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  1. ebonystallion added a post in a topic PSA: KR has new boss armor   

    This helmet sounds awful.
    If the DP is the same as Giath I don't think anyone in their right mind would bother switching.
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  2. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Ninja or Warrior? Gear?   

    PvE warrior and ninja shouldn't be too far off, neither are top tier grinders like rangers but warriors are slightly better due to higher damage as far as I know.
    You can't skip Liverto because it has way higher damage than Yuria regardless of the crit. Oh, and accuracy. Yuria is a waste of money if you can afford to go right to Liverto. It's not possible to skip for any class, it is 100% required until kzarka.
    Yuria is the best green weapon, yes.
    Vangertz shield 100% of the time until boss offhand, anyone who tells you to buy the Axion is insane.
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  3. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Off hand AP and DP and Awakened ?   

    The offhand directly updates on your awakened ap on your sheet....
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  4. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Off hand AP and DP and Awakened ?   

    The very first link when googling "black desert awakened ap mainhand offhand" is a level 60 korean player who wrote an extensive guide with proof+evidence for every class including a note that says
    "You'll find the dev note that describes exactly how mainhand stats affect awakening weapon stats in the notes just below each awakening video. Pic here for reference."
    "Here's the complete line in Korean, bolded text emphasis is mine:
    각성 무기 기술의 피해량은 각성 무기와 주 무기의 공격력, 수정 및 적중력에 영향을 받습니다.
    Here's the translation of this line:
    "Awakened weapon skills damage is affected by the main weapon's AP, crystals and Accuracy.""
    To add on to this, the next two google results come to the conclusion that your awakened weapon damage IS affected by your mainhand.
    Links for reference with final result quotes:
    Google result #2: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4z2ag5/question_awakening_weapon_ap_calculation/?st=ixew2vnc&sh=31c4ac6f
    "(link to first result)"
    Google result #3: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4v73xi/questions_about_awakened_weapon_stats/?st=ixew2xxo&sh=38122949
    "Actually this is since Warrior awakening tested with Tri Liverto and normal Liverto on the release date."
    "So a few of my guildies who used to play KR said that along with their tamer patch, they also got a buff that combined mainhand AP % with Awakening AP, buffing it by up to 30-50ap in some scenarios. a few of my guildies tested it out earlier, and it seems that this change was also included in our version.
    I'm sorry for being rude, but this question is asked 10+ times each day by people who are unaware of what google is.
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  5. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Off hand AP and DP and Awakened ?   

    Just google it.
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  6. ebonystallion added a post in a topic GM's duel everyone in Velia   

    Nice clickbait thread, that's clearly NotJouska.
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  7. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Ninja or Warrior? Gear?   

    Ofc pick what you enjoy, that's the most important.
    Ninja is one of the lower tier classes, it's alright for small scale pvp because some people who are really good at it can correctly and intelligently use the stealthy kit to have huge impacts on fights and can scout enemies out before you move your team in. In large scale pvp (sieges and node wars) ninjas have next to zero effect, and are one of the weakest classes in that scenario. In 1v1, ninjas are pretty good but afaik have a pretty high skill cap and you need to be very good to pull it off. Ninjas use their unawakened form a lot more than other classes which hurts their damage comparatively, but it's important for them to land CCs in that form before going in for the big, awakened damage skills.
    Warriors are god tier in every possible scenario and one of the most valuable classes to have on your team after level 56+. Warriors are disgustingly mobile when in their sword+shield (unawakened) form and extremely powerful+defensive in greatsword (awakened) form, so they switch in and out of greatsword form for damage, and use their unawakened form for mobility in between bursts. For defense, they have the best block in the game (in greatsword form). They can't move during it, but it has super high durability, provides 180 degree frontal block and 360 degree super armor. Also, blocking for about half a second will trigger a 26 AP buff and a - i think 20 - dp buff. It also comes up instantly, while no other class has that instant block, and will usually take half a second or so to pull the blocking device up in front of them. Warriors have some of the highest damage in the game easily on their skills and one particular slow that will almost garuntee a kill. The only thing they are lacking is massive AoE damage, but ninja lacks this too for the most part.
    "I want mobility, utility, and survivability"
    Warrior wins in mobility, ninja in utility, warrior in survivability.
    "Has anyone tried Full Rocaba + Kutum + Kzarka? Would you need extremly high AP Accessories?"
    There's no real alternative to boss gear, iirc one piece of boss gear, Muskan's shoes, will provide several times the evasion you get from an entire rocaba set. Just keep your grunil until boss gear.
    Evasion is way more effective than DP. DP is really gimped to be honest, you can have 400 and still die in half a second. If you're going to take that amount of dmg regardless of your dp, you stack evasion and hope that less of their attacks connect - that's the real survivability. You should absolutely be stacking it regardless of what class you play.
    Kutum or Nouver offhand is your choice, it really doesn't matter much. Kutum seems to provide similar damage to Nouver and also has DP, but Nouver probably gives a tiny bit more damage. If you're melee, I'd recommend Kutum. Everyone should eventually go for Kzarka, but ninja needs it a lot less. Warrior has built in 100% critrate (don't ask me why) so the crit from liverto is useless, while that crit would be very useful on a ninja.
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  8. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Value Pack and Market Tax   

    Yup, no worries it's confusing. The amount you see there is not what you collect
    If you've got a value pack running, you got the right amount for sure.
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  9. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Valkyrie-Sword><Lancia investment   

    Get rid of the axion and get Vangertz, axion shields are horrible compared to the ap offhands of other classes.
    At Ultimate TRI axion gives 26 ap and 5 dp.
    An ultimate TRI Steel Dagger/Jubre Talisman/Estique Star/Estique Kunai/etc has 34. Our AP offhand has 8 less ap than any other class which is just horrible.
    Vangertz at that level has 13AP, 25 DP, 7 Accuracy, 2 Evasion and Damage Reduction, and increases in accuracy as you enhance it.
    The accuracy from Vangertz will actually do as much or more damage than the 13 ap difference from Axion. Axion shield is arguably the worst off-hand in the game.
    Blue lance is really worth it too. I had a green for quite a while.

