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  1. Only works for warriors, valks don't get this

    And also, valks lose the 360 degree superarmor if they try and walk or turn during block. (Warriors don't walk at all, but they can dash in any direction and block instantly unlike Valk anyways so doesn't matter much)


    Meaning if you dash behind a valk and the valk doesn't feel like facing the wrong direction and standing until she dies, then she will get CC'd anyways.

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  2. If you are using something like a Yuria or Liverto or Blue awakening weapon, those would be considered fail stacking items, meaning you'd actually prefer to fail as many times as possible going for TRI, because this will benefit you greatly in the future. These cost almost nothing to repair, so failing them is basically just the cost of stones. You should hope to fail as much as possible, even if it's painful now.

    For these, I would personally build about 28 to 33 stacks. Upgrade them until this hits 43 to 46 stacks, then restart again. If you were to fail a ton of times and get like four stacks for ~44, you could easily get full tri boss gear or tri accessories when the time comes so don't blow those on anything else.

    For a best in slot item, which is not considered to be a fail stacking item since it actually costs money to repair, you'd want to start at about 35 and go to about 50 before restarting. This would be boss gear.


    For the amount of money you need, well it's just enough to get back to duo. You should not do any tri attempts until you have a fail stack ready to get back to duo (22 to 28ish). That's the real cost in getting back to duo, not the stones. It's down to RNG, but if you have that stack, a couple extra awakening weapons with artisan's memory, and about 5 concentrated weapon stones, I'd say you're in a good spot to go for it.


  3. The 5-8 bil may actually be a low estimate.

    He is wrong in the level of equipment needed, not the amount.

    I would destroy you in less than 2 seconds, possibly 1.

    You could be right if he's referring to things like Tri ogre and tri tungrades and shit like that, but I thought he'd be smart enough to understand that his amount (as you mentioned) is way -----ing off what it actually is. I guess it's a misunderstanding on my part, as I assumed he was referring to something that endgame players realistically have. Then he told me he was full +15, so I figured the argument wasn't worth continuing anyways.

    Hey, maybe you can destroy me in 2 seconds. I'm not the most geared player nor the most skilled, and I don't have a problem with that. However I haven't had many fights at all where the difference in gear between my tri geared character and an enemy's tri/tet character was worth declaring a loss before it even started (as most people tend to do nowadays). if you're on NA im always happy to duel if you'd like, even if I'm gonna lose.

  4. Yeah I bought +15 parts allready, that's the easiest part. Now it's all about grinding more expensive stuff. Eather with mats with fun RNG system or buy straight from market. Actually if you're really unlucky it can actually be even more expensive to build than buying from Market. Eather way it's still very expensive.

    You're +15 and trying to tell endgame players that they don't know what they're talking about when it comes to gear....?


    I wish you the very best of luck friend, I'm not gonna bother you on your thread anymore.

  5. You would get ABSOLUTELY destroyed by veteran. 

    Also you think for new player 2b is easy? Let's assume I play 3 hour daily which is quite alot compared avarage.


    Who said the new player has to farm 2b with their +0 militia gear

    You know you can upgrade as you go, right?

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  6. When you count all together it's not cheap. Weapon alone 700k-1bil. Duo Ogre 900K. + 4 armor parts + acessories. It's not cheap.

    I'm full TRI boss, tri shultz, tri red coral, duo marks, duo molar, tri manos, and have NOT gotten very lucky. I have easily spent less than 2b.

    edit: and I just noticed you said up to a bil for a tri weapon? Again... what the heck

    Anyone who spends 5 to 8 bil on a set of full tri gear clearly doesn't know how to failstack properly.

  7. Still can't login for some reason. Says it's processing on the main menu until it eventually says failed to connect, happening since the downtime last night.

    Tried a file repair. Anyone else had this and fixed it?

  8. Wait, you are saying that a +13 item has lower chances to succeed than a PRI both at 30fs? (and I just want to point out my +13 Kzarka failed 4 times at 40fs)And you think it make sense?
    Shouldn't it be easier to enhance a lower level item than an higher level item?

    To me it make sense that a +13 item has 30% chances of success and a PRI 15%, not the other way round.
    Unless I am missing something.

    No, you're not missing something, and yes that's what I'm saying.

    You can see the chances here http://origin.webcdn.theblackdesertonline.net/forum/service_live/monthly_03_2016/bdo_fail_stacks.png.d2280d49a9556270326fcd3566355f27.png

    Getting to +15 is way harder than getting to DUO.

