a whole passive line giving them magical/melee/ranged DP (alternating) that I dont think is listed(so a 200DP(listed) valk likely have the equvalent more like 250+ if not 300DP, when you cound in all the unlisted DP as well as the damage reduction from shields and other sources, and such a valk might even have on top of that slotted damage reduction crystals in their shields as well), so think that mainly come from the dmg reduction than the evasion, which have not been covered in either this or his previous document,
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  7. GummiBear added a post in a topic as a TAMER what is important between HP or DP?   

    actually Hihey54 found out very recently that DP does NOT increase evasion, but that each enchant level on your armor does come with some evasion (meaning DP from buffs, and accessories etc wont help you avoid more attack)
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  8. GummiBear added a post in a topic Resistance   

    not 100% sure but I do think most if not all classes have some Knockback/Floating, Knockdown/Bound and Stun/Stiffness/Freeze somewhere in their skill set, but (but only 1 or 2 of each category that is the main way they do things, and thus should be what you should gain if you want to count that class), I do know for sure that tamer that I paly as main have actually all fort categories somewhere but the Stun/Stiffness/Freeze and the Knockback/Floating is like 1 or 2 skills each only and those skills have some decent cds on them even, so if you want to counter a tamer, grapple or knockdown resist is what you should go for)
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  9. GummiBear added a post in a topic Cm_Jouska thanks for being out there and ever vigilant.   

    You do realise that DAUM's office is not in US, and as such we can safely assume Jouska is neither (I doubt he gonna take a 8+h flight trip everyday to get to work :P)
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  10. GummiBear added a post in a topic Resistance   

    Tamer is mainly grapple and knockdown
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  11. GummiBear added a post in a topic Who should get the outfit?   

    Would go with nr. 2 as well
    nr 1 and 3 imo have too much hair to look that good with that outfit
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  12. GummiBear added a post in a topic [Consolidated Threads]Boss Armor: a friendly warning.   

    I'm sorry that it didn't at one point occur to me that future content that is NOT IN OUR VERSION, can be attained by killing stuff that is in our version already, before the future content is added... this is just a BS way of doing stuff
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  13. GummiBear added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    You would have to had grabbed it before the server maint started
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  14. GummiBear added a post in a topic Your dream MMORPG (what is it)   

    Pretty much agree with you except for dropping everything on death.
    I do however also think that would be pretty much impossible to make a game like that, so really taking BDO and making ALL stats visible, and gearing sightly easier, and it would be as close as it could get while still being realistic actually
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  15. GummiBear added a post in a topic Accuracy Explained - UPDATED 04/06/2016 - Read the first post - Third Document released!   

    The tamer skill referenced a couple times in the "Tests: Damage & Level" is called Whiplash not Whipslash btw ;)(kinda bothered me quite a bit as a Tamer main myself, but not that important ofc), otherwise good work, very interesting to read
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