    I'd recommend keeping your DUO lance until DUO liverto, yeah.
    Then after that, work on getting a TRI blue lance. Don't use the resources on pushing your green to TRI, just use it as a placeholder until you can get a blue lance.
    Very worth.
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  10. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Valkyrie-Sword><Lancia investment   

    Absolutely switch to Liverto now if you have the money.
    Get Lance to +15, then Liverto to 15.
    Lance to DUO, then Liverto to PRI.
    Lance to TRI, then Liverto to duo->tri.
    If you don't have the failstacks to attempt lance TRI then see if you can get enough by failing the Liverto PRI to DUO enhancement first.
    Moral of the story, Liverto op, and you need your mainhand+offhand fairly even with your Lance's enhancement level, but lance is slightly more important.
    Oh yeah, if you are using anything that isn't Vangertz/Kutum/Nouver shield, you should blow it up right now and put those stones into a Vangertz. Every other shield is garbage.
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  11. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Any Tips for Improving FPS and fix for stuttering?   

    Set your task priority (task manager -> details) to high!
    This single thing should boost your fps noticeably.
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  12. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Kakao, can you make Attendance Reward a week longer pls?   

    Meh, stick around for the next one.
    With the way these attendance events are being pumped out, I'd guess the next one is going to make the current look like poo.
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  13. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Preorder?   

    That's intended, items have a chance to skip pre-order and go straight to bid.
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  14. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Why dont we get 5 pet like KR?   

    Yeah, that's not bad. Grats on getting some pets!
    Just thought it was worth saying that it's not walled off only to paying players.
    I do buy pearls but personally don't spend them on pets because they're only 5m on the market, so I buy other things and then wait for pets to show up.
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  15. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Why dont we get 5 pet like KR?   

    You can buy them with silver and get them free from events.
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  16. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Why dont we get 5 pet like KR?   

    It's called an update... we will get it eventually. We are not yet caught up to KR.
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  17. ebonystallion added a post in a topic 188fs on grunil, rng at its finest   

    So you attempt all of your TETs at 0?
    Yes you're right, but Livertos, Kzarkas, Blue awakenings, Nouver, and Kutum cost a lot of money when you fail.
    Grunil doesn't. Not to mention the stone price for grunil is 1/3 of a weapon stone.
    Grats again!
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  18. ebonystallion added a post in a topic 188fs on grunil, rng at its finest   

    Save it for later, and then once you get good gear you put those failstacks into it and you instantly have high level BiS gear while everyone else has theirs stuck at +10.
    If you're telling the truth about this thread then you are easily one of the luckiest players to ever touch Black Desert Online, and I congratulate you.
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  19. ebonystallion added a post in a topic 188fs on grunil, rng at its finest   

    You sir are so lucky...
    Getting multiple tet and tri stacks off of gear that costs almost nothing to enhance and repair...
    So jealous >_>, if I was you I'd be decked out in tri crescents, basilisk, and manos.
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  20. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Remote game control software   

    Remote access is fine, as long as you're not using macros or anything to simulate playing without YOUR input.
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  21. ebonystallion added a post in a topic BDO Party Mode End Game?   

    Okay, then what makes you think that content even harder than the end-desert areas are going to be camped and become the new endgame?
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  22. ebonystallion added a post in a topic BDO Party Mode End Game?   

    I'm very aware of that, that's why it's endgame because you have to get very far in to be able to do it.
    Which brings me back to my original point... isn't the endgame pve already about grouping?
    I dunno, probably depends on hundreds of different factors. I didn't make any claims that Pila Ku was efficient (But I think it is for the right people).
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  23. ebonystallion added a post in a topic BDO Party Mode End Game?   

    1. Crescents and fogans are not even close to being "some of the highest areas in the game". Those are definitely entry-level Valencia grind spots....
    2. There is freedom in stats, yeah, but if you aren't full AP with the exact same gear as everyone else you're doing it wrong. So no, there's not really freedom.
    3. Yes, you will find yourself partying up for the top end content areas... Is this not what I said in my first post? -  Which brings me to ask again, what exactly do you mean by making this thread? I'm not trying to be sarcastic or rude or anything; I'm actually really confused.
    4. If people aren't ready for Pila Ku onwards, then why would they be ready for these mobs in Kamasylve? Surely they are way more difficult.
    5. I don't care whether my mobs are on a mountain, inside a cave, underground, or outside. Why would this matter to me? Even the top geared players can not one shot Pila Ku mobs with their black spirit ultimates. Trust me, these places already exist and you may have just not experienced them yet.
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  24. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Seems too many complaints going unadressed   

    That's not why. Enhancement is superior to purchasing in almost every situation for non-accessories.
    Good stuff doesn't go up on the marketplace because nobody has a reason to sell enhanced best-in-slot gear.... because they're wearing it.
    The only reasons that someone would be throwing up a TET Dandelion is if they are rerolling or quitting. 
    Nobody is going to loot a dandelion, enhance it up to TET, and sell it.
    Best in slot items don't go up at high enhancement levels because somebody has to get them there, then they have no reason to sell it if it's the best item possible.
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  25. ebonystallion added a post in a topic Nouver is still sleeping...   

    yup! My channel dropped two boxes, so jelly.
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