  9. Wonder sharing how much AP? Does not matter, I bet that any wiz, witch, ranger, warrior with your AP can steal every single of your kills.

    That is me lol, and I have 191 AP.

    Not commenting on the comparison to other classes though because I'm not 100% sure.

  10. I know the system is retarded but come on what's the point on getting 4 Characters at 30fs and still none of them can enhance a +13 Kzarka.
    But then I had Bheg going DUO with 2 attempt and Dandy going DUO at the first attempt (both starting at 30fs)
    This system just doesn't make any sense.


    But it does.

    Your 4 characters at 30fs all have a 15% chance to succeed.

    Your bheg's gloves had a 33.75% chance to succeed when you enhanced it.

    Your Dandelion had a 30% chance to succeed when you enhanced it.

    I don't understand why succeeding with higher chances but failing with lower chances doesn't make sense.

    The system is also random to a degree, not nonsensical.


  11. Actually now that you say it, I did in fact have addons for health and DP most of the time. I was kinda mixing witch and Valk in there.

    WP hungry? maybe, but WP is easy to gain too. wasn't an issue for me, but I haven't played them much in a long bit. haven't spent a ton of time post awa.

    I see, then that's why. I thought you would be referring to post awak.

    Valks never had wp issues pre awakening, and are now one of the most WP hungry classes in the entire game.

  12. Witch and Valk never need pots for PVE. But valk is slow to clear with. You don't even need to use your skill add-ons to accomplish this. Or crystals. Desert Debuff is never an issue for them either.

    I am a Valk main, have PvE rolled skill addons for mana and hp recovery, and use level 2 herbals on cooldown while still running out of mana.

    If you are not using pots on a Valkyrie then you are not doing it right. We are so disgustingly WP hungry that it's not even funny.

  13. Honestly after getting 103 stacks attempting TRI to see how bad my luck was

    That's not how it works. Your chance at 103 stacks is the same at 44 stacks, so this really doesn't say anything about your luck. Just your resolve.

  14. Other than paying, you can only get the premium expansions with loyalty, which you're awarded on a daily basis for logging in. it takes a lot.

  15. How many months will you be behind someone else in progression? Subtract the amount of months you have played from the amount that the other player has played, of course.


    Progression is rewarded by 3 things, aside from RNG which is out of one's control at times.


    Motivation - Every once in a while you find a new player who's really motivated, and they will easily surpass people who have played since launch within like two months, given that they play the same amount per day. This should be obvious, and also the driving force of any progression.


    Knowledge - If you don't know how stuff works, you won't progress. You have to be motivated ^ to look into the mechanics and research them. Someone who grinds for enhancement materials and understands how to properly failstack will travel at several times the pace of someone who grinds for straight silver until they can buy the already-upgraded item. If I put everything I've spent into already-upgraded items instead of the materials to make them myself, I'd probably have about 30% of the gear I do. Maybe even less. There's nothing wrong with taking the second route of course, as many people prefer to, but it's not how you progress fast. There's obviously still RNG to every part of this.


    Time investment - Obviously. I'm casually afk-lifeskilling as of now (because I lack motivation atm) but I played hardcore for about 2 and a half months for 2 to 3 hours a day (working full time), and got from full +15 grunil (Very bad gear) to full tri best in slot gear with mostly tri/duo accessories. Hell, I've got friends who play 1 to 2 hours a day and they've gotten to a mix of TET/TRI best in slot gear without any blessing of RNG. If you can't invest time, you can make money while afk easily anyways. Make your 1-2 hours count and you'll be fine. I garuntee you most people who play 8 hours a day don't event spend 1-2 of it productively. Everyone will have a different amount of time to play which is why you shouldn't worry about this. Although, if you've got the first two things and a lot of time, then knock yourself out.

  16. That wasn't that transparent... So basically 1: be careful with what you do, 2: if you can prove you got scammed you can get the other person banned, 3: you don't get anything back if you can prove it. 

    How is it not transparent if you were able to understand the statement put forth and organize it into 3 simple, clear, and concise points.

  17. It's so fun to generalize :)  

    No mate, I'm actually asking you a genuine question.

    I interpreted your "The cash shop additions are pure greed" as meaning "any other sales made are greedy".

    Again, if this isn't what you meant, I'm more than happy to apologize and admit I'm wrong, I'm just actually confused if you do mean something else by that.